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Netiquette for Collaborators

Here is some advice on the best way to collaborate on this site:

1 - Always make sure you are editing the language you intended to, and not another! In order to do this make sure you are editing between these tags: (for example, in English)


... Text being edited ...


Remember that on some pages, especially those with many compound words, there will be many sections in each of the available languages.

2 - Remember not to change word and compound word titles, even if they do have mistakes. We need to make changes on the database in order to fix these completely. Please let us know, using the Error Report link at the bottom of the main menu.

3 - Do not edit nor correct an entry that has already been translated. That is the proofreader's job, who will be revising the translations. However, we do ask that if you find a mistake or have a suggestion, to please let us know by using the Error Report link at the bottom of the main menu. You can also contact us writing to the Administrator

4 - Do not alter the spacings (blank lines) before and after the <multilang> tags, so that the code remains clear for anyone editing it after you.

5 - Please remember:

5A - If you are still working on a page and want to check how it is going to look once saved, use the Wiki's "Show preview" button instead of "Save page". This is because every time you click "Save page" a new version is recorded in the "history" of the page. It is very confusing to have many recorded versions in the history of a page for those who then check the work. We suggest that you only use the "Save page" button when you are finished with the entry, or if the page is very long and you don't want to lose any work you've done (since the last time you saved) due to a server/computer/user error. Instead, you could copy the Wiki Code into a text file on your computer while you work, just in case.

5B - Tick the Wiki's "This is a minor edit" box if your contribution is just a simple correction.

6 - When in doubt, don't save the page. Better to save your code in a text file or e-mail and send it to the Administrator along with your question.

7 - Extra Rules for discussion pages and +info modules (taken from Wikipedia):

- Please search the FAQ section if you have doubts. These are very common questions and it is most likely that they will help.
- Respect copyright if at any stage you quote information from somewhere else.
- A large audience will see your posts so take care in what you write. Be brief and to the point.
- Advertising is NOT welcomed on this site.
- Do not post messages which are just gratuitous replies to replies.
- Collaborators should avoid the use of all CAPITAL LETTERS in posts. ALL CAPS is considered "shouting" and causes readability issues.
- One should always be courteous to other collaborators.
- Collaborators should follow standard grammar and spelling rules and avoid slang and 'mobile phone' abbreviations.
- When you ask for help, provide as much information as possible.