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 kávaca [ kavaca ]

as, am m. n. ( √ 3. ku Uṇ. iv, 2 Nir. v, 25 ) g. ardharcâdi, armour, cuirass, a coat of mail ŚBr. xii, 2, 2, 7 KātyŚr. xiii, 3, 10 MBh. R. etc.

any covering

a corset, jacket Kāṭh. xxxiv, 5 [ ifc. f. ā ] Pāṇ. 3-2, 129

bark, rind Śārṅg

m. a war-drum, a kettle-drum L.

( am ), n. a piece of bark or birch-leaf or any substance inscribed with mystical words and carried about as an amulet, any amulet, charm W.

a mystical syllable ( such as hum, or hūm ) forming part of a Mantra used as an amulet [ cf. bīja ] W.

m. the tree Oldenlandia herbacea Bhpr.

the tree Hibiscus Populneoides L.

kávaca-dhara [ kavacadhara ]

mfn. = -hara below

kávaca-pattra [ kavacapattra ]

n. a birch-leaf L.

a species of birch L. ( cf. bhūrja-pattra. )

kávaca-pāśá [ kavacapAza ]

m. the fastening of a coat of mail AV. xi, 10, 22

kávaca-hara [ kavacahara ]

mfn. wearing a coat of mail or jacket W.

wearing an amulet W.

m. a Kshatriya youth when arrived at the age suitable for martial training Kāś. on Pāṇ. 3-2, 10