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 ja [ ja ]

1. the 3rd palatal letter ( having the sound of j in jump ).

ja-kāra [ jakAra ]

m. the letter ja.

 ja [ ja ]

2. mf ( ā ) n. ( √ jan ) ifc. born or descended from, produced or caused by, born or produced in or at or upon, growing in, living at, Mn. MBh. etc.

( after an adv. or adverbial word ) born or produced ( e.g. agra-, avara-, eka-, dvi-, ni-, pūrva-, prathama-, saha- and sākaṃ-já ), Mn. x, 25

prepared from, made of or with, v, 25. Suśr. Hcat.

' belonging to, connected with, peculiar to,' see anūpa-, anna-, śakra-, sârtha-.

m. a son of ( in comp. ), Mn. etc.

a father, L.

birth, L.

( ā ), f. a race, tribe, AV. v, 11, 10

ifc. a daughter, MBh. etc.

cf. .

 ja [ ja ]

3. mfn. speedy, swift, L.

victorious, L.

eaten, W.

m. speed, L.

enjoyment, L.

light, lustre, L.

poison, L.

a Piśāca, L.

Viṣṇu, L.

Śiva, L.

a husband's brother's wife, L.