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íḍā [ iDA ]

f. or iLA ( in Ṛg-veda )

íLā [ iLA ]

( not to be confounded with the inst. case of iḍ above ), refreshing draught, refreshment, animation, recreation, comfort, vital spirit, RV. AV. AitBr.

offering, libation ( especially a holy libation, offered between the Pra-yāga and Anu-yāga, and consisting of four preparations of milk, poured into a vessel containing water, and then partially drunk by the priest and sacrificers; personified in the cow, the symbol of feeding and nourishment ), ŚBr. i, 8, 1, 1, etc. AitBr. KātyŚr. Kauś.

( metaphorically, cf. iḍ ) stream or flow of praise and worship ( personified as the goddess of sacred speech and action, invoked together with Aditi and other deities, but especially in the Āprī hymns together with Sarasvatī and Mahī or Bhāratī ) RV. AV. VS. etc.

the earth, food, Sāy.

a cow

the goddess iḍā or iLā ( daughter of Manu or of man thinking on and worshipping the gods; she is the wife of Budha and mother of Purū-ravas; in another aspect she is called Maitrāvaruṇi as daughter of Mitra-Varuṇa, two gods who were objects of the highest and most spiritual devotion )

N. of Durgā

of a daughter of Daksha and wife of Kaśyapa

of a wife of Vasudeva and of the Rudra, Ṛta-dhvaja

speech, BhP.

heaven, L.

earth, MBh.

a particular artery on the left side of the body

a tubular vessel ( one of the principal channels of the vital spirit, that which is on the right side of the body ), L.

íḍā-camasa [ iDAcamasa ]

m. a vessel for the Iḍā oblation, Kauś.

íḍā-jāta [ iDAjAta ]

m. a species of Agallochum, L.

íḍā-daḍha [ iDAdaDha ]

( iLā°, iḍā°, and ilā° ), n., N. of a particular Ishṭy-ayana or sacrificial observance, AitBr. ĀśvŚr.

íḍā-pātra [ iDApAtra ]

n. a vessel for the Iḍā oblation.

íḍā-pātrī [ iDApAtrI ]

f. a vessel for the Iḍā oblation.

íḍā-prajas [ iDAprajas ]

( asas ), f. pl. the descendants of Iḍā.

íḍā-yā's-padé [ iDAyAspade ]

( iLāyā's-padé ), ind. at the place of Iḷā, i.e. of worship and libation, earth, RV. AV.

íḍā-vat [ iDAvat ]

( íḍā° ), mfn. refreshing, granting fresh vital spirits

possessed of refreshment, refreshed

possessed of sacrificial food [ Sāy. ], RV.

containing the word iḍā TāṇḍyaBr.

( in music ) a particular time.