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NOTE: mahA has many compound forms, and has been divided into multiple pages:
mahA | mahA2 | mahA3


mahā2 [ mahA2 ]

in comp. for mahat ( in cf. RV. ii, 22, 1 and iii, 23 ; 49, 1 used for mahat as an independent word in acc. sg. mahā'm = mahāntam )

mahā'-paṭa [ mahApaTa ]

m. the skin cf. Gal.

mahā'-paṇḍita [ mahApaNDita ]

mfn. extremely learned

m. a great scholar cf. Cat.

mahā'-pattra [ mahApattra ]

m. ' having large leaves ', a kind of pot-herb cf. W.

( ā ), f. Uraria Lagopodioides cf. L.

mahā'-patha [ mahApatha ]

m. a principal road, high street ( in a city ), high road, highway ( ifc. f. ā ) cf. AitBr. cf. Gaut. cf. Āpast. etc.

N. of Śiva cf. MBh.

the long journey, the passage into the next world ( °thaṃ√ yā, to die ) cf. Kathās

the great pilgrimage ( to the shrine of Śiva on mount Kedāra, or the same pilgrimage performed in spirit i.e. by deep absorption into Śiva ) cf. Cat.

the knowledge of the essence of Śiva acquired in this pilgrimage cf. Cat.

the mountain-precipices from which devotees throw themselves to obtain a speedier entrance into Śiva's heaven cf. ib.

N. of the book which treats of the above subjects

of a hell cf. Yājñ.

n. = brahma-randhra ( q.v. ) cf. Cat.

mf ( ā ) n. having a great path or way cf. PārGṛ.

-gama m. ( cf. L. ) or -gamana n. ( cf. MW. ) ' the act of going the great journey ', dying

-giri m. N. of a mountain cf. Kathās

mahā'-pathika [ mahApathika ]

mfn. undertaking great journeys cf. MBh.

mahā'-pathi-kṛd-iṣṭi [ mahApathikRdiSTi ]

f. a partic. sacrifice cf. ĀpŚr. cf. Comm.

mahā'-padá [ mahApada ]

n. ( perhaps ) great space cf. RV. x, 73, 2

-paṅkti f. a kind of metre cf. RPrāt.

mahā'-padma [ mahApadma ]

m. ( cf. L. ) or n. a partic. high number cf. MBh. cf. R. cf. Līl

m. N. of one of the 9 treasures of Kubera cf. Cat. cf. L.

( with Jainas ) N. of a partic. treasure inhabited by a Nāga cf. L.

of one of the 8 treasure connected with the Padmini magical art cf. MārkP.

of a hell cf. Divyâv. ( one of the 8 cold hells cf. Dharmas. 122 )

a kind of serpent cf. Suśr.

N. of a Nāga dwelling in the Mahā-padma treasure mentioned above cf. Hariv. cf. VP. etc.

of the southernmost of the elephants that support the earth cf. MBh. cf. R. ( cf. IW. 432 )

of Nanda cf. Pur.

of a son of Nanda cf. Buddh.

of a Dānava cf. Hariv.

a Kiṃ-nara or attendant on Kubera cf. MW.

a species of esculent root cf. L.

n. a white lotus flower cf. L.

the figure of a white lotus flower cf. Kathās. cf. MārkP. cf. RāmatUp.

a partic. compound of oil cf. Car.

N. of a city on the right bank of the Ganges cf. MBh.

m. or n. ( ? ) N. of a Kāvya

-pati m. ' proprietor of millions ', N. of Nanda cf. BhP.

-saras or -salila n. N. of a lake cf. Rājat

mahā'-padya-ṣaṭka [ mahApadyaSaTka ]

n. ' collection of 6 classical verses ', N. of a poem in praise of king Bhoja ( ascribed to Kālidāsa )

mahā'-panthaka [ mahApanthaka ]

m. N. of a disciple of Buddha cf. Buddh.

mahā'-parāka [ mahAparAka ]

m. a partic. penance cf. Hcat

mahā'-parādha [ mahAparAdha ]

( °hâp° ), m. a great offence cf. Hit.

mahā'-parâhṇa [ mahAparAhNa ]

( °hâp° ), m. a late hour in the afternoon cf. Pāṇ. 6-2, 38 ( cf. -niśā, -rātra )

mahā'-parinirvāṇa [ mahAparinirvANa ]

or n. N. of a Buddhist Sūtra

mahā'-parinirvāṇa-sūtra [ mahAparinirvANasUtra ]

n. N. of a Buddhist Sūtra

mahā'-parvata [ mahAparvata ]

m. a high mountain cf. R.

mahā'-pavitra [ mahApavitra ]

mfn. greatly purifying ( said of Viṣṇu ) cf. MBh.

greatly protecting against unfavourable influences cf. VarBṛS.

