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 kad [ kad ]

1 cl. 1. Ā. kadate, cakāda ( R. ed. Gorresio vi, 65 , 23 ; but ed. Bomb. vi, 86, 24 reads cakāra ), to be confused, suffer mentally

to grieve

to confound

to kill or hurt

to call

to cry or shed tears, Dhātup. xix, 10

 kád [ kad ]

2 ind. ( originally the neuter form of the interrogative pronoun ka ), a particle of interrogation ( = Lat. nonne, num ), RV.

anything wrong or bad, BhP. vii, 5, 28 ( cf. below )

= sukha, Nigh

kad is used, like kim, with the particles cana and cid, ' sometimes, now and then '

kac-cana with the negation na, ' in no way or manner, ' RV.

kac-cid is also used, like the simple kad, as a particle of interrogation ( e.g. kaccid dṛṣṭā tvayā rājan damayantī, was Damayantī seen by thee, O king ? ), MBh., or kaccid may be translated by ' I hope that '

at the beginning of a compound it may mark the uselessness, badness or defectiveness of anything, as in the following examples

kád-akṣara [ kadakSara ]

n. a bad letter, bad writing, L.

kád-agni [ kadagni ]

m. a little fire, Vop

kád-adhvan [ kadadhvan ]

m. a bad road, L.

kád-anna [ kadanna ]

n. bad food or little food, Bhp.; Śārṅg

( mfn. ) eating bad food, VarBṛS.

-tā f. the state of bad food, VCāṇ

kád-apatya [ kadapatya ]

n. bad posterity, bad children, BhP.

kád-artha [ kadartha ]

m. a useless thing

( mfn. ) having what purpose or aim ? RV. x, 22, 6

useless, unmeaning, W.

kád-arthana [ kadarthana ]

am, ā, n. f. ( fr. kadarthaya below ), the act of tormenting, torture, trouble, Daś.; Kathās

kád-arthanīya [ kadarthanIya ]

mfn. ( fr. the next ), to be tormented or troubled, Naish.; Hcar.

kád-arthaya [ kadarthaya ]

Nom. ( fr. kad-artha ) P. kadarthayati, to consider as a useless thing, estimate lightly, despis, Bhartṛ.; Vcar.

to torment, torture, trouble, Pañcat.; Kathās.; Naish. etc.

kád-arthita [ kadarthita ]

mfn. rendered useless

despised, disdained, rejected

kád-arthī-√ kṛ [ kadarthIkR ]

to disdain, disregard, despise, overlook, MBh. BhP.

to torment, torture

kád-arthī-kṛti [ kadarthIkRti ]

f. contempt, disdain

tormenting, torture, Hcar.

kád-arya [ kadarya ]

mfn. avaricious, miserly, stingy, niggardly, Gaut.; ChUp.; Mn. iv, 210, 224; Yājñ. etc.

little, insignificant, mean, W.

bad, disagreeable, W.

as, m. a miser

-tā, f., -tva, n. the state or condition of the above, MBh.

-bhāva, m. id. ib.

kád-aśva [ kadazva ]

m. a bad horse, Comm. on Pāṇ.

kád-ākāra [ kadAkAra ]

mfn. ill-formed, ugly, L.

kád-ākhya [ kadAkhya ]

mfn. having a bad name, T.

( am ), n. Costus Speciosus, L. ( commonly called Kushṭha).

kád-ācāra [ kadAcAra ]

m. bad conduct

( mfn. ) of bad conduct, wicked, abandoned, W.

kád-āhāra [ kadAhAra ]

m. bad food, Car.

( mfn. ) taking bad food, ib.

kád-indriya [ kadindriya ]

āṇi, n. pl. bad organs of sense, BhP.

( mfn. ) having bad organs of sense, BhP. viii, 3, 28

-gaṇa m. and mfn. id., BhP. x, 60, 35

kád-uṣṭra [ kaduSTra ]

m. a bad camel, Comm. on Pāṇ.

kád-uṣṇa [ kaduSNa ]

mfn. tepid, lukewar, Pāṇ.; Suśr. etc.

harsh, sharp ( as a word ), Naish. ix, 38

( am ), n. slight warmth, lukewarmness, W. ( cf. kavôṣṇa, kôṣṇa. )

kád-ratha [ kadratha ]

m. a bad carriage, ŚāṅkhŚr.; Pāṇ.

kád-vat [ kadvat ]

mfn. containing the word ka, ŚBr. vi; ŚāṅkhŚr.

kád-vada [ kadvada ]

mfn. speaking ill or inaccurately or indistinctly, Pāṇ. 6-3, 102; Vop. etc. ( with neg. , Śiś. xiv, 1 )

contemptible, vile, base, L.

kád-vara [ kadvara ]

n. whey or buttermilk mixed with water, L. ( cf. kaṅkara, kaṭvara, etc. )