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 kaṇṭhá [ kaNTha ]

as, m. ( √ kaṇ Uṇ. i, 105 ), the throat, the neck ( cf. ā-kaṇṭha-tṛpta kaṇṭhegrah, to embrace, Kathās. )

the voice ( cf. sanna-kaṇṭha ), MBh.; BhP. etc.

sound, especially guttural sound, W.

the neck ( of a pitcher or jar ), the narrowest part ( e.g. of the womb ; of a hole in which sacrificial fire is deposited ; of a stalk etc. ), Suśr.; Hcat.; Kathās. etc.

immediate proximity, Pañcat

Vanguiera Spinosa, L.

N. of a Maharshi, R.

( ī ), f. neck, throat, L.

a rope or leather round the neck of a horse, L.

a necklace, collar, ornament for the neck, L.

kaṇṭhá-kubja [ kaNThakubja ]

m. a kind of fever ( cf. adhara-kaṇṭha, 1. ut-kaṇṭha, etc. )

--pratīkāra m. the cure of the preceding disease

kaṇṭhá-kūṇikā [ kaNThakUNikA ]

f. the Vīnā or Indian lute, L.

kaṇṭhá-kūpa [ kaNThakUpa ]

m. cavity of the throat

kaṇṭhá-ga [ kaNThaga ]

mf ( ā ) n. reaching or extending to the throat, Mn. ii, 62

kaṇṭhá-gata [ kaNThagata ]

mfn. being at or in the throat, reaching the throat, R.; Pañcat.; Ratnāv. etc.

kaṇṭhá-graha [ kaNThagraha ]

m. ' clinging to the neck, embracing, embrace, Kathās.; Ratnāv.; Mṛcch

kaṇṭhá-grahaṇa [ kaNThagrahaNa ]

n. id., Amar.

kaṇṭhá-ccheda [ kaNThaccheda ]

m. cutting off the neck

kaṇṭhá-taṭa [ kaNThataTa ]

m. n. the side of the neck

kaṇṭhá-talāsikā [ kaNThatalAsikA ]

f. the leather or rope passing round the neck of a horse, L.

kaṇṭhá-tas [ kaNThatas ]

ind. from the throat



kaṇṭhá-daghná [ kaNThadaghna ]

mfn. reaching to the neck, ŚBr. xii

kaṇṭhá-dvayasa [ kaNThadvayasa ]

mfn. id.

kaṇṭhá-dhāna [ kaNThadhAna ]

ās, m. pl., N. of a people, VarBṛS.

kaṇṭhá-nāla [ kaNThanAla ]

n. ' neck-stalk ', the throat compared to a lotus-stalk, Ragh. xv, 52

the neck, Prab.; Bālar

( ī ), f. throat, neck Prasannar

kaṇṭhá-nīḍaka [ kaNThanIDaka ]

m. Falco Cheela, L.

a kite, W.

kaṇṭhá-nīlaka [ kaNThanIlaka ]

m. a torch, whisp of lighted straw etc. ( = ulkā ), L.

kaṇṭhá-paṇḍita [ kaNThapaNDita ]

m., N. of a poet

kaṇṭhá-pāśaka [ kaNThapAzaka ]

m. a halter, a rope passing round an elephant's neck, L.

an elephant's cheek, L.

kaṇṭhá-pīṭha [ kaNThapITha ]

n. gullet, throat, Bālar

( ī ), f. id., Prasannar

kaṇṭhá-pīḍā [ kaNThapIDA ]

f. sharp pains in the throat, Bhpr.

kaṇṭhá-prāvṛta [ kaNThaprAvRta ]

n. covering the throat, Gaut. ii, 14

kaṇṭhá-bandha [ kaNThabandha ]

m. a rope tied round an elephant's neck, L.

kaṇṭhá-bhaṅga [ kaNThabhaGga ]

m. ' break of the voice ', stammering

kaṇṭhá-bhūṣaṇa [ kaNThabhUSaNa ]

n. an ornament for the neck, collar, necklace, Hcat

kaṇṭhá-bhūṣā [ kaNThabhUSA ]

f. id., L.

kaṇṭhá-maṇi [ kaNThamaNi ]

m. a jewel worn on the throat, L.

a dear or beloved object

thyroid cartilage, L. [ NBD. Nachtrag 2 ]

kaṇṭhá-mūla [ kaNThamUla ]

n. the deepest part of the throat

kaṇṭhá-mūlīya [ kaNThamUlIya ]

mfn. being in the deepest part of the throat, Comm. on TS. xxiii, 17

kaṇṭhá-rava [ kaNTharava ]

m. N. of an author

kaṇṭhá-rodha [ kaNTharodha ]

m. stopping or lowering the voice ( sa-ka° )

kaṇṭhá-lagna [ kaNThalagna ]

mfn. fastened round the throat

clinging to, embracing

kaṇṭhá-latā [ kaNThalatA ]

f. a collar, necklace

kaṇṭhá-vartin [ kaNThavartin ]

mfn. being in the throat ( as the vital air ), about to escape, Ragh. xii, 54

kaṇṭhá-vibhūṣaṇa [ kaNThavibhUSaNa ]

n. ornament for the neck, L.

kaṇṭhá-śālūka [ kaNThazAlUka ]

n. hard tumour in the throat, Suśr.

kaṇṭhá-śuṇḍī [ kaNThazuNDI ]

f. swelling of the tonsils, ib.

kaṇṭhá-śoṣa [ kaNThazoSa ]

m. dryness of the throat, a dry throat, ŚārṅgS.

kaṇṭhá-śruti [ kaNThazruti ]

f., N. of an Upanishad ( belonging to the Atharva-veda )

kaṇṭhá-sañjana [ kaNThasaJjana ]

n. hanging on or round the throat

kaṇṭhá-sūtra [ kaNThasUtra ]

n. a particular mode of embracing, Ragh. xix, 32

kaṇṭhá-stha [ kaNThastha ]

mfn. staying or sticking in the throat

being in or upon the throat


being in the mouth ready to be repeated by rote, learnt by heart and ready to be recited, W.

kaṇṭhá-sthalī [ kaNThasthalI ]

f. throat

kaṇṭhâgata [ kaNThAgata ]

mfn. come to the throat ( as the breath or soul of a dying person ), W.

kaṇṭhâgni [ kaNThAgni ]

m. ' digesting in the throat or gizzard ', a bird, L.

kaṇṭhâbharaṇa [ kaNThAbharaNa ]

n. an ornament for the neck, necklace

a shorter N. of the work called Sarasvatī-kaṇṭhābharaṇa ( cf. also kavika° )

--darpaṇa, -mārjana n., N. of two commentaries on the above work

kaṇṭhâvasakta [ kaNThAvasakta ]

mfn. clinging to the neck, embracing

kaṇṭhâśleṣa [ kaNThAzleSa ]

m. the act of embracing, embrace, Bhartṛ. Ratnāv

kaṇṭhe-kāla [ kaNThekAla ]

m. ' black on the neck ', N. of Śiva, L.

kaṇṭhe-viddha [ kaNTheviddha ]

m. N. of a man ( cf. kāṇṭheviddhi. )

kaṇṭhêśvara-tīrtha [ kaNThezvaratIrtha ]

m. N. of a Tīrtha

kaṇṭhôkta [ kaNThokta ]

mfn. spoken of or enumerated singly or one by one, Comm. on TPrāt.

kaṇṭhôkti [ kaNThokti ]

f. speaking of or enumerating one by one, ib.