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devala [ devala ]

1. m. an attendant upon an idol ( who subsists on the offerings made to it; oftener °laka, Mn. iii, 152 ; 180, MBh. )

a virtuous or pious man, Uṇ. i, 108, Sch.

N. of a descendant of Kaśyapa and one of the authors of RV. ix

of Asita or a son of Asita, MBh. Pur.

of a man mentioned with Asita, Prav.

of an astronomer, Var.

of a legislator ( also, -bhaṭṭa ), Madhus. Kull.

of a son of Pratyūsha, MBh. Hariv.

of an elder brother of Dhaumya, MBh.

of the husband of Eka-parṇā, Hariv.

of the father of Saṃnati ( the wife of Brahma-datta ), Hariv.

of the grandfather of Pāṇ., Col.

of a son of Viśvā-mitra ( pl. his descendants ), Hariv.

of a son of Kṛśāśva by Dhishaṇā, BhP.

devala-smṛti [ devalasmRti ]

f. Devala's law-book, Cat.

devala [ devala ]

2. = devara ( q.v. )