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इष् iṣ

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 iṣ [ iS ]

1 cl. 1. P. eṣati ( See anu- √ 1. iṣ and pari- √ 1. iṣ ), Ā. eṣate, to seek, search BhP. : cl. 4. P. íṣyati and 9. P. Ā. iṣṇā'ti ( p. iṣṇát RV. i, 181, 6, and iṣṇāná RV. i, 61, 13; pf. 3. pl. īṣus RV., and īṣiré AV.; aiṣīt; inf. iṣádhyai RV. vii, 43, 1 ) to cause to move quickly, let fly, throw, cast, swing RV.

to send out or off, stream out, pour out, discharge

to deliver ( a speech ), announce, proclaim AV. ŚBr.

to impel, incite, animate, promote RV. AV. VS. ŚBr.

iṣ [ iS ]

2 ifc. mfn. moving quickly, speedy. See aram-iṣ

 iṣ [ iS ]

3 cl. 6. P., ep. and Ved. also Ā. ic-cháti ( Subj. icchāt RV. AV. ), icchate ( AV. xi, 5, 17; impf. aicchat, iyeṣa and īṣe, eṣiṣyate, aiṣīt, eṣitum or eṣṭum ), to endeavour to obtain, strive , seek for RV. AV. ŚBr. AitBr.

to endeavour to make favourable

to desire, wish, long for, request

to wish or be about to do anything, intend RV. AV. ŚBr. R. Hit. Śak. etc.

to strive to obtain anything ( acc. ) from any one ( abl. or loc. )

to expect or ask anything from any one MBh. Mn. Śak. Ragh. Hit. etc.

to assent, be favourable, concede KātyŚr. Mn. Kathās

to choose Mn.

to acknowledge, maintain, regard, think Pāṇ. Comm. : Pass. iṣyate, to be wished or liked

to be wanted MBh. Hit. Śak. etc.

to be asked or requested

to be prescribed or ordered Mn. R.

to be approved or acknowledged

to be accepted or regarded as MBh. Prab. Yājñ. Mn. etc.

to be worth

to be wanted as a desideratum, See 2. iṣṭi : Caus. eṣayati, ( in surg. ) to probe Suśr. ii, 7, 15 : Desid. eṣiṣiṣati ; [ with iṣ cf. Old Germ. eiscôm, ' I ask ' ; Mod. Germ. heische ; Angl. Sax. ásciani cf. also Gk. ἰό-της , ἳμερος ; Lith. jëskóti ; Russ. iskate, ' to seek. ' ]

iṣ [ iS ]

4 mfn. ifc. seeking for ( See gav-iṣ, paśv-iṣ, etc. )

, f. wish Hariv. [ cf. iṭ-cara ]

 iṣ [ iS ]

5 , f. anything drunk, a draught, refreshment, enjoyment


the refreshing waters of the sky

sap, strength, freshness, comfort, increase

good condition, affluence RV. AV. VS. AitBr.

iṣaḥ-stut [ iSaHstut ]

mfn. praising comfort or prosperity RV. v, 50, 5