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kriyā [ kriyA ]

f. ( Pāṇ. 3-3, 100 ), doing, performing, performance, occupation with ( in comp. ), business, act, action, undertaking, activity, work, labour. KātyŚr. Mn. Yājñ. etc.

bodily action, exercise of the limbs L.

( in Gr. ) action ( as the general idea expressed by any verb ), verb Kāś. on Pāṇ. 1-3, 1 etc. ( according to later grammarians a verb is of two kinds, sakarma-kriyā, ' active ', and akarma-k°, ' intransitive ' )

a noun of action W.

a literary work Vikr

medical treatment or practice, applying a remedy, cure ( sama-kriya- tva and viṣama-k° ) Suśr.

a religious rite or ceremony, sacrificial act, sacrifice Mn. Yājñ. MBh. etc.

with caramā, ' the last ceremony ', rites performed immediately after death, obsequies, purificatory rites ( as ablution etc. ) MBh. iv, 834 R. vi, 96, 10

religious action, worship BhP. vii, 14, 39 RāmatUp.

Religious Action ( personified as a daughter of Daksha and wife of Dharma MBh. i, 2578 Hariv. 12452 BhP.

or as a daughter of Kardama and wife of Kratu BhP. )

judicial investigation ( by human means, as by witnesses, documents, etc., or by superhuman means, as by various ordeals ) Comm. on Yājñ.

atonement L.

disquisition L.

study L.

means, expedient L.

kriyā-kara [ kriyAkara ]

m. one who performs an action W.

a student W.

kriyā-kartṛ [ kriyAkartR ]

m. a doer of an action, agent W.

kriyā-kalâpa [ kriyAkalApa ]

m. N. of wk.

the great body of ceremonies enjoined in the Hindū law W. [ 321 , 1 ]

a number of actions of any kind W.

all the particulars of any business W.

kriyā-kāṇḍa [ kriyAkANDa ]

n. the portion of a Śruti text treating of the sacrifices

kriyā-kāra [ kriyAkAra ]

m. a beginner, novice L.

an agreement Kāraṇḍ. xvii

an arrangement, rule Divyâv

kriyā-kaumudī [ kriyAkaumudI ]

f. N. of wk. by Govind^ananda

kriyā-gupta [ kriyAgupta ]

n. a phrase the verb of which is hidden, SārṅgP.

kriyā-guptaka [ kriyAguptaka ]

n. N. of wk. ( ? ) Gaṇar

kriyā-gupti [ kriyAgupti ]

f. = °pta Sāh

kriyā-tantra [ kriyAtantra ]

n. ' a Tantra of action ', one of the four classes of Tantras. Buddh.

kriyâtipatti [ kriyAtipatti ]

f. the non-realization of an action Pāṇ. 3-3, 139

( hence ) the characteristics and the terminations of the conditional Kāt. iii, 1, 33

kriyâtmaka [ kriyAtmaka ]

mfn. ( anything ) the nature of which is action Vedântas. ( -tva n. abstr. )

kriyā-dīpaka [ kriyAdIpaka ]

n. a simile in which a verb forms the Tertium comparationis Kāvyâd. ii, 99 Sch.

kriyā-dveṣin [ kriyAdveSin ]

m. one who is averse to the part of a law-suit called kriyā i.e. to witnesses, documents, ordeals, etc. ( one of the five kinds of witnesses whose testimonials are hurtful to the cause ) Comm. on Yājñ. ii, 6

kriyā-dvaita [ kriyAdvaita ]

n. efficient cause ( as resigning all to God ) W.

kriyā-nibandha [ kriyAnibandha ]

m. N. of wk.

kriyā-nirdeśa [ kriyAnirdeza ]

m. evidence

kriyânurūpa [ kriyAnurUpa ]

mfn. conformable to the act, according to the action

kriyântara [ kriyAntara ]

n. interruption of an action Pāṇ. 3-4, 57

another action Pāṇ. 2-3, 37 Kāś

kriyânvita [ kriyAnvita ]

mfn. practising ritual observances

kriyā-paṭu [ kriyApaTu ]

mfn. clever, dextrous

kriyā-patha [ kriyApatha ]

m. manner of medical treatment or application of remedies Suśr. iv

°tham atikrānta mfn. ' beyond medical treatment ', incurable Car. v, 11

kriyāpada [ kriyApada ]

n. ' action-word ', a verb

kriyā-paddhati [ kriyApaddhati ]

f. N. of wk.

kriyā-para [ kriyApara ]

mfn. attentive to the performance of one's duties W.

kriyâpavarga [ kriyApavarga ]

m. end of an affair W.

liberation from ceremonial acts W.

