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 argha [ argha ]

m. ( √ arh ), worth, value, price, Mn Yājñ.

( often ifc., cf. dhanârghá, mahârgha, śatârghá ), sahasrârghá )

( ás ), m. respectful reception of a guest ( by the offering of rice durva-grass, flowers, or often only of water ) ŚBr. xiv, etc. ( often confounded with arghya, q.v. )

a collection of twenty pearls ( having the weight of a Dharaṇa ) VarBṛS.

argha-dāna [ arghadAna ]

n. presentation of a respectful offering

argha-pātra [ arghapAtra ]

n. ( for arghya-pātra ) the small vessel in which water is offered to the guest on his arrival Kathās

argha-balâbala [ arghabalAbala ]

n. rate of price, proper price, the cheapness or dearness of commodities Mn. ix, 329 ( cf. arghasya hrāsaṃ vṛddhiṃ va Yājñ. ii, 249). =

argha-saṃsthāpana [ arghasaMsthApana ]

n. fixing the price of commodities, appraising , assize ( it is the act of a king or ruler, in concert with the traders, and should be done once a week or once a fortnight ) Mn. viii, 402

arghâpacaya [ arghApacaya ]

m. diminution of price, ' ( ena ), instr. ind. cheaper Gaut

arghârha [ arghArha ]

mfn. worthy of or requiring a respectful offering, a superior

arghêśvara [ arghezvara ]

m. N. of Śiva, ( cf. arghîśa )