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 balí [ bali ]

m. ( perhaps fr. √ bhṛ ) tribute, offering, gift, oblation ( in later language always with √ hṛ ) cf. RV. etc.

tax, impost, royal revenue cf. Br. cf. Mn. cf. MBh. etc.

any offering or propitiatory oblation ( esp. an offering of portions of food, such as grain, rice etc., to certain gods, semi-divine beings, household divinities, spirits, men, birds, other animals and all creatures including even lifeless objects ; it is made before the daily meal by arranging portions of food in a circle or by throwing them into the air outside the house or into the sacred fire ; it is also called bhūta-yajña and was one of the 5 mahā-yajñas, or great devotional acts ; cf. RTL. 411, 421 ) cf. GṛŚrS. cf. Mn. ( esp. iii, 69, 71 ) cf. MBh. etc. ( often ifc. with the object, the receiver, the time, or the place of the offering )

fragments of food at a meal cf. W.

a victim ( often a goat or buffalo ) offered to Durgā cf. MW.

the handle of a chowrie or fly-flapper cf. Megh

N. of a Daitya ( son of Virocana

priding himself on his empire over the three worlds, he was humiliated by Vishnu, who appeared before him in the form of a Vāmana or dwarf. son of Kaśyapa and Aditi and younger brother of Indra, and obtained from him the promise of as much land as he could pace in three steps, whereupon the dwarf expanding himself deprived him of heaven and earth in two steps, but left him the sovereignty of Pātāla or the lower regions ) cf. MBh. cf. Pur. etc. ( cf. IW. 328 )

N. of Indra in the 8th Manv-antara cf. Pur.

of a Muni cf. MBh.

of a king cf. ib. cf. Pañcat

of a son of Su-tapas cf. Hariv. cf. Pur. ( cf. vali )

balí-kara [ balikara ]

m. pl. taxes and duties cf. MBh.

mfn. offering propitiatory sacrifices cf. W. ( cf. Pāṇ. 3-2, 21 )

balí-karambha [ balikarambha ]

m. sacrificial cake cf. W.

balí-karman [ balikarman ]

n. offering oblations to all creatures cf. GṛS. cf. Mn. etc.

presentation or payment of tribute cf. MW.

balí-kṛt [ balikRt ]

mfn. paying taxes, tributary cf. AitBr.

balí-gāyatrī [ baligAyatrI ]

f. N. of a Mantra employed by the Śāktas cf. RTL. 201

balí-ceṣṭitavarṇana [ baliceSTitavarNana ]

n. N. of ch. of cf. GaṇP. ii

balí-tantra [ balitantra ]

n. the regular form of an oblation to all creatures cf. Gobh

balí-dāna [ balidAna ]

n. the presentation of an offering to a deity ( consisting of rice, milk, fruits etc. when presented to Viṣṇu, or of living victims when offered to Śiva or Durgā ) cf. Pur.

presentation of grain etc. to all creatures cf. Cat.

-paddhati f. -vidhi m. N. of wks.

balí-dviṣ [ balidviS ]

m. ' hater of Bali ', N. of Viṣṇu cf. L.

balí-dhvaṃsin [ balidhvaMsin ]

m. ' destroyer of Bali ', id. cf. L.

balí-nandana [ balinandana ]

m. ' son of Bali ', N. of the Asura Bāṇa cf. L.

balí-niyamanôdyuta [ baliniyamanodyuta ]

mfn. prepared to subdue Bali cf. MW.

balí-ṃ-dama [ baliMdama ]

m. ' tamer of Bali ', N. of Viṣṇu cf. L.

prakhya mfn. equal to Viṣṇu cf. MW.

balí-pīṭha-lakṣaṇa [ balipIThalakSaNa ]

n. N. of wk.

balí-putra [ baliputra ]

m. = -nandana

-mokṣaṇa n. N. of ch. of cf. BrahmaP. iv

balí-puṣṭa [ balipuSTa ]

m. ' nourished by food-offerings ', a crow cf. Śiś.

balí-podakī [ balipodakI ]

f. Basella Cordifolia cf. L.

balí-pratigrāhaka [ balipratigrAhaka ]

mf ( ikā ) n. receiving oblations cf. Divyâv

balí-priya [ balipriya ]

mf ( ā ) n. fond of offering oblations cf. Viṣṇ

m. Symplocos Racemosa ( fabled to grow faster if presented with oblations consisting of incense, lights etc. ) cf. L.

balí-bandhana [ balibandhana ]

m. ' binder or killer of Bali ', N. of Viṣṇu cf. L.

balí-bhadra [ balibhadra ]

w.r. for bala-bh°

balí-bhuj [ balibhuj ]

mfn. devouring oblations cf. Kāv

enjoying offerings ( said of gods ) cf. MW.

m. a crow cf. Kathās. cf. BhP.

a sparrow cf. L.

a crane cf. W.

balí-bhṛt [ balibhRt ]

mfn. paying tribute, tributary cf. MBh. ( cf. -hṛt )

balí-bhoja [ balibhoja ]

or m. a crow cf. R. ( cf. bhuj )

balí-bhojana [ balibhojana ]

m. a crow cf. R. ( cf. bhuj )

balí-mát [ balimat ]

mfn. receiving taxes or tribute ( said of Agni ) cf. TBr.

provided with food -oblations ( said of a house ) cf. Ragh

balí-mandira [ balimandira ]

n. ' Bali's abode ', the infernal regions cf. W.

balí-mahānarêndrâkhyāna [ balimahAnarendrAkhyAna ]

n. N. of wk.

balí-mātra [ balimAtra ]

n. a mere offering ( to all beings ), as much in quantity as an oblation to all creatures cf. MW.

balí-vāka [ balivAka ]

m. N. of a Muni cf. MBh. ( v.l. baliv° )

balí-vidhāna [ balividhAna ]

n. the offering of an oblation cf. Siṉhâs

balí-vindhya [ balivindhya ]

m. N. of a son of Manu Raivata cf. BhP.

balí-vṛṣa-han [ balivRSahan ]

m. N. of a prince cf. VP.

balí-veśman [ balivezman ]

n. = mandira cf. L.

balí-vyākula [ balivyAkula ]

mfn. busied in offering oblations cf. MW.

balí-ṣaḍ-bhāga [ baliSaDbhAga ]

m. the sixth part as tribute cf. MBh.

-hārin mfn. taking the sixth part as tribute cf. Mn. viii, 308

balí-sadman [ balisadman ]

n. = -mandira cf. L.

balí-sudana [ balisudana ]

w.r. for bala-s°

balí-han [ balihan ]

m. ' slayer of Bali ', N. of Viṣṇu cf. L.

balí-haraṇa [ baliharaNa ]

mf ( ī ) n. adapted for the presentation of oblations, ĀvGṛ.

n. the presentation of oblations cf. GṛS. cf. Suśr. ( cf. RTL. 329 etc. )

-vidhi m. N. of wk.

balí-hārá [ balihAra ]

mfn. paying taxes or tribute cf. AV.

m. = -haraṇa n. cf. MānGṛ.

balí-hrít [ balihrit ]

mfn. = -hāra mfn. cf. RV. cf. AV. cf. TS.

balí-homa [ balihoma ]

m. the offering of oblations cf. Hariv.

balîndra-sahasra-nāman [ balIndrasahasranAman ]

n. N. of wk.

baly-upakhyāna [ balyupakhyAna ]

n. N. of ch. of the Vāsishṭha- rāmāyaṇa