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 labh [ labh ]

( cf. √ rabh ), cl. 1. Ā. ( cf. Dhātup. xxiii, 6 ) labhate ( ep. also °ti and lambhate ; pf. lebhé, ep. also lalābha ; aor. alabdha, alapsata cf. Br. ; Prec. lapsīya cf. Pāṇ. 8-2, 504 cf. Sch. ; fut. labdhā Gr. ; lapsyate, °ti cf. Br. etc. ; labhiṣyati cf. Kāv ; inf. labdhum cf. MBh. ; ind. p. labdhvā' cf. AV. etc. ; -labhya, -lambham cf. Br. etc. ; lābham cf. Pāṇ. 7-1, 69 ), to take, seize, catch

catch sight of, meet with, find cf. Br. etc. ( with antaram , to find an opportunity, make an impression, be effective

with avakāśam, to find scope, be appropriate

with kālam, to find the right time or moment )

to gain possession of, obtain, receive, conceive, get, receive ( ' from ', abl.

' as ', acc. ), recover cf. ib. ( with garbham, ' to conceive an embryo ', ' become pregnant '

with padam, to obtain a footing )

to gain the power of ( doing anything ), succeed in, be permitted or allowed to ( inf. or dat., e.g. labhate draṣṭum, or darśanāya, ' he is able or allowed to see ' ) cf. ChUp. cf. MBh. etc.

to possess, have cf. Sāh. cf. MārkP.

to perceive, know, understand, learn, find out cf. Kathās. cf. Kull. : Pass. labhyáte ( ep. also °ti

aor. alābhi or alambhi, with prep. only alambhi ; Pāṇ. 7-1, 69 cf. Kāś. )., to be taken or caught or met with or found or got or obtained cf. Br. etc.

to be allowed or permitted ( inf. sometimes with pass. sense, e.g. nâdharmo labhyate kartum, ' injustice ought not to be done ', cf. above ) cf. Kathās

to follow, result cf. Sāh. cf. Sarvad

to be comprehended by ( abl. ) cf. Bhāshāp. : Caus. lambhayati, °te ( aor. alalambhat ), to cause to take or receive or obtain, give, bestow ( generally with two acc.

rarely with acc. and instr. = to present with

in cf. Kir. ii, 55 with two acc. and instr. ; Vām. v, 2, 10 ). cf. MBh. cf. Kāv. etc.

to get, procure ( cf. lambhita )

to find out, discover cf. Mn. viii, 109

to cause to suffer cf. MW.

Desid. lípsate ( m. c. also °ti cf. TBr. līpsate ), to wish to seize or take or catch or obtain or receive ( with acc. or gen. ; ' from ', abl. ) cf. TBr. etc. : Intens. lālabhyate, lālambhīti or lālabdhi Gr. [ Gk. ? ; Lat. labor ; Lith. lábas, lóbis. ]