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 mūrdhán [ mUrdhan ]

m. ( cf. Uṇ. i, 158 ) the forehead, head in general, skull, ( fig. ) the highest or first part of anything, top, point, summit, front ( of battle ), commencement, beginning, first, chief ( applied to persons ) cf. RV. &c, &c, ( mūrdhni with √ vṛt etc., to be above everything, prevail

with √ dhṛ, or ā-√ dā = mūrdhnā √ 1. kṛ, to place on the head, hold in high honour )

the base ( in geom.

opp. to agra

perhaps w.r. for budhna ) cf. Col.

( in gram. ) the roof or top of the palate ( as one of the 8 Sthanas or places of utterance ) cf. Pāṇ. 1-1, 9 cf. Sch.

( with Buddhists ) ' the summit ', N. of a state of spiritual exaltation cf. Divyâv

mūrdhán-vát [ mUrdhanvat ]

mfn. containing the word mūrdhan cf. TS. cf. ŚBr.

m. N. of a Gandharva cf. TĀr.

of an Āṅgirasa or Vāmadevya ( author of cf. RV. x, 88 ) cf. RVAnukr.