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bhartṛ' [ bhartR ]

m. ( once in cf. ŚBr. bhártṛ ) a bearer [ cf. Lat. fertor ], one who bears or carries or maintains ( with gen. or ifc. ) cf. RV. cf. ŚBr. cf. MBh.

a preserver, protector, maintainer, chief, lord, master cf. RV. etc. ( trī' f. a female supporter or nourisher, a mother cf. AV. cf. Kauś. cf. TBr. )

( bhártṛ ), m. a husband cf. RV. v, 58, 7 cf. Mn. cf. MBh. etc.

bhartṛ'-guṇa [ bhartRguNa ]

m. the excellence or virtue of a husband cf. Mn. ix , 24

bhartṛ'-ghna [ bhartRghna ]

mfn. murdering a master or supporter ( - tva n. ) cf. MBh.

( ī ), f. a woman who murders her husband cf. Yājñ.

bhartṛ'-cittā [ bhartRcittA ]

f. thinking of a husband cf. Kathās

bhartṛ'-jaya [ bhartRjaya ]

m. ruling a husband cf. Rājat

bhartṛ'-tā [ bhartRtA ]

f. ( cf. W. ),

bhartṛ'-tva [ bhartRtva ]

n. ( cf. MBh. etc. ) master-hood, husbandship

°tāṃgata mfn. subject, married cf. W.

bhartṛ'-darśana [ bhartRdarzana ]

n. the sight of a husband

-kāṅkṣā f. desire of seeing a husband cf. Ml.

-lālasa mfn. longing to see a husband cf. MBh.

bhartṛ'-dāraka [ bhartRdAraka ]

m. a king's son, crown prince ( esp. in dram. ) cf. Sāh

( ikā ), f. princess cf. Mālav. cf. Kād

bhartṛ'-duhitṛ [ bhartRduhitR ]

f. = prec. f. cf. Kād

bhartṛ'-dṛḍha-vratā [ bhartRdRDhavratA ]

f. strictly faithful to a husband cf. MW.

bhartṛ'-devatā [ bhartRdevatA ]

or f. idolising a husband cf. Hariv.

bhartṛ'-daivatā [ bhartRdaivatA ]

f. idolising a husband cf. Hariv.

bhartṛ'-prâpti-vrata [ bhartRprAptivrata ]

n. a partic. observance performed to obtain a husband cf. Cat.

bhartṛ'-priya [ bhartRpriya ]

mfn. devoted to one's master cf. Mālav

bhartṛ'-bhakta [ bhartRbhakta ]

mfn. id. cf. Kāvyâd

bhartṛ'-matī [ bhartRmatI ]

f. possessing a husband, a married woman cf. Śak

bhartṛ'-meṇṭha [ bhartRmeNTha ]

m. N. of a poet ( -tā f. ), Pracaṇḍ

bhartṛ'-yajña [ bhartRyajJa ]

m. N. of an author cf. Cat.

bhartṛ'-rājyâpaharaṇa [ bhartRrAjyApaharaNa ]

n. seizure of a husband's kingdom cf. Pañcat

bhartṛ'-rūpa [ bhartRrUpa ]

mfn. having the form of a husband cf. Kathās

bhartṛ'-loka [ bhartRloka ]

m. the husband's world ( in a future life ) cf. Mn. v, 165

bhartṛ'-vatsalā [ bhartRvatsalA ]

f. tender to a husband cf. Mālav

bhartṛ'-vallabha-tā [ bhartRvallabhatA ]

f. the being loved by a husband cf. Kālid

bhartṛ'-vyatikrama [ bhartRvyatikrama ]

m. transgression against a husband cf. Āpast

bhartṛ'-vyasana-piḍita [ bhartRvyasanapiDita ]

mfn. afflicted by a husband's or master's calamity cf. MBh.

bhartṛ'-vrata [ bhartRvrata ]

n. devotion to a husband cf. Hariv. ( -cāriṇī f. faithful to a husband cf. R. )

( °tā ), f. = °ta-cāriṇī cf. MBh.

°tā-tva n. fidelity to a husband cf. R.

bhartṛ'-śoka [ bhartRzoka ]

m. grief for a husband or lord

-para mfn. absorbed in it cf. MBh.

-parîtâṅgin mfn. whose limbs are affected by it cf. ib.

°kâbhipīḍita mfn. afflicted by it cf. ib.

bhartṛ'-sāt [ bhartRsAt ]

ind. to a husband

-kṛtā f. a married woman cf. Yājñ.

bhartṛ'-sārasvata [ bhartRsArasvata ]

m. N. of a poet cf. Cat.

bhartṛ'-sthāna [ bhartRsthAna ]

n. N. of a place of pilgrimage cf. MBh.

bhartṛ'-sneha [ bhartRsneha ]

m. love of a husband

-parîta mfn. filled with love to a husband cf. R.

bhartṛ'-svāmin [ bhartRsvAmin ]

m. N. of the poet Bhaṭṭi cf. Cat.

bhartṛ'-hari [ bhartRhari ]

m. N. of a well-known poet and grammarian ( of the 7th century A. D.

author of 300 moral, political, and religious maxims comprised in 3 Śatakas, and of the Vākyapadīya and other gram. wks., and according to some also of the Bhaṭṭi-kāvya )

-śataka n. N. of husband's collection of couplets ( cf. above and cf. IW. 533 )

bhartṛ'-hārya-dhana [ bhartRhAryadhana ]

mfn. ( a slave ) whose possessions may be taken by his master cf. Mn. viii, 417

bhartṛ'-hīna [ bhartRhIna ]

mfn. abandoned by a husband or lord cf. MBh.

bhartṛ'-hema [ bhartRhema ]

m. = -hari cf. Cat.

bhartrīśvara [ bhartrIzvara ]

( °tṛ + īśv° ), m. N. of an author cf. Gaṇar