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 kárṇa [ karNa ]

as, m. ( √ kṛt Nir. √ 1. kṝ Uṇ. iii, 10 ), the ear RV. AV. TS. Suśr. ( ápi kárṇe, behind the ear or back, from behind RV. [ cf. apikarṇá ]

karṇe, [ in dram. ] into the ear, in a low voice, aside Mṛcch. Mālav

karṇaṃ, to give ear to, listen to Śak. Mṛcch

karṇam ā-√ gam, to come to one's ear, become known to Ragh. i, 9 )

the handle or ear of a vessel RV. viii, 72, 12 ŚBr. ix KātyŚr. etc.

the helm or rudder of a ship R.

( in geom. ) the hypothenuse of a triangle or the diagonal of a tetragon Hcat. etc.

the diameter of a circle, Sūryas

( in prosody ) a spondee

Cassia Fistula L.

Calotropis Gigantea L.

N. of a king of Aṅga ( and elder brother by the mother's side of the Pāṇḍu princes, being the son of the god Sūrya by Pṛthā or Kuntī, before her marriage with Pāṇḍu

afraid of the censure of her relatives, Kuntī deserted the child and exposed it in the river, where it was found by a charioteer named Adhi-ratha and nurtured by his wife Rādhā

hence Karṇa is sometimes called Sūta-putra or Sūta-ja, sometimes Rādheya, though named by his foster-parents Vasu-sheṇa ) MBh. BhP. etc.

N. of several other men

( mfn. karṇá ), eared, furnished with ears or long ears AV. v, 13, 9 VS. TS.

furnished with chaff ( as grain ) TS. i, 8, 9, 3

kárṇa-kaṇḍū [ karNakaNDU ]

f. painful itching of the ear Suśr.

kárṇa-karṇikā [ karNakarNikA ]

f. a kind of colocynth L.

kárṇa-kaṣāya [ karNakaSAya ]

m. dirt in the ears BhP. ii, 6, 45

kárṇa-kiṭṭa [ karNakiTTa ]

n. the wax of the ear Nigh

kárṇa-kīṭā [ karNakITA ]

kárṇa-kīṭī [ karNakITI ]

f. Julus Cornifex ( an insect or worm with many feet and of reddish colour ) L.

kárṇa-kutūhala [ karNakutUhala ]

n. N. of wk. L.

kárṇa-kubja [ karNakubja ]

n. N. of an imaginary town Vet

kárṇa-kumārī [ karNakumArI ]

f. N. of Bhavānī

kárṇa-kuvalaya [ karNakuvalaya ]

n. a lotus flower stuck into the ear ( as an ornament ) Daś

kárṇa-krośa [ karNakroza ]

m. an affection of the ear, singing in the ears Gobh. iii, 3, 27

kárṇa-kṣveḍa [ karNakSveDa ]

m. id. Suśr.

kárṇa-kharaka [ karNakharaka ]

kárṇa-kharika [ karNakharika ]

m. N. of a Vaiśya Comm. on Pāṇ.

kárṇa-ga [ karNaga ]

mfn. touching the ear, hanging on it, next to the ear , extending to it W.

kárṇa-giri [ karNagiri ]

m. N. of a mountain

kárṇa-gūtha [ karNagUtha ]

m. n. ear-wax

m. hardening of the wax of the ear Suśr.

kárṇa-gūthaka [ karNagUthaka ]

m. id.

kárṇa-gṛhītá [ karNagRhIta ]

mfn. seized by the ear TS. vi, 1, 7, 6

kárṇa-gṛ'hyā [ karNagRhyA ]

( Padap. -gṛ'hya ), ind. p. seizing by the ear RV. viii, 70, 15

kárṇa-gocara [ karNagocara ]

m. the range of hearing, anything perceptible by the ear T.

kárṇa-grāha [ karNagrAha ]

m. a helmsman, g. revaty-ādi Pāṇ. 4-1, 146

-vat mfn. furnished with a helmsman ( as a ship ) R.

kárṇa-cāmara [ karNacAmara ]

n. a cowrie as ornament for the ear of an elephant Kād

kárṇa-cchidra [ karNacchidra ]

n. the outer auditory passage Suśr.

