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mārjana [ mArjana ]

mf ( ī ) n. wiping away, cleaning, a cleaner ( keśa-, gātra-, -grīh-m° )

m. Syniplocos Racemosa cf. L.

( ā ), f. wiping off, washing, purifying cf. Bālar

the sound of a drum cf. Mālav. cf. Bālar

( prob. ) the parchment stretched at the ends of a drum cf. Bālar. ii, 24/25 performance with the fingers on a musical instrument ( of which there are 3 kinds ) cf. L.

( ī ), f. purification cf. ĀpŚr.

a broom, besom, brush cf. Kāv. cf. Kathās

a washerwoman ( as an abusive term ) cf. Lāṭy

( in music ) a partic. Śruti cf. Saṃgīt

N. of one of Durgā's female attendants cf. L.

n. wiping away, rubbing, sweeping, cleansing, purifying cf. GṛŚrS. cf. Mn. cf. MBh. etc.

( also ā f. ), rubbing the ends of a drum with ashes or mud cf. Śiś.

' purifying ( one's self with water ) ', part of a religious ceremony at the morning Saṃdhys cf. RTL. 403

( ifc. ) removal, effacement of, amends for cf. Sāh