kriyā-pātra [ kriyApAtra ]

n. a man praisable for his actions

kriyā-pāda [ kriyApAda ]

m. the third division of a suit at law ( witnesses, written documents, and other proofs adduced by the complainants, rejoinder of the plaintiff )

kriyā-prabandha [ kriyAprabandha ]

m. uninterrupted continuity of an action Pāṇ. 3-3 , 135

kriyāprasaṅga [ kriyAprasaGga ]

m. course of proceeding W.

kriyāphala [ kriyAphala ]

n. result or consequence of acts

kriyâbhyupagama [ kriyAbhyupagama ]

m. special compact or agreement Mn. ix, 53

kriyâmbudhi [ kriyAmbudhi ]

m. N. of wk. by Prâṇa-krishṇa

kriyā-yukta [ kriyAyukta ]

mfn. active, moving L.

kriyā-yoga [ kriyAyoga ]

m. the connection with an action or verb APrāt. Pāṇ. 1-1, 14 Kār

the employment of expedients or instruments MBh. iii, 69 Suśr.

the practical form of the Yoga philosophy ( union with the deity by due performance of the duties of every day life, active devotion ) Yogas. ii, 1 BhP. iv, 13, 3

N. of wk.

-sāra m. a section of the PadmaP.

kriyā-ratna-samuccaya [ kriyAratnasamuccaya ]

m. N. of wk.,

kriyâroha [ kriyAroha ]

m. = cakra-vāta L.

kriyârtha [ kriyArtha ]

m. an action as object Jaim. i, 1, 25 mf ( ā ) n. having an action ( i.e. another action ) as its aim Pāṇ. 2-3, 14

-tva n. the state of aiming at or leading to actions Jaim. i , 2, 1

kriyā-lāghava [ kriyAlAghava ]

n. ease in the functions ( of an organ ) Bhpr.

kriyālopa [ kriyAlopa ]

m. discontinuance or loss of any of the essential ceremonies Mn. ix, 180 ; x, 43 BrahmaP.

kriyā-vat [ kriyAvat ]

mfn. one who performs an action, active, busy, understanding business, fit for it MuṇḍUp. Hit.

( ifc. ) Dhūrtas. i, 12

performing ceremonies in the right manner ŚāṅkhGṛ. MuṇḍUp. MBh. R.

consisting of or connected with a religious ceremony ( as the rite of initiation )

kriyā-vaśa [ kriyAvaza ]

mfn. subject to the influence of acts W.

m. necessary influence of acts done or to be done, necessity W.

kriyâvasanna [ kriyAvasanna ]

mfn. one who loses a lawsuit through the statements of the witnesses etc.

kriyā-vācaka [ kriyAvAcaka ]

mfn. expressing an action ( as a verbal noun )

kriyā-vācin [ kriyAvAcin ]

mfn. id. W.

kriyā-vādin [ kriyAvAdin ]

m. one who states the arguments in a law- suit Comm. on Yājñ.

a plaintiff ib.

kriyāvidhi [ kriyAvidhi ]

m. a rule of action Mn. ix, 220. ; xii, 87

mode of performing any rite W.

conduct of affairs W.

-jña mfn. conversant with business Pañcat

understanding the ritual W.

kriyā-viśāla [ kriyAvizAla ]

n. N. of the thirteenth of the fourteen Pūrvas or most ancient Jaina writings

kriyā-viśeṣaṇa [ kriyAvizeSaNa ]

n. ' that which defines an action more closely ', an adverb Pāṇ. 2-3, 33 Kāś

kriyā-vyavadhāyaka [ kriyAvyavadhAyaka ]

mfn. interrupting an action Pāṇ. 3-4, 57 Kāś

kriyā-śakti [ kriyAzakti ]

f. ' capability to act ', = karmêndriya ( q.v. )

a Śakti or supernatural power as appearing in actions ( opposed to dhī- ś° ) Sarvad. vi

-mat mfn. possessing the power of action Vedântas.

kriyāsaṃskāra [ kriyAsaMskAra ]

m. combining or confounding different methods of medical treatment Bhpr.

kriyā-samabhihāra [ kriyAsamabhihAra ]

m. repetition of any act or intensity of action ( as represented by the Intens. ) Pāṇ. 3-1, 22 and 4, 2

kriyā-samuccaya [ kriyAsamuccaya ]

m. N. of wk.

kriyā-samūha [ kriyAsamUha ]

m. the whole of the ceremonies from impregnation ( viṣeka ) to cremation ( śmaśāna ) Viṣṇ

kriyā-sāra [ kriyAsAra ]

m. N. of wk.

kriyā-siddhi [ kriyAsiddhi ]

f. accomplishment of an action

kriyā-sthānaka-vicāra [ kriyAsthAnakavicAra ]

m. N. of a Jain work

kriyêndriya [ kriyendriya ]

n. = karmênd° ( q.v. ) L.