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 etád [ etad ]

mfn. ( Gr. 223; gaṇa sarvâ`di, Pāṇ. i, 1, 27 ) this, this here, here ( especially as pointing to what is nearest to the speaker, e.g. eṣa bāṇaḥ, this arrow here in my hand eṣa yāti panthāḥ, here passes the way; eṣa kālaḥ, here, i.e. now, is the time; etad, this here, i.e. this world here below )

sometimes used to give emphasis to the personal pronouns ( e.g. eṣo'ham, I, this very person here ) or with omission of those pronouns ( e.g. eṣa tvāṃ svargaṃ nayāmi, I standing here will convey thee to heaven; etau praviṣṭau svaḥ, we two here have entered )

as the subject of a sentence it agrees in gender and number with the predicate without reference to the noun to be supplied ( e.g. etad eva hi me dhanam, for this [ scil. cow ] is my only wealth, MBh. )

but sometimes the neuter sing. remains ( e.g. etad guruṣu vṛttiḥ, this is the custom among Gurus, Mn. ii, 206 )

etad generally refers to what precedes, esp. when connected with idam, the latter then referring to what follows ( e.g. eṣa vai prathamaḥ kalpaḥ anukalpas tv ayaṃ jñeyaḥ, this before-mentioned is the principal rule, but this following may be considered a secondary rule, Mn. iii, 147 )

it refers also to that which follows, esp. when connected with a relative clause ( e.g. eṣa ca ^ˆi`va gurur dharmo yam pravakṣyāmy ahaṃ tava, this is the important law, which I will proclaim to you, MBh. ) RV. etc.

( ád ), ind. in this manner, thus, so, here, at this time, now ( e.g. ná vā' u etán mriyase, thou dost not die in this manner or by that, RV. i, 162, 21 ), AV. VS. etc.

[ cf. Zd. aêta ; Old Pers. aita ; Armen. aid ; Osk. eiso. ]

etád-atirikta [ etadatirikta ]

mfn. besides this.

etád-anta [ etadanta ]

mfn. terminating with this, ending thus, Mn. i, 50.

etád-artham [ etadartham ]

ind. on this account, for this end, therefore, Kathās. Pañcat. etc.

( etad - arthaṃ yad, to this end - that, R. )

etád-avadhi [ etadavadhi ]

ind. to this limit, so far.

etád-avastha [ etadavastha ]

mfn. of such a state or condition, Vikr. Ratnāv.

etád-ātmya [ etadAtmya ]

n., ChUp. vi, 8, 7, misprint for aitadātmya ( q.v. ; Śaṃkara's Comm. on the passage).

etád-ādi [ etadAdi ]

mfn. beginning with this, and so forth.

etád-dā' [ etaddA ]

mfn. granting or bestowing this, ŚBr. ix.

etád-devatyá [ etaddevatya ]

mfn. having this as deity, ŚBr. viii.

etád-dvitīya [ etaddvitIya ]

mfn. doing this for the second time, Pāṇ. vi, 2, 162.

etád-yoni [ etadyoni ]

mfn. of this origin, Bhag.

etád-vat [ etadvat ]

ind. like this, thus.