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madhyamá [ madhyama ]

mf ( ā ) n. ( superl. of mádhya ) middle ( used like Lat. medius e.g. madhyaime gulme, ' in the midst of the troop ' ) cf. MBh. cf. R.

being or placed in the middle, middlemost, intermediate, central cf. RV. etc.

middle-born ( neither youngest nor oldest ), Veṇis

of a middle kind or size or quality, middling, moderate cf. TS. etc.

standing between two persons or parties, impartial, neutral cf. MBh. cf. Kāv. etc.

( in astron. ) mean ( cf. madhya ) cf. Sūryas

relating to the meridian cf. ib.

m. the middlemost prince ( whose territory lies between that of a king seeking conquest and that of his foe ) cf. Mn. vii, 155

the middle character in plays cf. IW. 473

the midland country ( = madhya-deśa ) cf. L.

( in music ) the 4th or 5th note cf. Saṃgīt

the middlemost of the 3 scales cf. ib.

a partic. Rāga cf. ib.

( in gram. ) the 2nd person ( = -puruṣa ) cf. Pāṇ.

the governor of a province cf. L.

a kind of antelope cf. L.

N. of the 18th Kalpa ( s.v. ) cf. Cat.

pl. a class of gods cf. ŚāṅkhSr

( with Buddhists ) N. of a partic. cf. Buddh. sect cf. Sarvad

m. n. the middle of the body, waist cf. MBh. cf. R. etc.

( ā ), f. the womb cf. TBr.

the middle finger cf. Kauś. cf. Suśr.

midnight cf. L.

a girl arrived at puberty cf. L.

the pericarp of a lotus cf. L.

a central blossom cf. W.

a kind of metre cf. L.

( in music ) a partic. Mūrchanā cf. Saṃgīt

n. the middle cf. APrāt.

mediocrity, defectiveness, Śṛṅgār

N. of the 12th ( 14th ) Kāṇḍa of the cf. ŚBr.

( in astron. ) the meridian ecliptic point cf. Sūryas

madhyamá-kakṣā [ madhyamakakSA ]

f. the middle enclosure or courtyard cf. MBh.

madhyamá-kāṇḍa [ madhyamakANDa ]

n. N. of the 2nd Kāṇḍa of the cf. MaitrS.

madhyamá-khaṇḍa [ madhyamakhaNDa ]

n. ( in alg. ) the middle term of an equation

N. of part ii of the cf. ŚārṅgS.

madhyamá-gati [ madhyamagati ]

f. ( in astron. ) mean motion of a planet cf. Cat.

madhyamá-grāma [ madhyamagrAma ]

m. ( in music ) the middle scale cf. Saṃgīt

madhyamá-jāta [ madhyamajAta ]

mfn. middle-born, born between ( two other children ), middlemost

madhyamá-ṭīkā [ madhyamaTIkA ]

f. N. of wk. by Kumārila cf. Cat.

madhyamá-pada [ madhyamapada ]

n. the middle number ( which is sometimes omitted and requires to be supplied in a compound consisting of two words )

-lopa m. the omission of the middle member of a compound ( as in, śāka-pārthiva, the king of the era, for sākapriya-pārthiva, the king dear to the era ) cf. Vām. v, 2, 16

-lopin m. ( scil. samāsa ) a compound which omits the middle number cf. ib.

madhyamá-parṇá [ madhyamaparNa ]

n. ( prob. ) a middle-sized leaf cf. MaitrS.

madhyamá-pāṇḍava [ madhyamapANDava ]

m. ' the middlemost of the five Pāṇḍavas ', Arjuna cf. W.

madhyamá-puruṣa [ madhyamapuruSa ]

m. a partic. personification cf. Gaut

( in gram. ) the second person in verbal conjugation, a termination of the second person ( cf. prathama-puruṣa, uttama-puruṣa )

madhyamá-pūruṣa [ madhyamapUruSa ]

m. a mediocre person cf. MBh.

madhyamá-bhṛtaka [ madhyamabhRtaka ]

m. a husbandman, a farm- labourer who works both for his master and himself cf. W.

madhyamá-yāna [ madhyamayAna ]

n. ' the middle passage ', the middle way to salvation cf. MWB. 159

madhyamá-rātra [ madhyamarAtra ]

m. midnight cf. AitBr. cf. Kauś

madhyamá-rekhā [ madhyamarekhA ]

f. ( in astron. ) the central meridian of the earth ( a line conceived to be drawn through Laṅkā, Ujjayinī, Kuru-kshetra, and Meru ; madhya-rekhā ).

madhyamá-loka [ madhyamaloka ]

m. the middle world ( between heaven and the nether world ), the earth

-pāla m. ' protector of the middle world ', a king cf. Kāv

°kêndu m. ' moon of the middle world ', a king cf. Rājat

madhyamá-vayas [ madhyamavayas ]

n. middle age cf. ŚBr.

madhyamá-vayaska [ madhyamavayaska ]

mfn. middle-aged cf. W.

madhyamá-vā'h [ madhyamavAh ]

mfn. driving at middling or slow speed ( = manda-gamanena vāhaka ) cf. RV. ii, 29, 4 cf. Sāy. ( prob. ' driving in the middle ', scil. between gods and men )

madhyamá-śī [ madhyamazI ]

m. ' lying or being in the middle ', ( prob. ) an intercessor cf. RV. x, 97, 12

madhyamá-saṃgraha [ madhyamasaMgraha ]

m. the middle method of intriguing with another's wife ( presenting flowers etc. ) cf. W.

madhyamá-sāhasa [ madhyamasAhasa ]

m. the middlemost penalty or amercement, punishment for crimes of a middle degree cf. Mn. viii, 138, 263

m. n. violence or outrage of the middle class ( injuring buildings, throwing down walls etc. ) cf. W.

madhyamá-stha [ madhyamastha ]

mfn. standing or being in the middle, g. brāhmaṇâdi

madhyamá-sthā' [ madhyamasthA ]

mfn. standing in the middle, forming the centre ( of a community ) cf. VS.

madhyamá-sthéya [ madhyamastheya ]

n. the state of standing in the middle or forming the centre cf. TS.

madhyamá-svara [ madhyamasvara ]

m. the middle or dominant note cf. Mālav. i, 21

mfn. spoken in a middle tone ( not too loud and not too low ) cf. R.

madhyamâgama [ madhyamAgama ]

m. one of the 4Āgamas cf. Buddh.

madhyamâṅgiras [ madhyamAGgiras ]

m. the middle-sized Aṅgiras cf. Cat.

madhyamâṅguli [ madhyamAGguli ]

m. the middle finger cf. L.

madhyamâtreya [ madhyamAtreya ]

m. the middle sized Ātreya cf. Cat.

madhyamâdi [ madhyamAdi ]

m. or ( in music ) a partic. Rāgiṇī cf. Saṃgīt

madhyamâdī [ madhyamAdI ]

f. ( in music ) a partic. Rāgiṇī cf. Saṃgīt

madhyamâdhikāra [ madhyamAdhikAra ]

m. N. of the 1st ch. of cf. Sūryas

madhyamâharaṇa [ madhyamAharaNa ]

n. the elimination of the middle term of an equation cf. Col.

madhyamêśvara [ madhyamezvara ]

m. N. of a Liṅga of Śiva in Benares, KūrmaP.

madhyamêṣā' [ madhyameSA ]

f. a partic. part of a chariot cf. MaitrS. cf. TS.

madhyamôccais-tara [ madhyamoccaistara ]

mf ( ā ) n. half loud and very loud cf. Vait

madhyamôtkhāta [ madhyamotkhAta ]

m. a Partic. division of time cf. L.