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kartṛ' [ kartR ]

mfn. one who makes or does or acts or effects, a doer, maker, agent, author ( with gen. or acc. or ifc., cf. bhaya-kartṛ, etc. ) RV. AV. etc. MBh. Mn. etc.

doing any particular action or business, applying one's self to any occupation ( the business or occupation preceding in the compound , cf. suvarṇa-kartṛ, rājya-k°, etc. )

one who acts in a religious ceremony, a priest ŚBr. ĀśvGṛ. etc.

( ), m. the creator of the world ŚBr. xiv Yājñ. iii, 69

N. of Viṣṇu Pañcat

of Brahman L.

of Śiva L.

( in Gr. ) the agent of an action ( who acts of his own accord [ sva- tantra ] ), the active noun, the subject of a sentence ( it stands either in the nom. in active construction, or in the instr. in passive construction, or in the gen. in connection with a noun of action

it is opposed to karman, the object ) Pāṇ. etc.

one who is about to do, one who will do ( used as periphr. fut. ) MBh.

kartṛ'-kara [ kartRkara ]

mfn. ? Pāṇ. 3-2, 21

kartṛ'-ga [ kartRga ]

mfn. going towards or falling to the share of the agent Comm. on Pāṇ.

kartṛ'-gāmin [ kartRgAmin ]

mfn. id. ib.

kartṛ'-gupta [ kartRgupta ]

n. ( a kind of artificial sentence ) in which the subject or agent is hidden, Śārṅg.

kartṛ'-guptaka [ kartRguptaka ]

n. id. ib.

kartṛ'-tā [ kartRtA ]

f. the state of being the agent of an action Sāh

kartṛ'-tva [ kartRtva ]

n. id. Kāś

the state of being the performer or author of anything MBh. BhP. etc.

kartṛ'-pura [ kartRpura ]

n. N. of a town

kartṛ'-bhūta [ kartRbhUta ]

mfn. that which has become or is the agent of an action Kāś

kartṛ'-mat [ kartRmat ]

mfn. having a kartṛ Comm. on Pāṇ.

kartṛ'-vācya [ kartRvAcya ]

n. the active voice W.

kartṛ'-stha [ kartRstha ]

mfn. standing or being or contained in the agent of an action Pāṇ. 1-3, 37

-kriyaka mfn. ( any root etc. ) whose action is confined to the agent

-bhāvaka mfn. ( any root etc. ) whose state stands within the agent