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 māgadhá [ mAgadha ]

mf ( ī ) n. relating to or born in or living in or customary among the Magadhas or the Magadha country cf. AV. Pariś. cf. Lalit. etc.

m. a king of the Magadha cf. MBh. cf. Hariv.

N. of a mixed caste cf. AV. etc. ( accord. to cf. Mn. x, 11 the son of a Kshatriya mother and a Vaiśya father

he is the professional bard or panegyrist of a king, often associated with suta and bandin cf. MBh. cf. Kāv. etc.

accord. to others one who informs a Rāja of what occurs in bazārs

also an unmarried woman's son who lives by running messages or who cleans wells or dirty clothes etc.

also opprobrious N. of a tribe still numerous in GujarSt, and called the Bhāts cf. W. )

white cumin cf. L.

N. of one of the seven sages in the 14th Manv-antara cf. Hariv.

of a son of Yadu cf. ib.

( pl. ) N. of a people ( = magadhāḥ ) cf. AV. Pariś. cf. MBh. etc.

of the warrior-caste in Śāka-dvī0pa cf. VP.

of a dynasty cf. ib.

( ā ), f. a princess of the Magadhas cf. PadmaP.

long pepper cf. L.

( ī ), f. a princess of the Magadhas cf. MBh. cf. R.

the daughter of a Kshatriya mother and a Vaiśya father cf. MBh.

a female bard cf. Kād

( with or scil. bhāṣā ), the language of the Magadhas ( one of the Prakṛt dialects ) cf. Sāh. etc. ( cf. ardha-m° )

Jasminum Auriculatum cf. L.

a kind of spice cf. Suśr. ( long pepper

white cumin



a species of cardamoms grown in Gujarat. cf. L. )

refined sugar cf. L.

a kind of metre cf. VarBṛS.

N. of a river ( = śoṇā ) cf. R.

māgadhá-deśīya [ mAgadhadezIya ]

mfn. belonging to or born in the land of the Magadhas cf. ŚrS.

māgadhá-pura [ mAgadhapura ]

n. ' city of the Magadhas ', N. of a city cf. Cat.

māgadhá-mādhava [ mAgadhamAdhava ]

m. N. of a poet cf. ib.