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ṭaṅka [ TaGka ]

( m. n., L. ) a spade, hoe, hatchet, stonecutter's chisel, Hariv. 5009ff. R. ii, 80, 7 Mṛcch. etc.

a peak or crag shaped like the edge of a hatchet, edge or declivity of a hill, MBh. xii, 8291 R. vii, 5, 24 BhP. viii, x Bhaṭṭ. i, 8

a leg, L.

borax, L.

pride, L.

m. a sword, L.

a scabbard, L.

a weight of 4 Māshas, ŚārṅgS. i, 19 Vet. iv, 2/3

a stamped coin, Hit.

Feronia elephantum, L.

wrath, L.

( in music ) a kind of measure

a man of a particular caste or tribe, Rājat. vii, 1003

n. the fruit of Feronia elephantum, Suśr.

( ā ), f. a leg, L.

( in music ) N. of a Rāgiṇi.

ṭaṅka-ṭīka [ TaGkaTIka ]

m. N. of Siva, L.

cf. jatā-ṭaṅka.

ṭaṅka-pati [ TaGkapati ]

m. the master of the mint, L., Sch.

ṭaṅka-vat [ TaGkavat ]

mfn. having hatchet-like crags ( a mountain ), R. iii, 55, 44.

ṭaṅka-śālā [ TaGkazAlA ]

f. a mint, W.