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cid [ cid ]

1 in comp. for cit

cid-acit [ cidacit ]

' thought and non-thought, mind and matter ', in comp.

°cicchakti-yukta mfn. having power ( śakti ) over mind and matter cf. W.

°cin-maya mfn. consisting of mind and matter cf. BhP. xi, 24 , 7

cid-ambara [ cidambara ]

m. N. of the author of a law-book

n. N. of a town cf. W.

-pura n. id.

-rahasya, n. N. of wk.

-sthala n. = -pura cf. Śaṃkar. iv, 7

cid-asthi-mālā [ cidasthimAlA ]

f. N. of a cf. Comm. on a grammatical work

cid-ātmaka [ cidAtmaka ]

mfn. consisting of pure thought cf. BhP. viii, 3, 2

cid-ātman [ cidAtman ]

m. pure thought or intelligence, i, 3, 30 cf. RāmatUp. cf. Prab

cid-ānanda [ cidAnanda ]

' thought and joy ', in comp.

-daśa-ślokī f. ten verses in praise of thought and joy

-maya mfn. consisting of thought and joy cf. RāmatUp.

-stava-rāja m. = -daśa-ślokī

°ndâśrama m. N. of a teacher ( = paramânand° )

cid-ullāsa [ cidullAsa ]

mfn. shining like thoughts cf. BhP. ix, 11, 33

cid-gagana-candrikā [ cidgaganacandrikA ]

f. N. of wk., Anand. i cf. Sch.

cid-ghana [ cidghana ]

m. = -ātman cf. Sarvad. viii, 78

cid-ratna-caṣaka [ cidratnacaSaka ]

N. of wk.

cid-ratha [ cidratha ]

m. N. of a Sāman cf. ĀrshBr.

( ī ), f. N. of a cf. Comm.

cid-rūpa [ cidrUpa ]

mfn. ( cf. Vop. ii, 37 ) = cin-maya cf. KapS. vi, 50 cf. NṛsUp. ( -tva n. abstr. ) cf. Sarvad

wise cf. L.

n. the Universal Spirit as identified with pure thought cf. W.

cid-vilāsa [ cidvilAsa ]

m. N. of a pupil of Śaṃkar^acārya cf. Śaṃkar. iv, 5

cid-vṛtti [ cidvRtti ]

f. spiritual action cf. Daśar. ii, 37

 cid [ cid ]

2 ind. even, indeed, also ( often merely laying stress on a preceding word

requiring a preceding simple verb to be accentuated [ cf. Pāṇ. 8-1, 57 ] as well as a verb following, if cid is preceded by an interrogative pron. 48

in Class. only used after interrogative pronouns and adverbs to render them indefinite, and after jātu, q.v. ) cf. RV. cf. VS. cf. AV.

like ( added to the stem of a subst., e.g. agni-, rāja- ) cf. Nir. i, 4 cf. Pāṇ. 8-2, 101

cid-cid or cid-ca or cid-u, as well as, both, and cf. RV.