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 iva [ iva ]

ind. ( fr. pronominal base 3. i ), like, in the same manner as ( in this sense = yathā, and used correlatively to tathā )

as it were, as if ( e.g. pathêva, as if on a path )

in a certain manner, in some measure, a little, perhaps ( in qualification or mitigation of a strong assertion )

nearly, almost, about ( e.g. muhūrtam iva, almost an hour )

so, just so, just, exactly, indeed, very ( especially after words which involve some restriction, e.g. īṣad iva, just a little

kiṃcid iva, just a little bit : and after a negation, e.g. na cirād iva, very soon). iva is connected vaguely, and somewhat pleonastically, with an interrogative pronoun or adverb ( e.g. kim iva, what ? katham iva, how could that possibly be ? kvêva, where, I should like to know ? ). In the Pada texts of the Ṛg, Yajur, and Atharva-veda, and by native grammarians, iva is considered to be enclitic, and therefore compounded with the word after which it stands RV. AV. etc.

ivôpamā [ ivopamA ]

f. a kind of simile ( in which iva is employed ) Bhaṭṭ. x, 30