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 ṛg [ Rg ]

See p. 225, col. 1

ṛg [ Rg ]

( by Sandhi for 2. ṛ'c below )

ṛg-ayana [ Rgayana ]

n. ( not -ayaṇa cf. Pat. on cf. Pāṇ. 8-4, 3 ) going through the Veda, study of the complete Veda, a book treating on the study of the Veda cf. T.

-âdi m. N. of a gaṇa cf. Pāṇ. 4-3, 73

ṛg-artha-sāra [ RgarthasAra ]

m. N. of wk.

ṛg-ātmaka [ RgAtmaka ]

mfn. ' consisting of Ṛcas ', Ṛc-like cf. Comm. on cf. Pāṇ. 7-4, 38

ṛg-āvānam [ RgAvAnam ]

ind. p. ( √ ve ), connecting one Ṛc with another not interrupting their continuance cf. ĀśvŚr.

ṛg-uttama [ Rguttama ]

mfn. ending in a Ṛc cf. MaitrS.

ṛg-gaṇa [ RggaNa ]

ās m. pl. the whole body of the Ṛg-veda

ṛg-gāthā [ RggAthA ]

f. a song consisting of Ṛc-like stanzas cf. Yājñ. iii, 114

ṛg-brāhmaṇa [ RgbrAhmaNa ]

n. the Brāhmaṇa which belongs to the Ṛg-veda, the Aitareya-Brāhmaṇa

ṛg-bhāj [ RgbhAj ]

mfn. partaking of Ṛc verses, praised in Ṛc verses ( as a deity )

ṛg-bhāṣya [ RgbhASya ]

n. N. of a commentary on the Ṛg-veda by Mādhava cf. W.

ṛg-mat [ Rgmat ]

mfn. having or praised in Ṛc verses cf. Nir

ṛg-yajuḥ-sāma-veda [ RgyajuHsAmaveda ]

ās m. pl. the Ṛg-, Yajur-, and Sāma-vedas

-din mfn. conversant with the above three Vedas

ṛg-yajuṣa [ RgyajuSa ]

n. the Ṛg- and Yajur-vedas cf. Gaut

ṛg-vid [ Rgvid ]

mfn. knowing the Ṛg-veda cf. Vait

ṛg-vidhāna [ RgvidhAna ]

n. employing Ṛc verses cf. AgP.

N. of wk.

ṛg-virāma [ RgvirAma ]

m. the pause in a verse cf. TPrāt.

ṛg-vedá [ Rgveda ]

m. Hymn-Veda ' or ' Veda of praise ', the Ṛg- veda, or most ancient sacred book of the Hindūs ( that is, the collective body of sacred verses called Ṛcas see below, consisting of 1017 hymns or with the Vālakhilyas 1028 arranged in eight Ashṭakas or in ten Maṇḍalas

Maṇḍalas 2-8 contain groups of hymns, each group ascribed to one author or to the members of one family

the ninth book contains the hymns sung at the Soma ceremonies

the first and tenth contain hymns of a different character, some comparatively modern, composed by a greater variety of individual authors

in its wider sense the term Ṛg-veda comprehends the Brāhmaṇas and the Sūtra works on the ritual connected with the hymns ) cf. AitBr. cf. ŚBr. cf. Mn. etc.

-prātiśākhya n. the Prātiśākhya of the Ṛg-veda

-bhāṣya n. N. of treatises and commentaries on the Ṛg-veda

-vid mfn. knowing the Ṛg-veda

-saṃhitā f. the continuous text of the Ṛg-veda arranged according to the Saṃhitā-pāṭha, q.v.

°dânukramaṇikā f. the Anukramaṇikā or index of the Ṛg-veda

ṛg-vedin [ Rgvedin ]

mfn. conversant with the Ṛg-veda

ṛg-vedīya [ RgvedIya ]

mfn. belonging to the Ṛg-veda