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ā'-gama [ Agama ]

mf ( ā ) n. coming near, approaching cf. AV. vi, 81 , 2 ; xix, 35, 3

m. ( ifc. f. ā ) arrival, coming, approach cf. R. etc.

origin cf. Mn. viii, 401 cf. R. etc.

appearance or reappearance cf. MBh. ii, 547

course ( of a fluid ), issue ( e.g. of blood ) cf. Mn. viii, 252 cf. Suśr.

income, lawful acquisition ( of property, artha, dhana , vitta, draviṇa ) cf. Mn. cf. MBh. etc.

reading, studying, cf. Pat.

acquisition of knowledge, science cf. MBh. cf. Yājñ. etc.

a traditional doctrine or precept, collection of such doctrines , sacred work, Brāhmana cf. Mn. xii, 105 cf. MBh. etc.

anything handed down and fixed by tradition ( as the reading of a text or a record, title-deed, etc. )

addition cf. Nir. i, 4

a grammatical augment, a meaningless syllable or letter inserted in any part of the radical word cf. Prāt. cf. Pāṇ. cf. Comm.

N. of a rhetorical figure

( am ), n. a Tantra or work inculcating the mystical worship of Śiva and Śakti

ā'-gama-kṛsara [ AgamakRsara ]

m. Kṛsara as offered at the arrival ( of a guest ) cf. Kauś

ā'-gama-nirapêkṣa [ AgamanirapekSa ]

mfn. independent of a written voucher or title

ā'-gama-vat [ Agamavat ]

mfn. approaching for sexual intercourse cf. MBh. i, 3025

having an augment or addition of any kind cf. Comm. on cf. VPrāt.

ā'-gama-śaṣkulī [ AgamazaSkulI ]

f. Śashkulī as offered on the arrival ( of a guest ) cf. Kauś

ā'-gama-śāstra [ AgamazAstra ]

n. ' a supplementary manual ', N. of a supplement to the Māṇḍūky^opanishad ( composed by Gauḍa-pāda )

ā'-gama-śruti [ Agamazruti ]

f. tradition cf. Kathās

āgamâpāyin [ AgamApAyin ]

mfn. ' coming and going ', transient cf. Bhag. ii, 14