kárṇa-ja [ karNaja ]

m. ear-wax L.

kárṇa-japa [ karNajapa ]

m. ' ear-whisperer ', an informer Kathās

kárṇa-jalūkā [ karNajalUkA ]

f. = -kīṭā above L.

kárṇa-jalaukas [ karNajalaukas ]


kárṇa-jalaukā [ karNajalaukA ]

f. id. L.

kárṇa-jāpa [ karNajApa ]

m. the act of whispering in the ear

tale-bearing, calumniating Pañcat

kárṇa-jāha [ karNajAha ]

n. the root of the ear Pāṇ. 5-2, 24 Mālatīm

kárṇa-jit [ karNajit ]

m. ' the conqueror of Karṇa ', N. of Arjuna ( Karṇa having taken the part of the Kurus, was killed by Arjuna in one of the great battles between them and the Pāṇḍus, cf. MBh. viii, 4798 f. ) L.

kárṇa-jyoti [ karNajyoti ]

f. Gynandropsis Pentaphylla Nigh

kárṇa-jvara [ karNajvara ]

m. affection of the ears

kárṇa-tás [ karNatas ]

ind. away from or out of the ear AV. ix, 8, 3

kárṇa-tā [ karNatA ]

f. the being an ear Amar.

kárṇa-tāla [ karNatAla ]

m. the flapping of an elephant's ears Ragh. Śiś.

-latā f. the flap of the ear of an elephant HYog.

kárṇa-darpaṇa [ karNadarpaNa ]

m. a particular ornament for the ear L.

kárṇa-dundubhi [ karNadundubhi ]

f. ' a drum in the ear ', a kind of worm, = -kīṭā above L.

kárṇa-deva [ karNadeva ]

m. N. of a king

kárṇa-dhāra [ karNadhAra ]

m. a helmsman, pilot Suśr. BhP. etc.

a sailor, seaman Kathās. xviii, 300

( ā ), f. N. of an Apsaras Kāraṇḍ

-tā f. the office of a helmsman Kathās. xxvi, 8

kárṇa-dhāraka [ karNadhAraka ]

m. a helmsman L.

kárṇa-dhāriṇī [ karNadhAriNI ]

f. a female elephant L.

kárṇa-dhvanana [ karNadhvanana ]

n. singing in the ear

kárṇa-nāda [ karNanAda ]

m. id.

kárṇa-nāsā [ karNanAsA ]

e f. du. ear and nose R. iii, 18, 21

kárṇa-nīlôtpala [ karNanIlotpala ]

n. a blue lotus-flower stuck into the ear, Kuv

kárṇa-pa [ karNapa ]

m. N. of a man Rājat

kárṇa-pattraka [ karNapattraka ]

m. the lobe of the ear Yājñ. iii, 96

kárṇa-pattrabhaṅga [ karNapattrabhaGga ]

m. ornamenting the ears ( one of the 64 Kalās ) Vātsyāy

kárṇa-patha [ karNapatha ]

m. the compass or range of hearing, ( °m ā-√ yā , to come within the range of or reach the ear, be heard Śak. 232, 11

°m upa-√ i id. BhP. ii, 3, 19 )

°thâtithi m. ' a visitor in the compass of the ear ', anything heard of or learnt Rājat

kárṇa-paraṃ-parā [ karNaparaMparA ]

f. the going from one ear to another Pañcat. Kathās

kárṇa-parâkrama [ karNaparAkrama ]

m. N. of wk.

kárṇa-parvan [ karNaparvan ]

n. N. of the eighth book of the Mahābhārata

kárṇa-pāka [ karNapAka ]

m. inflammation of the outer ear Suśr.

kárṇa-pāli [ karNapAli ]

f. the lobe of the ear, the outer ear Suśr.

( ī ), f. id. ib.

a particular ornament for the ear L.

N. of a river

-lyāmaya m. a particular disease of the outer ear ( produced from piercing the ear ) Suśr.

kárṇa-pitṛ [ karNapitR ]

m. ' Karṇa's father ', N. of Sūrya L.

kárṇa-piśācī [ karNapizAcI ]

f. N. of a goddess Tantras

kárṇa-pīṭha [ karNapITha ]

n. the concha or outer end of the auditory passage Suśr.

kárṇa-puṭa [ karNapuTa ]

n. the auditory passage of the ear BhP.

kárṇa-putraka [ karNaputraka ]

m. the concha of the ear Car.

