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mārga [ mArga ]

m. ( in most meanings fr. mṛga, of which it is also the Vṛddhi form in comp. ) seeking, search, tracing out, hunting cf. L.

( exceptionally also n. ifc. f. ā ) the track of a wild animal, any track, road, path, way to ( loc. or comp. ) or through ( comp. ), course ( also of the wind and the stars ) cf. Mn. cf. MBh. etc. ( mārgaṃ-√ dā or yam, with gen. of pers., to give up the way to, allow to pass

māgeṇa ifc. = by way of i.e. through, across or along

with √ , to go the way of i.e. suffer the same fate as

mārgais ifc., through

mārgāya, with gen., in order to make way for any one

mārge, by the wayside or on the way

with pra-√ cal, to set out on one's way

nijamārgaṃ-√ gam, to go one's way )

a walk, journey cf. VarBṛS.

reach, range cf. Kir

a scar, mark ( left by a wound etc. ) cf. Ragh

( in medic. ) a way, passage, channel ( in any part of the body , esp. the intestinal canal, anus )

a way, expedient, means cf. Kām. cf. Kathās. ( mārgeṇa, by means of. cf. VarBṛS. )

a way, manner method, custom, usage cf. Up. cf. Yājñ. cf. MBh. etc.

the right way, proper course cf. MBh. cf. Hariv. ( cf. āmārga

( with Buddhists ) the way or path pointed out by Buddha for escape from the misery of existence ( one of the 4 noble. truths ) cf. MWB. 44 ( cf. āryâṣṭāṅga-m° )

a title or head in law, ground for litigation cf. Mn. viii, 3, 9 etc.

a way of speaking or writing, diction, style cf. Kāvyâd. cf. Sāh

a high ( opp. to ' vulgar ' ) style of acting or dancing or singing cf. Inscr. cf. Daśar

( in dram. ) pointing out the way, indicating how anything is to take place cf. Daśar. cf. Sāh

( in astrol. ) the 7th mansion cf. VarYogay

( in geom. ) a section cf. W.

musk cf. L. ( cf. mṛga-mada )

the month Mārgaśīrsha ( November-December ) cf. Rājat

the constellation Mṛga-śiras cf. L.

N. of Viṣṇu ( as ' the way ', scil. to final emancipation ) cf. MBh.

mf ( ī ) n. belonging to or coming from game or deer cf. R. cf. Var. cf. Suśr.

mārga-kleśa [ mArgakleza ]

m. the hardships of a journey cf. VarBṛS.

mārga-tāla [ mArgatAla ]

m. ( in music ) a partic. kind of measure cf. Saṃgīt

mārga-toraṇa [ mArgatoraNa ]

n. a triumphal arch erected over a road cf. Ragh

mārga-dakṣaka [ mArgadakSaka ]

m. one skilled in making roads cf. R. ( v.l. -rakṣaka )

mārga-darśaka [ mArgadarzaka ]

m. ' way-shower ', a guide cf. Mṛcch

mārga-dāyinī [ mArgadAyinI ]

f. ' giving up the way ', N. of Dākshāyaṇī at Kedāra cf. Cat.

mārga-deśika [ mArgadezika ]

m. = -darśaka, q.v. cf. L.

mārga-draṅga [ mArgadraGga ]

m. or f. a city on a road cf. Rājat

mārga-draṅgā [ mArgadraGgA ]

f. a city on a road cf. Rājat

mārga-druma [ mArgadruma ]

m. a tree growing by the wayside cf. Kathās

mārga-dhenu [ mArgadhenu ]

m. or a Yojana, a measure of distance ( perhaps originally ' a mile-stone in the form of a cow ' ) cf. L.

mārga-dhenuka [ mArgadhenuka ]

n. a Yojana, a measure of distance ( perhaps originally ' a mile-stone in the form of a cow ' ) cf. L.

mārga-pa [ mArgapa ]

or m. ' road-inspector ', N. of a partic. official cf. Rājat

mārga-pati [ mArgapati ]

m. ' road-inspector ', N. of a partic. official cf. Rājat

mārga-patha [ mArgapatha ]

m. a course, road, path cf. R.

mārga-pariṇāyaka [ mArgapariNAyaka ]

m. a guide cf. L.

mārga-pālī [ mArgapAlI ]

f. ' road-protectress ', N. of a goddess cf. PadmaP.

