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gáti [ gati ]

is, f. going, moving, gait, deportment, motion in general, RV. v, 64, 3, VS. TS. etc.

manner or power of going

going away, Yājñ. iii, 170

procession, march, passage, procedure, progress, movement ( e. g. astra-g°, the going or flying of missile weapons, R. v ; parāṃ gatiṃ-√ gam, ' to go the last way ', to die ; daiva-g°, the course of fate, R. vi, Megh. 93 ; kāvyasya-g°, the progress or course of a poem, R. i, 3, 2 )

arriving at, obtaining ( with gen., loc., or ifc. ), ŚBr. ix, MBh. etc.

acting accordingly, obeisance towards ( loc. ), Āp. i, 13 f.

path, way, course ( e. g. anyatarāṃ gatiṃ-√ gam, ' to go either way ', to recover or die, ĀśvŚr. ), R. Bhag. etc.

a certain division of the moon's path and the position of the planet in it ( the diurnal motion of a planet in its orbit ? ), VarBṛS.

issue, Bhag. iv, 29

running wound or sore, Suśr.

place of issue, origin, reason, ChUp. i, 8, 4 f., Mn. i , 110, R. Mudr.

possibility, expedient, means, Yājñ. i, 345, R. i, Mālav. etc.

a means of success, way or art, method of acting, stratagem, R. iii, vi

refuge, resource, Mn. viii, 84, R. Kathās. Vet. Iv, 20 ; cf. RTL. p. 260

the position ( of a child at birth ), Suśr.

state, condition, situation, proportion, mode of existence, KaṭhUp. iii, 11, Bhag. Pañcat. etc.

a happy issue

happiness, MBh. iii, 17398

the course of the soul through numerous forms of life, metempsychosis, condition of a person undergoing this migration, Mn. Yājñ. MBh. etc.

manner, ĀśvGṛ. i, Sch.

the being understood or meant, Pat.

( in gram. ) a term for prepositions and some other adverbial prefixes ( such as alam etc. ) when immediately connected with the tenses of a verb or with verbal derivatives ( cf. karmapravacanīya ), Pāṇ. i, 4, 60 ff. ; vi, 2, 49 ff. and 139 ; viii, 1, 70 f.

a kind of rhetorical figure, Sarasv. ii, 2

a particular high number, Buddh.

' Motion ' ( personified as a daughter of Kardama and wife of Pulaha ), BhP. i, v, 1

m., N. of a son of Anala, Hariv. i, 3, 43.

gáti-tālin [ gatitAlin ]

m., N. of an attendant in Skanda's retinue, MBh. ix , 2569.

gáti-bhaṅga [ gatibhaGga ]

m. impediment to progress, stoppage, Śak. iv, 13-14.

gáti-bheda [ gatibheda ]

m. id. [ impediment to progress, stoppage ], [ Śak. ] vi, 26-27.

gáti-mat [ gatimat ]

mfn. possessed of motion, moving, MBh. xiii, etc.

having issues or sores, Suśr.

connected with a preposition or some other adverbial prefix, Pāṇ. ii, 2, 18, Vārtt. 4, Pat.

gáti-śakti [ gatizakti ]

f. the power of motion, W.

gáti-hīna [ gatihIna ]

mfn. without refuge, forlorn, W.