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 ánila [ anila ]

m. ( √ an, cf. Trish anal ), air or wind

the god of wind

one of the forty-nine Anilas or winds

one of the eight demi-gods, called Vasus

wind as one of the humours or rasas of the body

rheumatism, paralysis, or any affection referred to disorder of the wind

N. of a Ṛṣi and other persons

the letter y

the number forty-nine

ánila-kumāra [ anilakumAra ]

ās m. pl. ' wind-princes ', a class of deities Jain.

ánila-ghna [ anilaghna ]

mfn. curing disorders arising from wind

ánila-ghnaka [ anilaghnaka ]

m. the large tree Terminalia Belerica

ánila-paryaya [ anilaparyaya ]

or m. pain and swelling of the eyelids and outer parts of the eye

ánila-paryāya [ anilaparyAya ]

m. pain and swelling of the eyelids and outer parts of the eye

ánila-prakṛti [ anilaprakRti ]

mfn. ' having an airy or windy nature ', N. of the planet Saturn

ánila-vyādhi [ anilavyAdhi ]

m. derangement of the ( internal ) wind

ánila-sakha [ anilasakha ]

or m. ' the friend of wind ', N. of fire

ánila-sārathi [ anilasArathi ]

[ MBh. ], m. ' the friend of wind ', N. of fire

ánila-han [ anilahan ]

or mfn. = -ghna

ánila-hṛt [ anilahRt ]

mfn. = -ghna

anilâtmaja [ anilAtmaja ]

m. the son of the wind, Hanumat or Bhīma

anilântaka [ anilAntaka ]

m. ' wind destroying ', the plant Iṅgudl or Aṅgāra-pushpa

anilâpaha [ anilApaha ]

mfn. = anila-ghna

anilâmaya [ anilAmaya ]

m. morbid affection of the wind, flatulence, rheumatism

anilâyana [ anilAyana ]

n. way or course of the wind, Śuśr.

anilâśin [ anilAzin ]

mfn. ' feeding on the wind ', fasting

( ī ), m. a snake L., cf. vāyu-bhakṣa