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 ā-śrama [ Azrama ]

as, am m. n. ( √ śram ), a hermitage, the abode of ascetics, the cell of a hermit or of retired saints or sages cf. Mn. cf. R. cf. Daś. cf. Ragh. cf. Megh. etc.

a stage in the life of a Brāhman ( of which there are four corresponding to four different periods or conditions, viz. 1st, Brahmacārin, ' student of the Veda ' ; 2nd, Gṛha-stha, ' householder ' ; 3rd, Vānaprastha, ' anchorite '

and 4th, Saṃnyāsin, ' abandoner of all worldly concerns ', or sometimes Bhikshu, ' religious beggar '

in some places the law-givers mention only three such periods of religious life, the first being then omitted ) cf. Mn. cf. R. cf. Suśr. cf. Ragh. etc.

a hut built on festal occasions cf. VarBṛS.

a college, school

a wood or thicket cf. L.

m. N. of a pupil of Pṛthvī-dhara

ā-śrama-guru [ Azramaguru ]

m. the head of a religious order, a principal preceptor

ā-śrama-dharma [ Azramadharma ]

m. the special duty of each period of life

ā-śrama-pada [ Azramapada ]

n. a hermitage

a period in the life of a Brāhman cf. R. cf. Śak. cf. Vikr

ā-śrama-parvan [ Azramaparvan ]

n. the first section of the fifteenth book of the Mahā-bhārata

ā-śrama-bhraṣṭa [ AzramabhraSTa ]

mfn. fallen or apostatising from a religious order

ā-śrama-maṇḍala [ AzramamaNDala ]

n. a group or assemblage of hermitages cf. R. cf. BhP.

ā-śrama-vāsika [ AzramavAsika ]

mfn. relating to residence in a hermitage

( āśramavāsikam parva, the fifteenth book of the Mahā-bhārata. )

ā-śrama-vāsin [ AzramavAsin ]

or m. an inhabitant of a hermitage, an ascetic cf. Śak

ā-śrama-sad [ Azramasad ]

m. an inhabitant of a hermitage, an ascetic cf. Śak

ā-śrama-sthāna [ AzramasthAna ]

n. the abode of hermits, a hermitage cf. R.

āśramâlaya [ AzramAlaya ]

m. an inhabitant of a hermitage, an ascetic cf. Ragh

āśramôpaniṣad [ AzramopaniSad ]

f. N. of an Upanishad