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Welcome to!

This project started years ago to offer translations of the Sanskrit-English Dictionary compiled by Monier-Williams since there was no Sanskrit-Spanish dictionary available. The original was programmed in English, and offered via this collaborative WIKI so that volunteers could complete the translations. A certain point was reached, but there is now a published version of another dictionary available.

We are leaving this unfinished version online since it might be useful for searching in English and for some of the translations in Spanish.


Find Sanskrit words. On this site you will find the entries from the Monier-Williams dictionary. The quickest way to find words is to use the search box in the menu on the left of the page. But the Sanskrit alphabet and your keyboard are different! So... you will have to learn some transliteration basics in order to find words. To learn more on how to search for words and the transliteration scheme used for searching go to the How to Search page.

You will also find, once you are viewing a dictionary entry, that there is a navigator that shows the previous and following words to the one you have selected. You can browse using the navigator and once you reach a word you would like to see just click on it to select it and see the compound words listed below it, and then click on it again to go straight to its page.

Help Us

Contact us if you wish to collaborate with the project!

The tasks are: checking MW dictionary entries, translating, proofreading, adding information to the +info module.


The original dictionary is Sanskrit-English and we are grateful to the University of Cologne (Universität zu Köln) and others for the digital version they have produced, which we subsequently worked on and prepared to import into the Wiki, going through the entire dictionary many times to eliminate systematic errors. There are however still many more errors that need to be spotted and corrected individually. This means that the whole Sanskrit-English dictionary is already available here, in a beautiful format for all to use. Some collaborators are already helping with the +info module, adding more valuable information to each word.

Sanskrit Font

We are using the Sanskrit Unicode font throughout the site, which your browser should be able to display properly.

About's Logo

When we were planning this site, we decided to have a logo. We came across an image of Gaṇesha that we liked and the threads started coming together...

Gaṇesha is the lord of beginnings. It is customary to ask for his blessings before embarking on a difficult enterprise. Invocations to him are commonly found at the beginning of linguistic treaties. Gaṇesha is also the remover of obstacles. (But then, of course... he also puts them there in the first place!) Gaṇesha is god of intelligence and wisdom, the patron of the arts and sciences. He is usually represented riding on a mouse...