mārga-bandhana [ mArgabandhana ]

n. obstruction of a road or way cf. Kām

mārga-madhya-ga [ mArgamadhyaga ]

mfn. going in the middle of a road, being on the road cf. Rājat

mārga-marṣi [ mArgamarSi ]

m. N. of a son of Viśvāmitra cf. MBh. ( B. mārdam° ) .

mārga-rakṣaka [ mArgarakSaka ]

m. a road-keeper, guard cf. R.

mārga-rodhin [ mArgarodhin ]

mfn. road-obstructing, blocking up a road cf. Kathās

mārga-vaṭī [ mArgavaTI ]

f. N. of a goddess who protects travellers cf. Cat.

mārga-vartman [ mArgavartman ]

n. pl. ways and paths

°masu, ind., everywhere cf. MBh.

mārga-vaśâgata [ mArgavazAgata ]

( kathās ),

mārga-vaśânuga [ mArgavazAnuga ]

( cf. R. ),

mārga-vaśâyāta [ mArgavazAyAta ]

( cf. Kathās. ), mfn. going or situated along the road

mārga-vāsas [ mArgavAsas ]

mfn. clad in an antelope's skin cf. MānGṛ.

mārga-vighna [ mArgavighna ]

m. an obstacle on the way cf. VarBṛS.

mārga-vinodana [ mArgavinodana ]

n. entertainment on a journey cf. Kathās

mārga-śākhin [ mArgazAkhin ]

m. a tree by the road-side cf. Ragh

mārga-śira [ mArgazira ]

m. the month Mārgaśīrsha cf. Var. cf. BhP.

( ī ), f. = mârgaśīrṣī below cf. A.

-lakṣmīvāra-vrata-kalpa m. N. of a Mantra

mārga-śiras [ mArgaziras ]

m. the month Mārgaśīrsha cf. ŚāṅkhŚr. cf. Sch.

mārga-śīrṣa [ mArgazIrSa ]

mf ( ī ) n. born under the constellation Mṛga-śras cf. Pāṇ. 4-3, 37 cf. Sch.

m. ( also with māsa ) N. of the month in which the full moon enters the constellation Mṛga-śiras, the 10th or ( in later times ) the 1st month in the year = November-December, Kauś cf. Mn. cf. MBh. etc.

( ī or ā ), f. ( with or without paurṇamāsī ) the day on which the full moon enters the constellation Mṛga-śiras, the 15th day of the first half of the month Mārgaśīrsha, GṛS cf. MBh.

-māhditmya, n. N. of wk.

°ṣâdi-pūjā f. N. of wk.

mārga-śīrṣaka [ mArgazIrSaka ]

m. = mārgaśṅṣa m. cf. Cat.

mārga-śodhaka [ mArgazodhaka ]

m. a road-clearer cf. R.

mārga-śobhā [ mArgazobhA ]

f. the clearing of a path in honour of some one cf. Divyâv

mārga-saṃdarśana [ mArgasaMdarzana ]

m. a partic. Samādhi. cf. Kāraṇḍ

mārga-stha [ mArgastha ]

mfn. being on the road, a traveller cf. MW.

staying on the right way ( lit. and fig. ) cf. Kathās. cf. SārṅgP.

mārga-sthiti [ mArgasthiti ]

f. wandering about cf. Gal.

mārga-harmya [ mArgaharmya ]

n. a mansion or palace on a high road cf. Kathās

mārgâkhyāyin [ mArgAkhyAyin ]

m. ' road-teller ', a guide cf. L.

mārgâgata [ mArgAgata ]

( cf. MBh. cf. Kathās. ) or ( cf. Kathās. ), mfn. come from a journey

mārgâyāta [ mArgAyAta ]

( cf. Kathās. ), mfn. come from a journey

m. a traveller, wayfarer

mārgâlī [ mArgAlI ]

f. a track, streak cf. Vcar.

mārgâvalokin [ mArgAvalokin ]

mfn. ' looking towards the road ', waiting for any one anxiously cf. Kathās

mārgêśa [ mArgeza ]

m. = mārga-pa, q.v. cf. Rājat

mārgaˆiṣin [ mArgaiSin ]

mfn. searching for a road or path cf. MW.

mārgôpadiś [ mArgopadiz ]

m. ' road-shower ', a guide, leader cf. Kām