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bhramá [ bhrama ]

m. ( ifc. f. ā ) wandering or roaming about, roving over or through ( comp. ) cf. Kathās

moving about, rolling ( as of the eyes ) cf. Rājat

turning round, revolving, rotation ( acc. with √ = to swing ) cf. MBh. cf. Sūryas. cf. Hcat

a whirling flame cf. RV.

a whirlpool, eddy cf. Prab

a spring, fountain, watercourse cf. L.

a potter's wheel cf. Sāṃkhyak

( v.l. °mi ), a grindstone ( comp. )

a gimlet or auger cf. L.

a circle cf. Āryabh

giddiness, dizziness cf. Suśr.

confusion, perplexity, error, mistake ( ifc. mistaking anything for ) cf. Hariv. cf. Kāv. cf. Rājat. etc.

( āt ), ind. by an error or mistake cf. Gīt.

bhramá-kuṭī [ bhramakuTI ]

f. a sort of umbrella cf. Gal. ( cf. bhramat-k° )

bhramá-tva [ bhramatva ]

n. ( in phil. ) the being an error, erroneousness

bhramá-bhūta [ bhramabhUta ]

mfn. being an error, erroneous, unreal, Ashṭāv

bhramâsakta [ bhramAsakta ]

m. ' occupied at the grindstone

a sword cleaner, armourer cf. L.