°trêṣṭi f. N. of wk.

mahā'-paśu [ mahApazu ]

m. large cattle cf. Mn.

mahā'-pākajānī [ mahApAkajAnI ]

m. N. of an author cf. Cat.

mahā'-pāṭala [ mahApATala ]

m. or n. ( ? ) a species of plant cf. Buddh.

mahā'-pāta [ mahApAta ]

m. a long flight cf. Pañcat

mfn. far-flying ( and of an arrow ) cf. Hariv.

mahā'-pātaka [ mahApAtaka ]

n. a great crime or sin ( 5 such are enumerated, viz. killing a Brāhman, drinking intoxicating liquors, theft, committing adultery with the wife of a religious teacher, and associating with any one guilty of these crimes ) cf. Mn. ( esp. xi, 54 ) cf. Yājñ. etc.

any great crime or heinous sin cf. W.

mahā'-pātakin [ mahApAtakin ]

mfn. guilty of a great crime cf. Mn. cf. Yājñ. etc.

mahā'-pātra [ mahApAtra ]

n. a prime minister cf. Pañcar. cf. Sāh

mahā'-pāda [ mahApAda ]

mfn. having large feet ( Śiva ) cf. MBh.

mahā'-pāna [ mahApAna ]

n. an excellent drink cf. BhP.

mahā'-pāpa [ mahApApa ]

n. a great crime cf. MBh. cf. Yājñ. etc.

mahā'-pāpman [ mahApApman ]

mfn. doing much evil cf. Bhag.

mahā'-pāra [ mahApAra ]

m. a partic. personification cf. SāmavBr. cf. Gaut

mfn. having distant shores, wide ( the sea ) cf. MBh.

mahā'-pāraṇika [ mahApAraNika ]

m. N. of a disciple of Buddha cf. Lalit.

mahā'-pāriṣad [ mahApAriSad ]

m. one of the principle attendants ( of a god ) cf. MBh.

mahā'-pāruṣaka [ mahApAruSaka ]

m. or n. ( ? ) a species of plant cf. Buddh.

mahā'-pārevata [ mahApArevata ]

n. a species of fruit tree cf. L.

mahā'-pārśva [ mahApArzva ]

mf ( ā ) n. having broad or thick sides cf. Suśr.

m. N. of a Dānava cf. MBh. cf. Hariv.

of a Rākshasa cf. R.

mahā'-pāla [ mahApAla ]

m. N. of a king cf. Buddh.

mahā'-pāśa [ mahApAza ]

m. N. of an officer of Yama cf. Pur.

of a Nāga cf. Buddh.

mahā'-pāśupata [ mahApAzupata ]

m. a zealous worshipper of Śiva Paśu-pati cf. Hcar.

n. ( with vrata ) the great religious vow connected with the worship of Śiva Paśu-pati cf. Kathās

mahā'-pāsaka [ mahApAsaka ]

m. w.r. for mahôp° ( q.v. ) cf. L.

mahā'-piṇḍītaka [ mahApiNDItaka ]

m. a species of plant cf. L.

mahā'-piṇḍītaru [ mahApiNDItaru ]

m. a species of tree cf. L.

mahā'-pīṭha [ mahApITha ]

n. a high seat cf. Up.

mahā'-pīlu [ mahApIlu ]

m. a species of tree cf. L.

-pati m. ( ? ) cf. Uṇ. i, 38 cf. Sch.

mahā'-puṃs [ mahApuMs ]

m. ( prob. ) N. of a mountain cf. MBh.

mahā'-puṃsa [ mahApuMsa ]

m. a great man cf. Śatr

mahā'-puṇya [ mahApuNya ]

mf ( ā ) n. extremely favourable or auspicious ( as a day ) cf. Hcat

very good or beautiful

greatly purifying, very holy cf. MBh. cf. R. etc.

( ā ), f. N. of a river cf. Cat.

mahā'-putra [ mahAputra ]

m. g. sutaṅgamâdi

mahā'-putrīya [ mahAputrIya ]

Nom. P. °yati ( fr. -putra ) cf. Pat.

mahā'-purá [ mahApura ]

n. a great fortress cf. TS. cf. Kāṭh. cf. AitBr.

N. of a Tīrtha cf. MBh.

( ī ), f. a great fortress or city cf. R.

mahā'-puraś-caraṇa-prayoga [ mahApurazcaraNaprayoga ]

m. N. of wk.

mahā'-purāṇa [ mahApurANa ]

n. a great Purāṇa cf. MBh.

N. of the Bhāgavata and Viṣṇu Purāṇas cf. IW. 515

mahā'-puruṣa [ mahApuruSa ]

m. a great or eminent man ( -tā f. the state of being one ) cf. Hit. cf. Mcar. cf. Buddh. etc.

a great saint or sage or ascetic cf. MW.

the great Soul, the Supreme Spirit ( identified with the year cf. AitĀr.

also as N. of Viṣṇu ) cf. Gaut. cf. MBh. cf. R. etc.

N. of Gautama Buddha cf. MWB. 23

-dantā ( cf. Car. ) or -dantikā ( cf. L. ), f. Asparagus Racemosus

-pāvanakavacc n. a partic. magical formula cf. Cat.

-lakṣaṇa n. N. of wk.

-vidyā f. a partic. magical formula cf. BhP.

°yāyāṃ viṣṇu-rahasye kṣetra-kāṇḍe jagan-nātha-māhātmya n. -stava m. -stotra n. N. of wks.

mahā'-puṣpa [ mahApuSpa ]

m. Bauhinia Variegata cf. L.

a kind of worm cf. Suśr.

