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Derived Words in Other Languages:



kal [ kal ]

( in comp. for 2. kad )

kal-lola [ kallola ]

m. a wave, surge, billow, Pañcat.; Bhartṛ. etc.

an enemy, foe, L.

joy, happiness, pleasure, L.

-jātaka, n., N. of an astrological work

kal-lolita [ kallolita ]

mfn. surging, billowy, gaṇa. tārakâdi, Pāṇ. 5-2, 36

kal-lolinī [ kallolinI ]

f. a surging stream, river in general, Prab

 kal [ kal ]

1 cl. 1. Ā. kalate, to sound Dhātup. xiv, 26

to count ib. ; [ cf. Lat. calculo. ]

 kal [ kal ]

2 cl. 10. P. ( rarely Ā. ) kālayati ( °te ), to push on, drive forward, drive before one's self or away, carry off MBh. BhP.

to go after ( with hostile intention ), persecute R. iii, 41, 26

to count, tell over MBh. iii, 14853

to throw L.

to announce the time ( ? )

 kal [ kal ]

3 P. ( rarely Ā. ) kalayati ( °te ), to impel, incite, urge on MBh. BhP. etc.

to bear, carry Gīt. Śāntiś. etc.

to betake one's self to Naish. ii, 104

to do, make, accomplish Bhartṛ. iii, 20 Sāh

to utter a sound, murmur Naish. Śiś. etc.

( sometimes in connection with nouns merely expressing the verbal conception, e.g. mūrchāṃkal, to swoon Bālar

culukaṃ jalasyakal, to take a draught of water ib. )

to tie on, attach, affix Gīt.

to furnish with

to observe, perceive, take notice of

to consider, count, take for Gīt. Bālar. Ratnāv

( 1. kalaya, col. 3. )