( ikā ), f. id. L.

kárṇa-pur [ karNapur ]

ūr f. ' the capital of Karṇa ', Campā ( the ancient N. for Bhagalpur ) L.

kárṇa-purī [ karNapurI ]

f. id. ib.

kárṇa-puṣpa [ karNapuSpa ]

m. blue Amaranth Nigh

kárṇa-pūra [ karNapUra ]

m. n. an ornament ( esp. of flowers ) worn round the ears MBh. Ragh. Kād. etc.

a blue lotus-flower L.

Acacia Sirissa L.

Jonesia Asoka L.

N. of the father of Kavicandra and author of the Alaṃkāra Kaustubha

kárṇa-pūraka [ karNapUraka ]

m. Nauclea Cadamba L.

N. of a servant Mṛcch

kárṇa-pūraṇa [ karNapUraNa ]

m. N. of an author ( = -pūra above )

the act of filling the ears ( with cotton etc. )

any substance used for that purpose Suśr.

kárṇa-pūrī-√ kṛ [ karNapUrIkR ]

to make ( anything ) an ornament for the ear Kād. Hcar.

kárṇa-prakāśa [ karNaprakAza ]

m. N. of wk.

kárṇa-pratināha [ karNapratinAha ]

m. a particular disease of the ear ( suppression of its excretion or wax, which is supposed to have dissolved and passed out by the nose and mouth ) Suśr.

kárṇa-pratīnāha [ karNapratInAha ]

m. id. ib.

kárṇa-prayāga [ karNaprayAga ]

m. N. of the confluence of the rivers Gaṅgā and Pindur

kárṇa-prādheya [ karNaprAdheya ]

ās m. pl., N. of a people

kárṇa-prânta [ karNaprAnta ]

m. the lobe of the ear L.

kárṇa-prāvaraṇa [ karNaprAvaraNa ]

mf ( ā ) n. using the ears for a covering R. v, 17, 5

( ās ), m. pl., N. of a fabulous people MBh. R. etc.

( ā ), f. N. of one of the mothers attending on Skanda MBh. ix, 2643

kárṇa-prāveya [ karNaprAveya ]

ās m. pl., N. of a people

kárṇa-phala [ karNaphala ]

m. a sort of fish ( Ophiocephalus Kurrawey ) L.

kárṇa-bhūṣaṇa [ karNabhUSaNa ]

n. an ornament for the ear

kárṇa-bhūṣā [ karNabhUSA ]

f. id.

the art of ornamenting the ears ( one of the 64 Kalās )

kárṇa-madgura [ karNamadgura ]

m. a sort of fish, Silurus unitus L.

kárṇa-mala [ karNamala ]

n. the excretion or wax of the ear L.

kárṇa-mukura [ karNamukura ]

m. a particular ornament for the ear L.

kárṇa-mukha [ karNamukha ]

mfn. headed by Karna, having Karṇa as leader

kárṇa-muni [ karNamuni ]

m. N. of a man

kárṇa-mūla [ karNamUla ]

n. the root of the ear Suśr. BhP. etc.

kárṇa-mūlīya [ karNamUlIya ]

mfn. belonging to the root of the ear

kárṇa-moṭā [ karNamoTA ]

f. Acacia arabica L.

kárṇa-moṭi [ karNamoTi ]

f. N. of Durgā in her form as Cāmuṇḍā L.

kárṇa-moṭī [ karNamoTI ]

id. L.

kárṇa-yoni [ karNayoni ]

( kárṇa° ), mfn. having the ear as a source or starting-point, going forth from the ear ( said of arrows, because in shooting the bow-string is drawn back to the ear ) RV. ii, 24, 8

kárṇa-randhra [ karNarandhra ]

m. the orifice or auditory passage of the ear, Bhp

kárṇa-roga [ karNaroga ]

m. disease of the ear Suśr.

-pratiṣedha m. cure of a disease of the ear

-vijñāna n. diagnosis of any disease of the ear

kárṇa-latā [ karNalatA ]

f. the lobe of the ear L.

