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 i [ i ]

1. the third vowel of the alphabet, corresponding to i short , and pronounced as that letter in kill etc.

i-kāra [ ikAra ]

m. the letter or sound i.

i-varṇa [ ivarNa ]

m. the letter or sound i.

 i [ i ]

2. ind. an interjection of anger, calling, sorrow, distress, compassion, etc., ( gaṇa câdi cf. Pāṇ. i, 4, 57, etc. )

 i [ i ]

3. base of Nom. and Acc. sing. du. and pl. of the demonstrative pronoun idam, ' this ' or ' that '

[ cf. ítara, itas, iti íd, idā', iyat, iva, iha : cf. also Lat. id ; Goth. ita ; Eng. it ; Old Germ. iz ; Mod. Germ. es. ]

 i [ i ]

4. is m. N. of Kāmadeva L.

 i [ i ]

5. cl. 2. P. éti ( Impv. 2. sg. ihí ) and I. P. Ā. áyati, ayate [ cf. √ ay ], ( pf. iyāya [ 2. sg. iyátha AV. viii, 1, 10, and iyétha RV. ], fut. eṣyati

aor. aiṣīt

inf. etum, étave RV. and AV., étavaí RV. étos RV. ityaí RV. i, 113, 6; 124, I ) to go, walk

to flow

to blow

to advance, spread, get about

to go to or towards ( with acc. ), come RV. AV. ŚBr. MBh. R. Hit. Ragh. etc.

to go away, escape, pass, retire RV. AV. ŚBr. R.

to arise from, come from RV. ChUp.

to return ( in this sense only fut. ) MBh. R.

( with punar ) to come back again, return MBh. R. Pañcat. etc.

to succeed Mn. iii, 127

to arrive at, reach, obtain RV. AV. ŚBr. Śak. Hit. etc.

to fall into, come to

to approach with prayers, gain by asking ( cf. ita )

to undertake anything ( with acc. )

to be employed in, go on with, continue in any condition or relation ( with a part. or instr., e.g. asura-rakṣasāni mṛdyamānāni yanti, ' the Asuras and Rakshases are being continually crushed ' ŚBr. i, I, 4, 14 gavāmayanenêyuḥ, ' they, were engaged in the [festival called] Gavāmayana ' KātyŚr. xxv, 5, 2 )

to appear, be KaṭhUp. : Intens. Ā. ī'yate ( RV. i, 30, 18 p. iyāná RV. inf. iyádhyai RV. vi, 20, 8 ) to go quickly or repeatedly

to come, wander, run, spread, get about RV. AV. VS.

to appear, make one's appearance RV. AV. BṛĀrUp.

to approach any one with requests ( with two acc. ), ask, request RV. AV. : Pass. ī'yate, to be asked or requested RV. : Caus. āyayati, to cause to go or escape Vop

[ cf. Gk. εἷ-μι, ἲ-μεν ; Lat. e-o, ī-mus, i-ter , etc. ; Lith. ei-mí, ' I go ' ; Slav. i-dû, ' I go ', i-ti, ' to go ' ; Goth. i-ddja, ' I went. ' ]