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 bhāgá [ bhAga ]

1 m. ( √ bhoj ) a part, portion, share, allotment, inheritance ( in Ved. also = lot, esp. fortunate lot, good fortune, luck, destiny ) cf. RV. etc.

a part ( as opp. to any whole

bhāgam bhāgam with Caus. of √ kḷp or bhāgān with √ kṛ, to divide in parts )

a fraction ( often with an ordinal number, e.g. aṣṭamo bhāgaḥ, the eighth part, or in comp. with a cardinal, e.g. śata-bh° ; 1/100

aśīti-bh° = 1/80 ) cf. Up. cf. Mn. cf. MBh. etc.

a quarter ( eka-bh°, tri-bh° )

part i.e. place, spot, region, side ( ifc. taking the place of , representing ) cf. Lāṭy. cf. MBh. etc. ( in this sense also n.

bhūmi-bh° )

part of anything given as interest cf. W.

a half rupee cf. L.

the numerator of a fraction cf. Col.

a quotient cf. MW.

a degree or 360th part of the circumference of a great circle cf. Sūryas

a division of time, the 30th part of a Rāśi or zodiacal sign cf. W.

N. of a king ( also bhāgavata ) cf. Pur.

of a river ( one of the branches of the Candra-bhāgā ) cf. L.

mfn. relating to Bhaga ( as a hymn ) cf. Nir

n. N. of a Sāman cf. ĀrshBr.

bhāgá-kalpanā [ bhAgakalpanA ]

f. the allotment of shares cf. Yājñ.

bhāgá-jāti [ bhAgajAti ]

f. reduction of fractions to a common denominator cf. Col.

-catuṣṭaya n. four modes of reduction of fractions etc. cf. ib.

bhāgá-ṃ-jaya [ bhAgaMjaya ]

m. N. of a man cf. Saṃskārak.

bhāgá-dā' [ bhAgadA ]

mfn. granting a share cf. VS.

f. N. of a town cf. Kālac

bhāgá-dughá [ bhAgadugha ]

m. one who deals out portions, distributer cf. VS. cf. TS. cf. Br.

bhāgá-dhá [ bhAgadha ]

mf ( ā' ) . paying what is due cf. TS.

( ā ), f. a share, portion cf. ĀpŚr.

bhāgá-dhāna [ bhAgadhAna ]

n. a treasury cf. Kauś

bhāgá-dhéya [ bhAgadheya ]

n. a share, portion, property, lot, fate, destiny cf. RV. etc. happiness, prosperity cf. Bhartṛ

( also m. and ( ā ) f. ) the share of a king, tax, impost cf. Śak. ii, 12/13

m. one to whom a share is due, heir, co-heir cf. L.

mf ( ī ) n. due as a share or part cf. VS. ( cf. Pāṇ. 4-1, 30 )

bhāgá-pāṭha [ bhAgapATha ]

m. ' partial quotation ' the quotation of a verse by the Pratīka ( s.v. ) cf. Kauś. cf. Sch.

bhāgá-bhāj [ bhAgabhAj ]

mfn. having a share ( in anything ), interested, a partner cf. MBh. cf. Pur.

bhāgá-bhuj [ bhAgabhuj ]

m. ' tax-enjoyer ', a king cf. MārkP.

bhāgá-mātṛ [ bhAgamAtR ]

f. ( in alg. ) a partic. rule of division

bhāgá-mukha [ bhAgamukha ]

m. N. of a man cf. Rājat

bhāgá-lakṣaṇā [ bhAgalakSaNA ]

f. insinuation or intimation of a part cf. Vedântas

bhāgá-vijñeya [ bhAgavijJeya ]

m. N. of a man cf. Saṃskārak.

bhāgá-viveka [ bhAgaviveka ]

m. N. of wk. on inheritance

bhāgá-vṛtti [ bhAgavRtti ]

f. N. of a gram. wk. ( also °ttikā )

-kāra m. N. of its author cf. Cat.

bhāgá-śas [ bhAgazas ]

ind. in parts or portions ( with Caus. of √ kḷp, ' to divide in parts ' ) cf. MBh. cf. Hariv.

one part after another, by turns, by and by cf. Mn. cf. MBh. etc.

bhāgá-hara [ bhAgahara ]

mfn. taking a part, sharing, a co-heir cf. MBh.

bhāgá-hāra [ bhAgahAra ]

m. division cf. Col.

bhāgá-hārin [ bhAgahArin ]

mfn. = -hara cf. Yājñ.

bhāgânubandha-jāti [ bhAgAnubandhajAti ]

f. assimilation of quantities by fractional increase, reduction of quantities to uniformity by the addition of a fraction cf. Col.

bhāgânubhāgena [ bhAgAnubhAgena ]

ind. wish a greater or smaller share, at a different rate cf. MBh.

bhāgâpavāha-jāti [ bhAgApavAhajAti ]

f. assimilation of quantities by fractional decrease, reduction of quantities to uniformity by the subtraction of a fraction cf. Col.

bhāgâpavāhana [ bhAgApavAhana ]

n. id. cf. Līl

bhagâpahārin [ bhagApahArin ]

mfn. receiving a share cf. Viṣṇ

bhāgârthin [ bhAgArthin ]

mfn. desirous of a share ( as of a sacrifice ) cf. R.

bhāgârha [ bhAgArha ]

mfn. entitled to a portion or inheritance cf. L.

to be divided according to shares cf. L.

bhāgâsura [ bhAgAsura ]

m. N. of an Asura cf. Cat.

bhāga [ bhAga ]

2 Vṛddhi form of bhaga in comp.

bhāga-vata [ bhAgavata ]


bhāga-vati [ bhAgavati ]

m. ( prob. ) patr. fr. bhaga-vat cf. Saṃskārak.

bhāga-vitta [ bhAgavitta ]

m. pl. the pupils of Bhāgavittika cf. Pāṇ. 4-1, 90 cf. Sch.

bhāga-vittāyana [ bhAgavittAyana ]

m. patr. fr. next cf. ib., iv, 1, 148 cf. Sch.

bhāga-vitti [ bhAgavitti ]

( bhā'ga- ), m. patr. fr. bhaga- vitta cf. ŚBr. ( cf. Pāṇ. 4-1, 90 ; 148 cf. Sch. )

N. of a son of Kuthumi cf. Cat.

bhāga-vittika [ bhAgavittika ]

m. patr. fr. prec. cf. Pāṇ. cf. ib.

°kīya mfn. cf. ib.