( ā ), f. Clitoria Ternatea cf. L.

mahā'-pūjā [ mahApUjA ]

f. ' great honour ', a partic. religious ceremony cf. Hcat

-vidhi m. N. of wk.

mahā'-pūta [ mahApUta ]

mfn. exceedingly pure cf. Pañcar.

mahā'-pūruṣa [ mahApUruSa ]

m. the Supreme Spirit ( = -puruṣa above ) cf. BhP. cf. Pañcar.

mahā'-pūrṇa [ mahApUrNa ]

m. N. of a king of the Garuḍas cf. Buddh.

mahā'-pṛthivī [ mahApRthivI ]

f. the great earth ( -tva n. ) cf. Sāṃkhyapr.

mahā'-pṛṣṭha [ mahApRSTha ]

mfn. having a great or broad back cf. MBh. ( comp. )

m. a camel cf. L.

n. N. of 6 Anuvākas in the 4th Ashṭaka of the Ṛg-veda used at the Aśvamedha sacrifice ( cf. -pṛṣṭhya )

-gala-skandha mfn. w.r. for mahā-vṛkṣa-g° cf. MBh.

mahā'-pṛṣṭhya [ mahApRSThya ]

N. of partic. Anuvākas cf. TPrāt.

mahā'-paiṅgya [ mahApaiGgya ]

n. N. of a Vedic text cf. GṛS.

mahā'-paiṭhīnasi [ mahApaiThInasi ]

m. N. of a preceptor cf. Cat.

mahā'-paiśācika [ mahApaizAcika ]

n. ( with ghṛta ) a partic. ointment cf. Car.

mahā'-poṭagala [ mahApoTagala ]

m. a species of large rush or reed cf. L.

mahā'-paurava [ mahApaurava ]

m. N. of a king cf. VP.

mahā'-paurṇamāsī [ mahApaurNamAsI ]

f. a night in which Jupiter enters into conjunction with the full moon cf. Hcat

mahā'-prakaraṇa [ mahAprakaraNa ]

n. the principal treatment of a subject cf. ĀpŚr. cf. Comm.

mahā'-prakāśa [ mahAprakAza ]

m. N. of wk.

mahā'-prajāpati [ mahAprajApati ]

m. ' great lord of creatures ', N. of Viṣṇu cf. MBh. cf. Viṣṇ

( ī ), f. N. of Gautama Buddha's aunt and foster-mother ( the first woman who embraced the Buddha's doctrines ) cf. Buddh.

mahā'-prajāvatī [ mahAprajAvatI ]

f. = -prajā-patī cf. Buddh.

mahā'-prajñā-pāramitā-sūtra [ mahAprajJApAramitAsUtra ]

n. N. of a Buddhist Sūtra wk.

mahā'-praṇāda [ mahApraNAda ]

m. N. of a Cakra-vartin cf. Buddh.

mahā'-pratāpa [ mahApratApa ]

mfn. very dignified or majestic, very puissant cf. MW.

mahā'-pratibhāna [ mahApratibhAna ]

m. N. of a Bodhisattva cf. Buddh.

mahā'-pratīhāra [ mahApratIhAra ]

m. a chief door-keeper. cf. Rājat

mahā'-pradāna [ mahApradAna ]

n. a great gift cf. R.

mahā'-pradīpa [ mahApradIpa ]

m. N. of a man cf. Lalit.

mahā'-prapañca [ mahAprapaJca ]

m. the great universe or visible world cf. Vedântas

mahā'-prabandha [ mahAprabandha ]

m. a great literary wk. cf. Pratāp

mahā'-prabha [ mahAprabha ]

mfn. shining brightly, exceedingly brilliant or splendid cf. MBh. cf. Hariv.

m. the light of a lamp cf. W.

( ā ), f. great brightness cf. L.

N. of cf. Comm.

°bhā-maṇḍala-vyūhajñāna-mudrā f. N. of a partic. Mudrā ( q.v. ) cf. Buddh.

mahā'-prabhāva [ mahAprabhAva ]

mf ( ā ) n. exceedingly mighty or powerful cf. MBh. cf. Prab

mahā'-prabhāsa [ mahAprabhAsa ]

N. of a Tīrtha

°sôtpatti-varṇana n. N. of wk.

mahā'-prabhu [ mahAprabhu ]

m. a great master, mighty lord, king, prince ( -tva n. ) cf. Up.

a very holy man or great saint cf. W.

a chief cf. W.

N. of Indra cf. L.

of Śiva cf. L.

of Viṣṇu cf. L.

mahā'-pramāṇa [ mahApramANa ]

mfn. of great extent cf. Pañcat

mahā'-prayoga-sāra [ mahAprayogasAra ]

m. N. of wk.

mahā'-pralaya [ mahApralaya ]

m. the total annihilation of the universe at the end of a Kalpa cf. VP. cf. Kād

N. of a Hindī wk. cf. RTL. 179

mahā'-pravara-nirṇaya [ mahApravaranirNaya ]

m. N. of wk.

mahā'-pravara-bhāṣya [ mahApravarabhASya ]

n. N. of wk.

mahā'-pravṛddha [ mahApravRddha ]

mfn. of lofty growth cf. Pāṇ. 6- 2, 38

mahā'-praśna [ mahAprazna ]

m. a knotty question cf. Kathās

mahā'-prasāda [ mahAprasAda ]

m. a great favour or kindness cf. MW.

a great present ( of food etc. distributed among the persons present at the worship of an idol ) cf. Matsyas

mfn. of great kindness, exceedingly gracious cf. MBh.

mahā'-prasuta [ mahAprasuta ]

m. or n. ( ? ) a partic. high number cf. Buddh.

mahā'-prasthāna [ mahAprasthAna ]

n. setting out on the great journey, departing this life, dying cf. Hariv. cf. R. cf. Mn. cf. Kull. etc.

-parvan n. N. of the 17th book of the Mahā-bhārata

mahā'-prasthānika [ mahAprasthAnika ]

mfn. relating to the great journey or dying cf. MBh. cf. R.

