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 evám [ evam ]

ind. ( fr. pronom. base e cf. BRD.

probably connected with 1. evá ), thus, in this way, in such a manner, such, ( it is not found in the oldest hymns of the Veda, where its place is taken by 1. evá, but occurs in later hymns ind. in the Brāhmaṇas, especially in connection with √ vid , ' to know ', and its derivatives [ e.g. ya evaṃ veda, he who knows so ; cf. evaṃ-víd, col. 3 ]

in classical Sanskṛt evam occurs very frequently, especially in connection with the roots vac, ' to speak ', and śru, ' to hear ', and refers to what precedes as well as to what follows [ e.g. evam uktvā, having so said

evam evaˆitat, this is so

evam astu, or evam bhavatu, be it so, I assent

asty evam, it is so

yady evam, if this be so

kim evam, how so ? what is the meaning of it ? what does this refer to ? maˆivam, not so ! evam - yathā or yathā - evam, so - as ] cf. Mn. cf. Śak. etc.

( it is also often used like an adjective [ e.g. evaṃ te vacane rataḥ, rejoicing in such words of thine ; where evam = evaṃ-vidhe ] ) cf. MBh. cf. Śak. etc.

sometimes evam is merely an expletive

according to lexicographers evam may imply likeness ( so )

sameness of manner ( thus )

assent ( yes, verily )

affirmation ( certainly, indeed, assuredly )

command ( thus, etc. )

and be used as an expletive

eváṃ-yuktam [ evaMyuktam ]

( °ṃ-yuktam ), ind. in such a manner cf. Pat.

eváṃ-rūpa [ evaMrUpa ]

mf ( ā ) n. of such a form or kind cf. ŚBr. cf. MBh. etc.

eváṃ-víd [ evaMvid ]

mfn. knowing so or thus, well instructed, familiar with what is right cf. ŚBr. cf. AitBr. cf. TUp.

eváṃ-vidvas [ evaMvidvas ]

( once -vidvás cf. ŚBr. xiv, 8, 6, 2 ), id.

eváṃ-vidha [ evaMvidha ]

mfn. of such a kind, in such a form or manner, such cf. MBh. cf. R. cf. Suśr. etc.

eváṃ-viśeṣaṇa [ evaMvizeSaNa ]

mfn. having such an attribute, thus defined cf. Comm. on cf. Nyāyam

eváṃ-viṣaya [ evaMviSaya ]

mfn. having such an object, referring to that cf. Comm. on cf. Mn.

eváṃ-vīrya [ evaMvIrya ]

mfn. strong in that respect cf. ŚBr. xiii

possessed of such a power cf. BhP.

eváṃ-vṛtta [ evaMvRtta ]

and mfn. acting or behaving in such a manner, of such a kind cf. Mn. cf. BhP. etc.

eváṃ-vṛtti [ evaMvRtti ]

mfn. acting or behaving in such a manner, of such a kind cf. Mn. cf. BhP. etc.

eváṃ-vrata [ evaMvrata ]

mfn. fulfilling such duties cf. SāmavBr.

of such a behaviour, acting thus cf. BhP. xi, 2, 40

eváṃ-saṃsthitika [ evaMsaMsthitika ]

mfn. of such a nature or kind cf. MBh. iii

eváṃ-saṃjñaka [ evaMsaMjJaka ]

mfn. having such a name or term, named thus cf. Pat.

eváṃ-samṛddha [ evaMsamRddha ]

mfn. so complete cf. ŚBr. v

eváṃ-kāram [ evaMkAram ]

ind. in this manner cf. Pāṇ. 3-4, 27

eváṃ-kārya [ evaMkArya ]

mfn. having such an aim, aiming at that cf. Car.

eváṃ-kāla [ evaMkAla ]

mfn. containing so many syllabic instants cf. Kāś. on cf. Pāṇ. 1-2, 27

eváṃ-kratú [ evaMkratu ]

mfn. thus minded cf. ŚBr. x

eváṃ-gata [ evaMgata ]

mfn. being in such a condition or state, so circumstanced, of such kind cf. MBh. cf. R.

( e ), ind. under such circumstances cf. MBh. iii, 15109 cf. Daś

eváṃ-guṇa [ evaMguNa ]

mfn. possessing such qualities or good qualities cf. MBh. cf. BhP. etc.

-jātīya, -saṃpanna, °nôpêta mfn. id. cf. MBh. cf. Śak. etc.

eváṃ-jātīya [ evaMjAtIya ]

mfn. of such a kind or nature, such cf. Lāṭy. cf. Gobh

eváṃ-tarkin [ evaMtarkin ]

mfn. concluding, reasoning thus cf. Śak

eváṃ-dravya [ evaMdravya ]

mfn. consisting of such substances cf. Car.

eváṃ-nāman [ evaMnAman ]

mfn. so called cf. ŚBr. v

eváṃ-nyaṅga [ evaMnyaGga ]

mfn. having such a characteristic, of such a kind cf. AitBr. vi, 14, 2

eváṃ-nyāya [ evaMnyAya ]

mfn. following this manner or rule of performance cf. ĀśvŚr. ii, 5, 1, 13

evám-abhyanûkta [ evamabhyanUkta ]

mfn. so stated or spoken about cf. ŚBr. viii

evám-arthīya [ evamarthIya ]

mfn. relating to that cf. Nir

evám-avastha [ evamavastha ]

mfn. so situated cf. Prab

evám-ākṛti [ evamAkRti ]

mfn. so shaped cf. Daś

evám-ācāra [ evamAcAra ]

mfn. behaving or acting in such a manner cf. Gaut

evám-ātmaka [ evamAtmaka ]

mf ( ikā ) n. of such a nature, so conditioned cf. Pat.

evám-ādi [ evamAdi ]

and mfn. beginning with such a one, of such qualities or kind, such cf. Mn. cf. Śak. etc.

evám-ādya [ evamAdya ]

mfn. beginning with such a one, of such qualities or kind, such cf. Mn. cf. Śak. etc.

evám-pūrva [ evampUrva ]

mfn. preceded by this cf. Kāś

evám-prakāra [ evamprakAra ]

and mfn. of such a kind, such cf. ĀśvŚr. cf. MBh. cf. Mn. etc.

evám-prāya [ evamprAya ]

mfn. of such a kind, such cf. ĀśvŚr. cf. MBh. cf. Mn. etc.

evám-prabhāva [ evamprabhAva ]

mfn. possessed of such power cf. R.

evám-bhūta [ evambhUta ]

mfn. of such a quality or nature, such cf. MBh.

-vat mfn. furnished with anything of this kind