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Support and FAQs

Welcome Collaborators!

Please read our FAQs before sending questions.


If you would like to get in touch with other collaborators, you can do it through:


Does someone check changes?

Yes, there are persons in charge of revising the various areas. If you would like to contact them, write to the Administrator

Who participates in this project?

This project was started by the Escuela de Filosofía Práctica, and anyone who would like to participate and help promoting Sanskrit is invited to register and collaborate.

My collaboration was corrected or eliminated and I don't agree, can I ask about this?

Yes, please ask the person in charge of that area or the Administrator. If there has been a mistake, we ask you that you help us fix it.

Is it necessary to be a translator in order to collaborate?

No, you can collaborate in the various areas, for example checking original entries, adding information to the +info modules, etc. without knowing various languages.


Everything is in English and Spanish, what about other languages? My language does not appear in the code, nor in the language selector in the left menu. How can I add a NEW language on this site?

If the language you want does not appear in the menu language selector (for example French), the whole Wiki needs to be setup to take another language. This is not an easy task and you can't perform it being a site user. You must contact the Administrator.

Once it has been arranged with the administrator to add a new language to (for example French), you must continue using the existing format. The code area you will edit would therefore look like this:

 . . . 

 ...........texte français.............


You would then translate all the English words in that new French section ONLY to the French ones.