-parvan n. = mahā-prasthāna-p° above

mahā'-prājña [ mahAprAjJa ]

mfn. very wise, very clever or intelligent cf. MBh. cf. R.

mahā'-prâṇa [ mahAprANa ]

m. the hard breathing or aspirate ( heard in the utterance of certain letters ) cf. Pāṇ. 1-1, 9 cf. Sch.

the aspirated letters themselves cf. A.

great spirit or power ( su-mahā-p° )

mfn. pronounced with the hard breathing or aspirate cf. Pāṇ. 8-4 , 62 cf. Sch.

of great bodily strength or endurance cf. Kād

' making a harsh breathing or cry ', a raven cf. L. ( cf. alpa-p°, māhāp° )

mahā'-prāvrājya [ mahAprAvrAjya ]

n. the hard life of a wandering religious mendicant cf. MārkP.

mahā'-prāsthānika [ mahAprAsthAnika ]

mfn. = -prasthānika cf. MBh. ( v.l. -prasth° )

mahā'-prīti-vega-sambhava-mudrā [ mahAprItivegasambhavamudrA ]

f. N. of a partic. Mudrā ( q.v. ) cf. Buddh.

mahā'-prīti-harṣā [ mahAprItiharSA ]

f. N. of a Tantra deity cf. ib.

mahā'-prêta [ mahApreta ]

m. a noble departed spirit cf. Rudray

mahā'-plava [ mahAplava ]

m. a great flood cf. MārkP.

mahā'-phaṇaka [ mahAphaNaka ]

m. N. of a Nāga cf. Buddh.

mahā'-phala [ mahAphala ]

n. a great fruit cf. Bhartṛ

a testicle cf. Viṣṇ

great reward cf. Mn.

mf ( ā ) n. having great fruits, bearing much fruit cf. L.

bringing a rich reward cf. Mn.

m. Aegle Marmelos cf. L.

( ā ), f. ( only cf. L. ) a kind of colocynth

the big jujube

a species of Jambū

a citron tree

a kind of spear

mahā'-pheṭkārīya [ mahApheTkArIya ]

n. N. of a Tantra cf. Cat.

mahā'-pheṇā [ mahApheNA ]

f. Os Sepiae cf. L.

mahā'-bandha [ mahAbandha ]

m. a peculiar position of the hands or feet ( in Yoga ) cf. Cat.

mahā'-babhru [ mahAbabhru ]

m. a kind of animal living in holes cf. Suśr.

mahā'-bala [ mahAbala ]

mf ( ā ) n. exceedingly strong, very powerful or mighty, very efficacious cf. MBh. cf. R. cf. Hariv. etc.

m. wind cf. L.

borax cf. L.

a Buddha cf. L.

( scil. gaṇa ), a partic. class of deceased ancestors cf. MārkP.

N. of one of Śiva's attendants ( ? ) cf. Hariv.

of Indra in the 4th Manv-antara cf. MārkP.

of a Nāga cf. Buddh.

of one of the 10 gods of anger cf. Dharmas. 11

of a king and various other persons cf. Hit. cf. VP. etc.

( ā ), f. Sida Cordifolia and Rhombifolia cf. L.

N. of one of the Mātṛs attending on Skanda cf. MBh.

n. lead cf. L.

a partic. high number cf. Buddh.

N. of a Liṅga cf. Cat.

-kavi m. N. of an author cf. L.

-parākrama mfn. of great power and strength ( Viṣṇu ) cf. Viṣṇ

-rāsa m. N. of wk.

-śākya m. N. of a king cf. Buddh.

-sūtra n. N. of a Buddhist Sūtra wk.

°lâkṣa, a partic. high number cf. Buddh.

°lêśvara m. N. of Śiva cf. MW.

n. N. of a Liṅga temple

of a well-known Sanitarium called ' Mahābleshwar ' in a range of hills near Poona in the Bombay Presidency cf. RTL. 348 cf. Cat.

mahā'-bali [ mahAbali ]

m. N. of the giant Bali cf. MW.

mahā'-bādha [ mahAbAdha ]

mfn. causing great pain or damage cf. MBh.

mahā'-bārhata [ mahAbArhata ]

mfn. ( fr. -bṛhatí ) ' a kind of metre ' cf. RPrāt. cf. RAnukr.

mahā'-bāhu [ mahAbAhu ]

mfn. long-armed cf. MBh. cf. R. cf. MārkP.

N. of Viṣṇu cf. MBh.

of a Dānava cf. Hariv.

of a Rākshasa cf. R.

of one of the sons of Dhṛta-rāshṭra cf. MBh.

of a king cf. Kathās

mahā'-bimbara [ mahAbimbara ]

m. or n. a partic. high number cf. Buddh.

mahā'-bila [ mahAbila ]

n. a deep cave or hole cf. MBh.

the atmosphere, ether cf. Cat.

a water-jar cf. W.

the heart or mind cf. W. ( cf. mahad-b° )

mahā'-bīja [ mahAbIja ]

mfn. having much seed ( said of Śiva ) cf. MBh. ( cf. -retas )

mahā'-bījya [ mahAbIjya ]

n. the Perinaeum cf. L.

mahā'-buddha [ mahAbuddha ]

m. the great Buddha cf. Buddh.

mahā'-buddhi [ mahAbuddhi ]

f. the intellect cf. VP.

