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lakṣaṇa [ lakSaNa ]

mfn. indicating, expressing indirectly cf. Vedântas

m. Ardea Sibirica cf. L.

N. of a man cf. Rājat. ( often confounded with, lakṣmaṇa )

( ā ), f. s.v.

n. ( ifc. f. ā ) a mark, sign, symbol, token, characteristic, attribute, quality ( ifc. = ' marked or characterized by ', ' possessed of ' ) cf. Mn. cf. MBh. etc.

a stroke, line ( esp. those drawn on the sacrificial ground ) cf. ŚBr. cf. GṛŚrS.

a lucky mark, favourable sign cf. GṛŚrS. cf. Mn. cf. MBh. etc.

a symptom or indication of disease, Cat.

a sexual organ cf. MBh. xiii, 2303

a spoon ( ? ) cf. Divyâv

accurate description, definition, illustration cf. Mn. cf. Sarvad. cf. Suśr.

settled rate, fixed tariff cf. Mn. viii, 406

a designation, appellation, name ( ifc. = ' named ', ' called ' ) cf. Mn. cf. MBh. cf. Kāv

a form, species, kind, sort ( ifc. = ' taking the form of ', ' appearing as ' ) cf. Mn. cf. Śaṃk. cf. BhP.

the act of aiming at, aim, goal, scope, object ( ifc. = ' concerning ', ' relating to ', ' coming within the scope of ' ) cf. APrāt. cf. Yājñ. cf. MBh. cf. BhP.

reference, quotation cf. Pāṇ. 1-4, 84

effect, operation, influence cf. ib. i, 1, 62 etc.

cause, occasion, opportunity cf. R. cf. Daś

observation, sight, seeing cf. W.

lakṣaṇa-karman [ lakSaNakarman ]

n. statement of marks or qualities accurate description, definition cf. Āpast

lakṣaṇa-kaṇḍa [ lakSaNakaNDa ]

m. or n. N. of wk.

lakṣaṇa-grantha [ lakSaNagrantha ]

m. N. of wk.

lakṣaṇa-jña [ lakSaNajJa ]

mfn. sign-knowing, understanding marks ( esp. those on the body ), able to interpret or explain them cf. R. cf. VarBṛS.

( ifc. ) understanding a person's lucky marks or signs cf. BhP.

lakṣaṇa-tva [ lakSaNatva ]

n. the being a mark or definition cf. Sāh

lakṣaṇa-dipikā [ lakSaNadipikA ]

f. N. of wk.

lakṣaṇa-prakāśa [ lakSaNaprakAza ]

m. N. of wk.

lakṣaṇa-praśasta [ lakSaNaprazasta ]

mfn. celebrated on account of good or lucky marks cf. Gobh

lakṣaṇa-bhraṣṭa [ lakSaNabhraSTa ]

mfn. deprived of good marks, fallen into misfortune, ill-fated, unhappy cf. Yājñ. iii, 217 ( v.l. alakṣaṇā bhraṣṭāḥ for lakṣaṇa-bhr° )

lakṣaṇa-ratna [ lakSaNaratna ]

n. N. of wk.

lakṣaṇa-ratna-mālikā [ lakSaNaratnamAlikA ]

f. N. of wk.

lakṣaṇa-rājī [ lakSaNarAjI ]

f. N. of wk.

lakṣaṇa-lakṣaṇā [ lakSaNalakSaNA ]

f. N. of a partic. figure of speech ( in which the proper meaning of a word gives place to the figurative one, cf. lakṣaṇā below, and jahal-l° ) cf. Kpr. cf. Sāh

lakṣaṇa-vat [ lakSaNavat ]

mfn. possessing marks or signs, marked or characterized by ( instr. ) cf. MBh.

endowed with auspicious marks cf. MānGṛ. cf. R.

giving correct definitions cf. Car.

( ifc. after a numeral ) having a partic. number of marks or characteristics cf. BhP.

lakṣaṇa-vāda [ lakSaNavAda ]

w.r. for lakṣaṇā-v°

lakṣaṇa-vṛtti [ lakSaNavRtti ]

f. N. of wk.

lakṣaṇa-śataka [ lakSaNazataka ]

n. N. of wk.

lakṣaṇa-saṃgraha [ lakSaNasaMgraha ]

m. N. of wk.

lakṣaṇa-saṃnipāta [ lakSaNasaMnipAta ]

( cf. R. ),

lakṣaṇa-saṃniveśa [ lakSaNasaMniveza ]

( cf. Mahān. ), m. the impressing or fixing of a mark, branding, stigmatizing

lakṣaṇa-samuccaya [ lakSaNasamuccaya ]

m. N. of wk. on the characteristic marks of deities ( attributed to Hem^adri )

lakṣaṇa-sampad [ lakSaNasampad ]

f. a multitude of marks or characteristics cf. Vajracch.

lakṣaṇa-sāra-samuccaya [ lakSaNasArasamuccaya ]

m. N. of wk. ( containing rules for the construction of Liṅgas of Śiva )

lakṣaṇânvita [ lakSaNAnvita ]

mfn. endowed with good marks, lucky cf. Mn. iii, 4

lakṣaṇâmṛta [ lakSaNAmRta ]

( or °ṇâm° ? ), n. N. of wk.

lakṣaṇâlakṣaṇa-tas [ lakSaNAlakSaNatas ]

ind. with regard to characteristics and non-characteristics cf. Vajracch.

lakṣṇâvalī [ lakSNAvalI ]

under lakṣaṇā

lakṣaṇôttamā [ lakSaNottamA ]

f. N. of a Kiṃ-narī cf. Kāraṇḍ

lakṣaṇôru [ lakSaNoru ]

mf ( ū ) n. cf. Pāṇ. 4-1, 70 ( cf. lakṣmaṇôru )