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First Steps for Collaborating on this Project

  • Note that it is a lot easier than it seems... it is not necessary to be a computer genius!
  • Please browse the whole site. You will find it includes detailed instructions on how to find dictionary entries and work on them. If you look up a word, you will find the complete Monier-Williams dictionary entry in the center of the screen, and a new +info module on the right that aims to provide useful content related to the word.
  • You can collaborate by: checking texts, translating, proofreading translations, recording words and/or adding content to the +info module. Just choose one or more areas in which you would like to help.
  • Then please write to the Administrator, completing all the information requested in the Register page. You will be contacted and subsequently receive a user name and password to work on the site.
  • Study the Wiki Help page where you will find resources in order to learn the Wiki Syntax (the simple markup language used to edit pages on this Wiki-site).
  • Experiment in the Test Page before having a go at the dictionary!
  • You can send any doubts to us or get in touch with other collaborators through the Contact Us page. We'll be happy to help.

That's it! You are now ready to start!