mfn. having great understanding, extremely clever cf. R. cf. Pañcat. ( -buddhe w.r. for -yuddhe cf. MBh. )

m. N. of an Asura cf. Kathās

of a man cf. ib.

mahā'-budhna [ mahAbudhna ]

( mahā'- ), mfn. having a wide bottom or base ( said of a mountain ) cf. AV.

mahā'-buśa [ mahAbuza ]

m. a sort of rice ( which takes a year to ripen ) cf. L.

barley cf. L.

mahā'-bṛhatī [ mahAbRhatI ]

f. Solanum Melongena cf. L.

a kind of metre cf. RPrāt.

mahā'-bodhi [ mahAbodhi ]

m. or f. the great intelligence of a Buddha cf. Buddh.

m. a Buddha cf. L.

a partic. incarnation of Buddha cf. Jātakam

-saṃghârāma m. N. of a Buddhist monastery cf. Buddh.

°dhy-aṅgavatī f. N. of a Tantra deity. cf. ib.

mahā'-bja [ mahAbja ]

( °hâb° ), m. N. of a serpent demon cf. Kālac

mahā'-brahma [ mahAbrahma ]

or m. the great Brahman, the Supreme Spirit cf. Buddh.

mahā'-brahman [ mahAbrahman ]

m. the great Brahman, the Supreme Spirit cf. Buddh.

pl. ( with Buddhists ) one of the 18 classes of gods of the world of form cf. Dharmas. 128 ( cf. MWB. 210 etc. )

mahā'-brāhmaṇá [ mahAbrAhmaNa ]

m. a great Brāhman cf. ŚBr. cf. Śak

a great Brāhman ( in ironical sense ) cf. Mṛcch. cf. Ratnâv. ( = ṇindita-brahman cf. L. )

a priest who officiates at a Śrāddha or solemn ceremony in honour of deceased ancestors cf. W.

n. ' great Brāhmaṇa ', N. of the Tāṇḍya Brāhmaṇa

-bhāgya w.r. for brāhmaṇamahā-bh° cf. MBh.

mahā'-bhaṭa [ mahAbhaTa ]

m. a great warrior cf. Inscr. cf. BhP.

N. of a Dānava cf. Kathās

of a warrior cf. ib.

mahā'-bhaṭṭārikā [ mahAbhaTTArikA ]

f. N. of Durgā

°kârcā-ratna n. N. of wk.

mahā'-bhaṭṭī-vyākaraṇa [ mahAbhaTTIvyAkaraNa ]

n. N. of wk.

mahā'-bhadra [ mahAbhadra ]

m. N. of a mountain cf. MārkP.

( ā ), f. Gmelina, Arborea cf. L.

N. of the Gaṅgā cf. L. cf. Buddh.

n. N. of a lake cf. Pur.

mahā'-bhaya [ mahAbhaya ]

n. great danger or peril cf. AitBr. cf. MBh. etc.

m. Great Danger personified as a son of Adharma by Nirṛti cf. MBh. ( cf. bhaya )

mf ( ā ) n. accompanied with great danger or peril, very dangerous or formidable cf. MBh.

mahā'-bharī [ mahAbharI ]

f. Alpinia Galanga cf. Bhpr.

mahā'-bhāga [ mahAbhAga ]

mf ( ā ) n. one to whom a great portion or lot has fallen, highly fortunate, eminent in the highest degree, illustrious, highly distinguished ( mostly of persons and frequently in address ) cf. Mn. cf. MBh. cf. Hariv. etc.

virtuous in a high degree, pure, holy cf. W.

m. great luck, prosperity cf. MW.

N. of a king cf. VP.

( ā ), f. N. of Dākshāyaṇī in Mah^alaya cf. Cat.

-tā f. ( cf. W. ) or -tva n. ( cf. MW. ) high excellence , great good fortune, exalted station or merit

the possessing of the 8 cardinal virtues

mahā'-bhāgavata [ mahAbhAgavata ]

m. a great worshipper of Bhagavat ( Viṣṇu ) cf. BhP.

n. ( with or scil. purāṇa ) the great Bhāgavata Purāṇa cf. Cat.

mahā'-bhāgin [ mahAbhAgin ]

mfn. exceedingly fortunate cf. Kathās

mahā'-bhāgya [ mahAbhAgya ]

mfn. exceedingly fortunate ( -tā f. ) cf. Daś

n. great luck or happiness cf. MW.

high excellence, exalted position cf. Mn. cf. MBh. cf. Pratāp. ( cf. māhābhāgya )

mahā'-bhāṇḍa [ mahAbhANDa ]

n. a great vessel cf. MBh.

°dâgāra ( °ḍâg° ), n. a chief treasury cf. Rājat. cf. Viddh

mahā'-bhāra [ mahAbhAra ]

m. a great weight or burden cf. Pāṇ.

mahā'-bhārata [ mahAbhArata ]

m. or n. ( with or scil. āhava, yuddha or any word signifying ' battle ' ) the great war of the Bharatas cf. MBh. cf. Hariv.

n. ( with or scil. ākhyāna ), ' great narrative of the war of the Bharatas ', N. of the great epic poem in about 215, 000 lines describing the acts and contests of the sons of the two brothers Dhṛtarāshṭra and Pāṇḍu, descendants of Bharata, who were of the lunar line of kings reigning in the neighbourhood of Hastinā-pura ( the poem consists of 18 books with a supplement called Hari-vaṃśa, the whole being attributed to the sage Vyāsa ) cf. ĀśvGṛ. cf. MBh. etc. ( cf. IW. 370 etc. )

