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bheda [ bheda ]

bhedana [ bhedana ]

etc. P. 766.

 bhedá [ bheda ]

m. ( √ bhid ) breaking, splitting, cleaving, rending, tearing, piercing ( also pass. the being broken etc. ) cf. KātyŚr. cf. Yājñ. cf. MBh. cf. Kāv. etc.

breaking open, disclosing, divulging, betrayal ( of a secret, cf. rahasya-bh° )

bursting asunder, opening, gaping, parting asunder cf. BhP. cf. Suśr.

bursting forth or out, expanding, blossoming, shooting out, sprouting cf. Kālid. cf. Bālar

a cleft, fissure, chasm ( cf. śilā-bh°

du. pudendum muliebre ) cf. RV.

rupture, breach, hurt, injury, seduction cf. Kām. cf. MBh. cf. Kathās

shooting pain ( in the limbs ), paralysis ( cf. ardhabh° ) cf. Suśr.

separation, division, partition, part, portion cf. Kāv. cf. Pur.

distinction, difference, kind, sort, species, variety cf. ŚrS. cf. Up. cf. MBh. etc.

disturbance, interruption, violation, dissolution cf. RPrāt. cf. KātyŚr. cf. Sāh

disuniting, winning over to one's side by sowing dissension ( cf. upâya ) cf. Mn. cf. Yājñ. cf. Kām

disunion, schism, dissension between ( instr. ) or in ( comp. ) cf. MBh. cf. Var. cf. Rājat

change, alteration, modification cf. MBh. cf. Śak

contraction ( cf. bhrūbh° )

evacuation ( of the bowels ) cf. ŚārṅgS.

( in astron. ) a partic. crossing or conjunction of the planets

one of the ways in which an eclipse ends ( cf. kukṣi-bh° )

( in math. ) the hypothenuse of a right-angled triangle

( in dram. ) = saṃhati-bhedana, or = prôtsāhana, Sā

( in phil. ) dualism, duality ( cf. comp. )

N. of a man cf. AV.

pl. N. of a people cf. RV.

bhedá-kara [ bhedakara ]

mf ( ī ) n. breaking through or down cf. Yājñ.

sowing dissension among or in ( gen. or comp. ) cf. Kāv. cf. Kathās

bhedá-kārin [ bhedakArin ]

mfn. causing dissension or disunion cf. MārkP.

making or showing a difference, altered cf. Ratnâv

bhedá-kṛt [ bhedakRt ]

mfn. = -kara cf. Yājñ.

bhedá-khaṇḍana [ bhedakhaNDana ]

n. ' refutation of duality ', N. of a Ved^anta wk.

bhedá-tas [ bhedatas ]

ind. separately, singly, individually cf. Kathās

according to difference or diversities cf. MW.

bhedá-darpaṇa [ bhedadarpaNa ]

m. ' mirror of duality ', N. of wk.

bhedá-darśin [ bhedadarzin ]

mfn. = -dṛṣṭi cf. A.

bhedá-dīpikā [ bhedadIpikA ]

f. ' illustration of duality ', N. of wk.

bhedá-dṛṣṭi [ bhedadRSTi ]

mfn. viewing or holding the Universe and the deity to be different and distinct cf. MW.

bhedá-dhik-kāra [ bhedadhikkAra ]

m. ' refutation of duality ', N. of a Ved^anta wk. by Nṛsiṃh^aśrama

-nyak-kāra-nirūpaṇa n. -nyak-kārahuṃkṛti, -sat-kriyā f. N. of wks.

bhedá-dhik-kṛti [ bhedadhikkRti ]

f. ( in comp. ) = -dhik-kāra

-tattva-nivecana n. N. of wk.

bhedá-prakāra [ bhedaprakAra ]

m. N. of wk.

bhedá-prakāśa [ bhedaprakAza ]

m. N. of wk.

bhedá-pratyaya [ bhedapratyaya ]

m. belief in dualism ( cf. -dṛṣṭi ) cf. W.

bhedá-buddhi [ bhedabuddhi ]

f. perception or idea of a difference or distinction cf. MW.

bhedá-vādin [ bhedavAdin ]

m. one who maintains the duality of God and the Universe cf. Cat.

N. of cf. Comm. on cf. BhP.

°di-vidāriṇī. f. N. of wk.

bhedá-vidhi [ bhedavidhi ]

m. the faculty of discriminating or discerning ( between two different objects ) cf. MW.

bhedá-vibhīṣikā [ bhedavibhISikA ]

f. N. of wk.

bhedá-saha [ bhedasaha ]

mfn. capable of being disunited or seduced cf. Kathās

bhedâbheda [ bhedAbheda ]

m. disunion and union, dualism and non- dualism

-vādin m. a maintainer of the doctrine both of the difference and the identity of God and the Universe cf. Cat.

bhedôkti-jīvana [ bhedoktijIvana ]

and n. N. of 2 wks.

bhedôjjīvana [ bhedojjIvana ]

n. N. of 2 wks.

bhedônmukha [ bhedonmukha ]

mf ( ī ) n. just about to burst into blossom cf. Vikr