-maya mfn. representing the lobe of an ear Naish. vii, 64

kárṇa-latikā [ karNalatikA ]

f. the lobe of the ear L.

kárṇa-vaṃśa [ karNavaMza ]

m. an elevated platform of bamboo

kárṇa-vat [ karNavat ]

( kárṇa° ), mfn. having ears RV. x, 71, 7 R.


furnished with tendrils or hooks Suśr.

having a helm

kárṇa-varjita [ karNavarjita ]

m. ' earless ', a snake L.

kárṇa-vallī [ karNavallI ]

f. the lobe of the ear L.

kárṇa-viṭka [ karNaviTka ]

n. ( fr. -viṣ below ), excretion or wax of the ear Suśr.

kárṇa-vivara [ karNavivara ]

n. the auditory passage of the ear BhP.

kárṇa-viṣ [ karNaviS ]

f. ear-wax Mn. v, 135

kárṇa-viṣa [ karNaviSa ]

n. ' ear-poison ' ( any bad precept ) Pañcat

kárṇa-viṣayīkṛta [ karNaviSayIkRta ]

mfn. made an object of hearing, made known Kathârṇ

kárṇa-vedha [ karNavedha ]

m. ' ear-boring ' ( a religious ceremony sometimes performed as a saṃskāra or to prevent a woman from dying if the birth of a third son be expected ) PSarv.

piercing the ear to receive ear-rings

kárṇa-vedhanikā [ karNavedhanikA ]

f. an instrument for piercing the ear of an elephant L.

kárṇa-vedhanī [ karNavedhanI ]

f. id. L.

kárṇa-veṣṭa [ karNaveSTa ]

m. an ear-ring R.

N. of a king MBh. i, 2696

kárṇa-veṣṭaka [ karNaveSTaka ]

m. an ear-ring PārGṛ.

kárṇa-veṣṭakīya [ karNaveSTakIya ]

kárṇa-veṣṭakya [ karNaveSTakya ]

mfn. belonging or relating to an ear-ring, g. apūpâdi

kárṇa-veṣṭana [ karNaveSTana ]

n. an ear-ring L.

kárṇa-vyadha [ karNavyadha ]

m. piercing the ear ( to receive ear- rings ) Suśr.

kárṇa-śaṣkulikā [ karNazaSkulikA ]

f. the auditory passage of the ear Car.

kárṇa-śaṣkulī [ karNazaSkulI ]

f. id.

kárṇa-śirīṣa [ karNazirISa ]

n. a Śirīsha-flower fastened to the ear ( as an ornament ) Śak

kárṇa-śūnya [ karNazUnya ]

mfn. deaf L.

kárṇa-śūlá [ karNazUla ]

n. ear-ache AV. ix, 8, 1 ; 2 Suśr.

kárṇa-śūlin [ karNazUlin ]

mfn. having ear-ache Suśr.

kárṇa-śóbhana [ karNazobhana ]

n. an ornament for the ear RV. viii, 78, 3

kárṇa-śrava [ karNazrava ]

mfn. perceptible by the ears, audible Mn. iv, 102

kárṇa-śravas [ karNazravas ]

m. N. of a man TāṇḍyaBr. MBh. iii

kárṇa-śrāvin [ karNazrAvin ]

mfn. audible Gaut

kárṇa-śrut [ karNazrut ]

m. N. of a Vedic author RAnukr.

kárṇa-saṃsrāva [ karNasaMsrAva ]

m. running of the ear, discharge of pus or ichorous matter from the ear Suśr.

kárṇa-sakha [ karNasakha ]

m. ' Sakha's friend ', N. of Jarāsaṃdha L.

kárṇa-sundarī [ karNasundarI ]

f. N. of a drama

kárṇa-subhaga [ karNasubhaga ]

mfn. pleasant to the ear, pleasant to be heard Veṇis

kárṇa-sū [ karNasU ]

m. ' Karṇa's father ', N. of Sūrya L.

kárṇa-sūci [ karNasUci ]

f. a kind of insect

kárṇa-sphoṭā [ karNasphoTA ]

f. Gynandropsis pentaphylla L.