-kūṭôddāra m. -tātparya n. ( °parya-nirṇaya m. and °ya- pramāṇa-saṃgraha m. °parya-prakāśa-saṃketa m. °parya-rakṣā f. °parya-saṃgraha, m. ), -darpaṇa m. -pañcaratna n. pl., - mañjarī f. -mīmāṃsā f. -vivaraṇastotra n. -vyākhyāna n. - śravaṇa-vidhi m. -ślokôpanyāsa m. -saṃgraha m. and °ha-dīpikā f. -saptati-śloka m. pl., -samuccaya m. -sāra m. n. -sāra- saṃgraha ( ? ), m. -sūci f. -sphuṭa-śloka m. pl., °ratâdi-śloka m. pl., °ratâdhyāyânukramaṇī f. °ratôddhṛta-sāra-śloka m. pl. N. of wks.

mahā'-bhāratika [ mahAbhAratika ]

m. ( prob. ) one who knows the Mahā-bhārata cf. Cat.

mahā'-bhāṣya [ mahAbhASya ]

n. ' Great Commentary ', N. of Patañjali's commentary on the Sūtras of Pāṇini and the Vārttikas of Kātyāyana cf. Prab. cf. Rājat. etc. ( cf. IW. 167 )

-kāra m. N. of Patañjali cf. ĀpŚr. cf. Comm.

-ṭīkā f. -tri-padī f. ( and °dī-vyākhyāna n. ), -dīpikā f. -prakāśikā, f. -pradīpa m. -ratnâvalī f. -vārttika n. - vyākhyā f. -sphūrti f. N. of commentaries on -the Mahā-bhāshya

mahā'-bhāsura [ mahAbhAsura ]

mfn. extremely brilliant ( said of Viṣṇu ) cf. MBh.

mahā'-bhāskara-ṭīkā [ mahAbhAskaraTIkA ]

f. N. of wk.

mahā'-bhāsvara [ mahAbhAsvara ]

mfn. = -bhāsura cf. Viṣṇ

mahā'-bhikṣu [ mahAbhikSu ]

m. ' great monk ', N. of Gautama Buddha cf. Buddh.

mahā'-bhijana [ mahAbhijana ]

( °hâbh° ), m. a high or noble descent

mfn. nobly born cf. A.

-jāta mfn. of noble descent cf. Rājat

mahā'-bhijñā-jñānâbhibhū [ mahAbhijJAjJAnAbhibhU ]

( °hâbh° ), m. N. of a Buddha cf. Buddh.

mahā'-bhiniṣkramaṇa [ mahAbhiniSkramaNa ]

( °hâbh° ), n. ' the great going forth from home ', N. of Buddha's celebrated abandonment of his own family cf. MWB. 28 ; 308

mahā'-bhimāna [ mahAbhimAna ]

( °hâbh° ), m. great self- conceit, great pride, arrogance cf. MW.

mahā'-bhiyoga [ mahAbhiyoga ]

( °hâbh° ), m. a great accusation cf. Yājñ.

mahā'-bhiṣava [ mahAbhiSava ]

( °hâbh° ), m. the great distillation of Soma cf. ĀpŚr. cf. KātyŚr. cf. Sch.

mahā'-bhiṣeka [ mahAbhiSeka ]

( °hâbh° ), m. solemn sprinkling or unction cf. AitBr.

N. of cf. Kathās. xv

-prayoga m. -vidhi m. N. of wks.

mahā'-bhisyandin [ mahAbhisyandin ]

( °hâbh° ), mfn. generating hypertrophy cf. Suśr. cf. Car. ( superl. °di-tama )

°di-tva and °di-tama-tva n. state of hypṭhypertrophy cf. Car.

mahā'-bhīta [ mahAbhIta ]

mfn. greatly terrified cf. Pañcar.

( ā ), f. Mimosa Pudica cf. L.

mahā'-bhīti [ mahAbhIti ]

f. great danger or distress cf. L.

mahā'-bhīma [ mahAbhIma ]

m. N. of Śāṃtanu cf. L.

of one of Śiva's attendants cf. L.

mahā'-bhīru [ mahAbhIru ]

m. ' very timid ', a sort of dung-beetle cf. L.

mahā'-bhīśu [ mahAbhIzu ]

( °hâbh° ), mfn. very brilliant cf. Mcar.

mahā'-bhīṣaṇaka [ mahAbhISaNaka ]

mfn. causing great distress, exceedingly fearful cf. MBh. cf. Hariv. cf. R.

mahā'-bhīṣma [ mahAbhISma ]

m. N. of Śāṃtanu cf. L.

mahā'-bhuja [ mahAbhuja ]

mfn. having long arms cf. MBh. cf. R. cf. Ragh. etc.

mahā'-bhūta [ mahAbhUta ]

mfn. being great, great cf. MBh.

m. a great creature or being cf. ib.

n. a great element, gross element ( of which 5 are reckoned, viz. ether, air, fire, water, earth cf. Up. cf. Nir. cf. Mn. etc. [ cf. IW. 83, 221 ], as distinguished from the subtle element or Tanmātra, q.v. ) cf. IW. 221

-ghaṭa m. a jar with a figurative representation of the 5 element cf. Hcat. ( w.r. -dhaṭa )

°ṭa-dāna n. a kind of religious gift cf. Cat.

mahā'-bhūmi [ mahAbhUmi ]

f. a great country cf. KaṭhUp.

the whole territory ( of a king ) cf. Nyāyam

mahā'-bhūmika [ mahAbhUmika ]

mfn. ( ? ) cf. L.

mahā'-bhūṣaṇa [ mahAbhUSaNa ]

n. a costly ornament cf. BrahmaP.

mahā'-bhṛṅga [ mahAbhRGga ]

m. a species of Verbesina with blue flowers cf. L.

mahā'-bherī-hāraka [ mahAbherIhAraka ]


mahā'-bherī-hāraka-parivarta [ mahAbherIhArakaparivarta ]

m. N. of certain Buddhist Sūtra wks.

mahā'-bhairava [ mahAbhairava ]

m. a form of Śiva or Bhairava cf. Prab. cf. Cat.

