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aśvin [ azvin ]

mfn. possessed of horses, consisting of horses RV.

mounted on horseback MārkP.

( ī' ), m. a cavalier

horse-tamer RV.

( ī'nā or inau ), m. du., the two charioteers ', N. of two divinities ( who appear in the sky before the dawn in a golden carriage drawn by horses or birds

they bring treasures to men and avert misfortune and sickness

they are considered as the physicians of heaven ) RV. etc.

a N. of the Nakshatra presided over by the Aśvins VarBṛS.

the number, ' two ' ib. Sūryas

( for aśvi-sutau ) the two sons of the Aśvins, viz. Nakula and Sahadeva MBh. v, 1816

( inī ), f. N. of the wife of the two Aśvins ( who in later times was considered as their mother ; aśvinī-putrau below ). RV. v, 46, 8

the head of Aries or the first of the 28 Nakshatras Jyot. VarBṛS.

( aśvini, shortened for the sake of metre ) Sūryas

( i ), n. ( = aśva-vat n. q.v. ) richness in horses RV. i, 53, 4

aśvi-devatāka [ azvidevatAka ]

mfn. whose divinities are the Aśvins L.

asvina-kṛta [ asvinakRta ]

mfn. ( irreg. for aśví-k° ) done by the Aśvins VS. xx, 35

aśvinī-kumāra [ azvinIkumAra ]

m. the son of Aśvinī ( said to be the father of the first physician ) BrahmaP. i

aśvinī-putrau [ azvinIputrau ]

or m. du. the twin sons of Aśvinī L.

aśvinī-sutau [ azvinIsutau ]

m. du. the twin sons of Aśvinī L.

aśvi-mat [ azvimat ]

mfn. ( any Mantra ) containing the word Aśvin Pāṇ. 4-4, 126