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 evá [ eva ]

1. ( in the Saṃhitā also evā' ), ind. ( √ i, Uṇ. i, 152 ; fr. pronom. base e, BRD., probably connected with 2. éva ), so, just so, exactly so ( in the sense of the later evam ), RV. AV.

indeed, truly, really ( often at the beginning of a verse in conjunction with other particles, as [ id |id ], hi ), RV.

( in its most frequent use of strengthening the idea expressed by any word, eva must be variously rendered by such adverbs as ) just, exactly, very, same, only, even, alone, merely, immediately on, still, already, etc. ( e.g. tvam eva yantā nânyo ' sti pṛthivyām, thou alone art a charioteer, no other is on earth , i.e. thou art the best charioteer, MBh. iii, 2825

tāvatīm eva rātrim, just so long as a night; evam eva or tath´a^ˆi`va, exactly so, in this manner only; in the same manner as above; tena^ˆi`va mantreṇa, with the same Mantra as above; apaḥ spṛṣṭv´a^ˆi`va, by merely touching water; tān eva, these very persons; na cirād eva, in no long time at all; japyena^ˆi`va, by sole repetition; abhuktv´a^ˆi`va, even without having eaten; iti vadann eva, at the very moment of saying so; sa jīvann eva, he while still living, etc. ), RV. etc. MBh. etc.

( sometimes, esp. in connection with other adverbs, eva is a mere expletive without any exact meaning and not translatable, e.g. tv eva, caˆ^i`va, eva ca, etc.

according to native authorities eva implies emphasis, affirmation, detraction, diminution, command, restrainment )

[ cf. Zd. aeva ; Goth. aiv ; Old Germ. eo, io ; Mod. Germ. je. ]

 éva [ eva ]

2. mfn. ( √ i ), going, moving, speedy, quick. TBr. iii, Uṇ.

( as ), m. course, way ( generally instr. pl. ), RV.

the earth, world, VS. xv, 4 ; 5 [ Mahīdh. ]

a horse, RV. i, 158, 3 [ Sāy. ]

( ās ), m. pl. way or manner of acting or proceeding, conduct, habit, usage, custom, RV.

[ cf. Gk. αἰές, αἰών ; Lat. aevu-m ; Goth. aivs ; O. Ḥ. G. êwa and Angl. Sax. êu, êo, ' custom ', ' law ' ; Germ. Ehe. ]

éva-yā' [ evayA ]

mfn. going quickly ( said of Viṣṇu ), RV. i, 156, 1

( of the Maṛuts ), RV. v, 41, 16

-marut, m. ' accompanied or protected by the quick Maruts ', N. of a Ṛṣi, RV. v, 87, 1 ff.

N. of a hymn ( RV. v, 87 ), AitBr. vi, 30, 1 ff. ŚāṅkhŚr. etc.

éva-yā'van [ evayAvan ]

mf ( arī ) n. going quickly ( said of Viṣṇu and the Maruts ), RV.