N. of a Liṅga cf. MW.

mf ( ī ) n. related to or connected with Mahā-bhairava cf. Prab. cf. Cat.

-tantra n. N. of a Tantra cf. Cat. - 1

mahā'-bhoga [ mahAbhoga ]

m. ( fr. 1. bhoga ) a great curve or coil, great hood ( of a snake ), great winding cf. MW.

mfn. ( a snake ) having great windings or coils, having a great hood cf. MBh.

m. a great serpent, AṣṭāvS.

-vat mfn. having great windings etc. cf. BhP. - 2

mahā'-bhoga [ mahAbhoga ]

( °hâbh° ), mfn. having a wide girth, having a large compass cf. Kathās. - 3

mahā'-bhoga [ mahAbhoga ]

m. ( fr. 2. bhoga ) great enjoyment cf. Kathās

mf ( ā ) n. causing great enjoyment

( ā ), f. N. of Durgā cf. Pur.

-vat mfn. having great enjoyment cf. MW.

mahā'-bhogin [ mahAbhogin ]

mfn. = 1. -bhoga-vat cf. BhP.

mahā'-bhoja [ mahAbhoja ]

m. a great monarch cf. BhP.

N. of a king cf. Pur.

mahā'-bhoṭa [ mahAbhoTa ]

or m. Great Tibet cf. Cat.

mahā'-bhoṭa-deśa [ mahAbhoTadeza ]

m. Great Tibet cf. Cat.

mahā'-bhauma [ mahAbhauma ]

m. N. of a king cf. MBh.

mahā'-bhra [ mahAbhra ]

( °hâbh° ), n. a great or dense cloud cf. ŚāṅkhGṛ.

mahā'-makha [ mahAmakha ]

m. a great or principal sacrifice cf. Yājñ. cf. MBh. ( cf. -yajña ) .

mahā'-magna [ mahAmagna ]

w.r. for -nagna ( q.v. ) cf. Kāraṇḍ

mahā'-maṅgala [ mahAmaGgala ]

n. N. of a Buddhist Sūtra

mahā'-mañjuṣaka [ mahAmaJjuSaka ]

n. ( ! ) or N. of a partic. celestial flower cf. Buddh.

mahā'-mañjūṣaka [ mahAmaJjUSaka ]

m. N. of a partic. celestial flower cf. Buddh.

mahā'-maṇi [ mahAmaNi ]

m. a costly gem, precious jewel cf. MBh. cf. Śak. cf. BhP.

N. of Śiva cf. Śivag

of a king cf. VP.

-cūḍa m. N. of a serpent-demon cf. Buddh.

-dhara m. N. of a Bodhi-sattva cf. Kāraṇḍ

-ratna m. N. of a fabulous mountain cf. ib.

mahā'-maṇḍapa [ mahAmaNDapa ]

n. N. of a vestibule in a celebrated Śaiva temple cf. RTL. 447

mahā'-maṇḍala [ mahAmaNDala ]

m. N. of a king cf. Buddh.

°lêśvara m. a great chief of a province cf. L.

mahā'-maṇḍalika [ mahAmaNDalika ]

m. N. of a Nāga cf. Buddh.

mahā'-maṇḍūka [ mahAmaNDUka ]

m. a kind of large frog cf. L.

mahā'-mata [ mahAmata ]

mfn. highly esteemed or honoured cf. MW.

mahā'-mati [ mahAmati ]

mfn. great-minded, having a great understanding, clever cf. MBh. cf. R. etc.

m. the planet Jupiter cf. L.

N. of a king of the Yakshas cf. Buddh.

of a Bodhi-sattva cf. ib.

of a son of Su-mati cf. Kathās

f. N. of a woman cf. Cat.

( ī ), f. a partic. lunar day personified as a daughter of Aṅgiras cf. MBh.

mahā'-matta [ mahAmatta ]

mfn. being in excessive rut ( as an elephant ) cf. R.

mahā'-matsyá [ mahAmatsya ]

m. a large fish cf. ŚBr.

mahā'-mada [ mahAmada ]

m. great pride or intoxication cf. W.

excessive or violent rut ( of an elephant ) cf. MārkP.

fever cf. Gal.

an elephant in strong rut cf. L.

mahā'-manas [ mahAmanas ]

( mahā'- ), mfn. great-minded, high- minded, magnanimous cf. RV. cf. MBh. cf. R. cf. Śiś. arrogant-minded, proud, haughty cf. ChUp. cf. MBh.

m. the fabulous animal Śarabha ( q.v. ) cf. L.

