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bándhu [ bandhu ]

m. connection, relation, association cf. RV. etc. ( ifc. with f. ū = belonging to, coming under the head of, i.e. ' being only in name '

cf. kṣatra-, dvija-b° etc.

' resembling ' cf. Bālar. v, 56/57, ' frequented by ' cf. ib. iii, 20, ' favourable for ' cf. ib. iv, 87 ; Pāṇ. 6-1, 14 ).

respect, reference ( kena bandhunā ' in what respect ? ' ) cf. ŚBr.

kinship, kindred cf. Mn. ii, 136

a kinsman ( esp. on the mother's side ), relative, kindred cf. RV. etc. ( in law, a cognate kinsman in a remote degree, one subsequent in right of inheritance to the Sa-gotra

three kinds are enumerated, personal, paternal and maternal )

a friend ( opp. to ripu ) cf. MBh. cf. Kāv. cf. BhP.

a husband cf. Ragh

a brother cf. L.

Pentapetes Phoenicea cf. L. ( = bandhūka )

N. of a metre cf. Col.

( in astrol. ) of the fourth mansion cf. Var

of a Ṛṣi with the patr. Gaupāyana or Laupāyana ( author of cf. RV. v, 24 and x, 5660 ) cf. RAnukr.

of Manmatha cf. L.

bándhu-kāma [ bandhukAma ]

mfn. loving relations or friends cf. MBh.

bándhu-kṛt [ bandhukRt ]

bándhu-kṛtya [ bandhukRtya ]

n. the duty of a kinsman, friendly service cf. MBh. cf. Kāv. cf. Pur.

bándhu-kṣít [ bandhukSit ]

mfn. dwelling among relations cf. RV.

bándhu-jana [ bandhujana ]

m. a kinsman, friend cf. Bhartṛ

kinsfolk, relations cf. MBh. cf. R.

bándhu-jīva [ bandhujIva ]

m. ' living in groups ', Pentapetes Phoenicea ( a plant with a red flower which opens at midday and withers away the next morning )

n. its flower cf. Kāv. cf. Suśr.

°vâbhitāmra mfn. deep-red like the blossom of Pentapetes Phoenicea cf. Hariv.

bándhu-jīvaka [ bandhujIvaka ]

m. = prec. m. cf. Suśr.

N. of a Cakra-vartin cf. Kathās

bándhu-jīvin [ bandhujIvin ]

m. a kind of ruby cf. L.

bándhu-tā [ bandhutA ]

( °dhú- ), f. connection, relation, kinship cf. RV. cf. TS. cf. Br.

relations, kinsfolk cf. Mālatīm

bándhu-tva [ bandhutva ]

n. relationship, affinity cf. R.

bándhu-dagdha [ bandhudagdha ]

mfn. ' cursed by relations ', an abandoned wretch ( = hataka ) cf. L.

bándhu-datta [ bandhudatta ]

mfn. ' given by relations ' cf. Yājñ.

m. N. of a man cf. W.

( ā ), f. N. of a woman cf. Kathās

bándhu-dāyâda [ bandhudAyAda ]

m. kinsman and heir cf. Mn. ix, 158

mfn. entitled to inheritance by relationship cf. MBh.

bándhu-pati [ bandhupati ]

m. lord of kindred or relations, g. aśvapaty-ādi

bándhu-pāla [ bandhupAla ]

m. ' kindred-protector ', N. of a man cf. Daś

bándhu-pālita [ bandhupAlita ]

m. ' kindred-protected ', N. of a prince cf. VP.

bándhu-puṣpamāla [ bandhupuSpamAla ]

mfn. wearing a chaplet of Bandhu flowers cf. MW.

bándhu-pṛ'ch [ bandhupRch ]

mfn. seeking or caring for relations cf. RV. iii, 54, 16 ( cf. pṛṣṭa-bandhu )

bándhu-prabha [ bandhuprabha ]

m. N. of a Vidyā-dhara cf. Kathās

bándhu-priya [ bandhupriya ]

mfn. dear to friends or relations cf. MBh.

bándhu-prīti [ bandhuprIti ]

f. love of friends or relations cf. Megh

bándhu-bhāva [ bandhubhAva ]

m. relationship, friendship cf. Kathās

bándhu-bhāṣita [ bandhubhASita ]

n. the talk or speech of relations cf. MW.

bándhu-mat [ bandhumat ]

( bándhu- ), mfn. having relations cf. RV. etc.

surrounded by relations cf. Ragh

N. of a king cf. Pur.

of another man cf. Cat.

( atī ), f. N. of sev. women cf. Daś. cf. Kathās

of a town cf. Divyâv

°tīyaka mfn. belonging to this town cf. ib.

bándhu-mitra [ bandhumitra ]

m. ' friend of relations ', N. of a man cf. Kathās

bándhu-vañcaka [ bandhuvaJcaka ]

m. ' deceiver of relations ', N. of a Vidūshaka cf. Dhūrtas. -1

bándhu-vat [ bandhuvat ]

mfn. having relations cf. MW. -2

bándhu-vat [ bandhuvat ]

ind. like a relations cf. Mn.

bándhu-varga [ bandhuvarga ]

m. the whole body of relations, kindred cf. MW.

bándhu-hīna [ bandhuhIna ]

mfn. destitute of relations, friendless cf. W.

bandhv-eṣá [ bandhveSa ]

m. inquiring after kindred cf. RV.