kárṇa-srāva [ karNasrAva ]

m. = -saṃsrāva above Suśr.

kárṇa-srotas [ karNasrotas ]

n. the auditory passage of the ear Hariv. 2921 VarBṛS.

the wax of the ear MBh. vi

kárṇa-hallikā [ karNahallikA ]

f. a particular disease of the ear, ŚārṅgS.

kárṇa-hīna [ karNahIna ]

mfn. deaf

m. ' earless ', a snake T.

karṇākarṇi [ karNAkarNi ]

ind. from ear to ear, whispering into each other's ear R. ( cf. keśākeśi, etc. )

karṇâkhya [ karNAkhya ]

m. white amaranth Npr.

karṇâñjali [ karNAJjali ]

m. the ears pricked up BhP. iii, 13, 50

karṇâtarda [ karNAtarda ]

m. a hole on both sides of a chariot into which the poles are fixed ĀpŚr. Comm. on TS.

karṇâdarśa [ karNAdarza ]

m. an ear-ring L.

karṇâdi [ karNAdi ]

m. N. of a gaṇa Pāṇ. 5-2, 24

karṇânuja [ karNAnuja ]

m. ' Karṇa's younger brother ', N. of Yudhishṭhira L.

karṇântika-cara [ karNAntikacara ]

mfn. going close to the ear Śak

karṇându [ karNAndu ]

f. an ornament for the ear L.

an ear-ring L.

karṇândū [ karNAndU ]

f. id. L.

karṇâbharaṇa [ karNAbharaNa ]

n. an ornament for the ear, Ratnāv.

karṇābharaṇaka [ karNAbharaNaka ]

m. Cathartocarpus fistula L.

karṇâmṛta [ karNAmRta ]

n. nectar for the ears ŚārṅgP.

N. of wk.

karṇârā [ karNArA ]

f. an instrument for perforating the ear of an elephant L.

karṇâri [ karNAri ]

m. ' Karṇa's enemy ', N. of Arjuna L.

Terminalia Arjuna L.

karṇârdha [ karNArdha ]

m. n. ( ? ) the radius of a circle Sūryas

karṇârpaṇa [ karNArpaNa ]

n. applying the ear, giving ear, paying attention, listening to

karṇârśas [ karNArzas ]

n. a particular disease of the ears, ŚārṅgS.

karṇâlaṃkaraṇa [ karNAlaMkaraNa ]

n. an ornament for the ear

karṇâlaṃkāra [ karNAlaMkAra ]

m. id.

karṇâlaṃkṛti [ karNAlaMkRti ]

f. id.

karṇâvataṃsa [ karNAvataMsa ]

m. n. ( ? ) id. Vām. Kpr. etc.

°ṃsī-kṛ, to make ( anything ) an ornament for the ear Kād

karṇâvadhāna [ karNAvadhAna ]

n. giving ear to, listening to, attention ( °dhānam ava-dhā, to pay attention, attend )

karṇâśva [ karNAzva ]

m. N. of a man

karṇâsphāla [ karNAsphAla ]

m. the flapping to and fro of an elephant's ears L.

karṇe-curacurā [ karNecuracurA ]

or f. whispering into the ear, tale- bearing, g. pātre-samitâdi

karṇe-curucurā [ karNecurucurA ]

f. whispering into the ear, tale- bearing, g. pātre-samitâdi

karṇe-japa [ karNejapa ]

m. an ear-whisperer, tale-bearer, informer Pāṇ. Bhaṭṭ.

karṇe-ṭiṭṭibha [ karNeTiTTibha ]


karṇe-ṭiriṭirā [ karNeTiriTirA ]

f. whispering into the ear, tale- bearing, g. pātre-samitâdi

karṇêndu [ karNendu ]

f. = karṇându, q.v. L.

karṇôtpala [ karNotpala ]

n. a lotus-flower fastened to the ear ( as an ornament ) Ragh. vii, 23

m. N. of a poet

of a king

karṇôdaya [ karNodaya ]

m. N. of wk.

karṇôpakarṇikā [ karNopakarNikA ]

f. the going from one ear to the other Pañcat

karṇôrṇa [ karNorNa ]

m. an animal with wool on the ears BhP. iv, 6, 21