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 dhara [ dhara ]

mf ( ā ) n. ( √ dhṛ ) bearing, supporting ( scil. the world, said of Kṛshṇa and Śiva ), MBh.

ifc. holding, bearing, carrying, wearing, possessing, having , keeping ( also in memory ), sustaining, preserving, observing ( cf. aṃśu-, akṣa-, kulaṃ- etc. ) MBh.; R. etc.

m. a mountain, Kir. xv, 12; ( cf. kṣiti-, bhū- etc. )

a flock of cotton, L.

a frivolous or dissolute man ( = viṭa ), L.

a sword, Gal.

N. of a Vasu, MBh.

of a follower of the Pāṇḍavas, ib.; of the king of the tortoises, L.

of the father of Padma-prabha ( 6th Arhat of, pres. Ava-sarpiṇī ), L.

( ā ), f. ' bearer, supporter ', the earth, Mn.; MBh.; Kāv. etc.

the uterus or womb, Bhpr.

a vein or tubular vessel of the body, L.

marrow, L.

a mass of gold or heap of valuables ( representing the earth and given to Brāhmans ), W.

one of the 8 forms of Sarasvatī, id.

N. of one of the wives of Kaśyapa ( mother of the land and water-birds, prob. = the Earth ), Hariv. 232 ( v.l. irā )

n. poison, L. ( v.l. dara ).

dhara-paṭṭa [ dharapaTTa ]

and m. N. of 2 princes of the Vallabhī dynasty, Inscr.

dhara-sena [ dharasena ]

m. N. of 2 princes of the Vallabhī dynasty, Inscr.

dhara-saṃstha [ dharasaMstha ]

mfn. mountain-like, MW.

dharâdhārā [ dharAdhArA ]

f. ' support of the mountains ', the earth, L.