N. of a king cf. Hariv. cf. Pur.

-vin m. a partic. Samādhi cf. Kāraṇḍ

mahā'-manaska [ mahAmanaska ]

mfn. = -manas mfn. cf. MW.

mahā'-mani [ mahAmani ]

m. N. of a king cf. VP. ( w.r. for -maṇi, q.v. )

mahā'-manuṣya [ mahAmanuSya ]

m. a man of high rank cf. Kathās

N. of a poet cf. Cat.

mahā'-mantra [ mahAmantra ]

m. any very sacred or efficacious text ( of the Veda etc. ) cf. MW.

a great spell, very efficacious charm ( used esp. against a serpent's venom ) cf. Kād. cf. Gīt.

°trâdi-sevā-prakāra m. N. of wk.

°trânusāriṇī f. N. of a Buddhist goddess cf. Buddh. cf. W.

mahā'-mantrin [ mahAmantrin ]

m. a chief counsellor, prime minister cf. Hit. cf. Kathās

a great statesman or politician cf. MW.

mahā'-mandārava [ mahAmandArava ]

m. N. of a partic. celestial plant cf. Buddh.

mahā'-mayūrī [ mahAmayUrI ]

f. N. of a Buddhist goddess cf. Dharmas. 5 ( = -māyūrī, q.v. )

mahā'-marakata [ mahAmarakata ]

m. a great emerald cf. BhP.

mfn. adorned with great emerald cf. BhP. ( v.l. -mārakata, q.v. )

mahā'-marutvatīya [ mahAmarutvatIya ]

m. ( with graha ) a partic. libation consisting of a cupful offered to Indra Marut-vat cf. ŚrS.

mahā'-marṣa [ mahAmarSa ]

( °hâm° ), mfn. extremely wrathful cf. BhP.

mahā'-malayapura [ mahAmalayapura ]

n. N. of the 7 pagodas hewn out of the rocks at Mamallāpuram near Madras cf. L.

mahā'-mala-harī [ mahAmalaharI ]

f. a partic. Rāgiṇī cf. Saṃgīt

mahā'-malla [ mahAmalla ]

m. N. of Kṛshṇa cf. Hariv. - 1

mahā'-maha [ mahAmaha ]

m. a great festive procession cf. Siṉhâs. - 2

mahā'-mahá [ mahAmaha ]

mfn. ( prob. an old intens. form ) very mighty cf. RV.

( ā ), f. N. of a constellation cf. SkandaP.

a species of plant ( w.r. for -sahā ) cf. Car. ( cf. the similar forms ghanāghana, patāpata, vadāvada. )

mahā'-mahas [ mahAmahas ]

n. a great light ( seen in the sky ) cf. ŚārṅgP.

mahā'-mahiman [ mahAmahiman ]

m. excessive greatness, true greatness ( °hima-śālin mfn. possessing true great ) cf. Sāh

mfn. extremely great, truly great ( °hima-tva n. ) cf. Pratāp

mahā'-mahi-vrata [ mahAmahivrata ]

( mahā'- ), mfn. exercising great power cf. RV.

mahā'-mahêśvara-kavi [ mahAmahezvarakavi ]

m. N. of an author cf. Cat.

mahā'-mahêśvarâyatana [ mahAmahezvarAyatana ]

n. a partic. region of the gods cf. Buddh.

mahā'-mahôpādhyāya [ mahAmahopAdhyAya ]

m. a very great or venerable teacher ( a title given to learned men ) cf. Hāsy

mahā'-māṃsa [ mahAmAMsa ]

n. ' costly meat ', N. of various kinds of meat and esp. of human flesh cf. Mālatīm. cf. Kathās. etc.

( ī ), f. a kind of little shrub cf. L.

-vikraya m. selling human flesh cf. Pañcat

mahā'-māghī [ mahAmAghI ]

f. ( prob. ) the day of full moon in the month Māgha when certain other celestial phenomena also occur cf. Hcat

mahā'-mātṛ [ mahAmAtR ]

f. pl. ' the great mothers ', N. of a class of personifications of the Śakti or female energy of Śiva cf. RTL. 186

-gaṇêśvara m. N. of Viṣṇu cf. Pañcar.

mahā'-mātya [ mahAmAtya ]

( °hâm° ), m. the prime minister of a king cf. Kām. cf. Rājat

mahā'-mātra [ mahAmAtra ]

mfn. great in measure, great, the greatest, best, most excellent of ( comp. ) cf. MBh. cf. R.

m. a man of high rank, high official, prime minister cf. ib. etc.

an elephant-driver or keeper cf. Mn. cf. MBh. cf. Hariv. etc.

a superintendent of elephants cf. W.

( ī ), f. a spiritual teacher's wife cf. L.

the wife of a prime minister or high official, great lady cf. W.

mahā'-mānasikā [ mahAmAnasikA ]

f. ( with Jainas ) N. of one of the 16 Vidyā-devīs cf. L.

mahā'-mānasī [ mahAmAnasI ]

f. a goddess peculiar to the Jainas cf. L.

mahā'-mānin [ mahAmAnin ]

mfn. exceedingly proud cf. Inscr.

mahā'-māndāra [ mahAmAndAra ]

m. or n. ( ? ) a species of flower cf. Kāraṇḍ

mahā'-mānya [ mahAmAnya ]

mfn. being in great honour with ( gen. ) cf. Bhām.

mahā'-māya [ mahAmAya ]

mf ( ā ) n. having great deceit or illusion cf. R.

practising great deceit or illusion very illusory cf. R. cf. Kathās.

m. N. of Viṣṇu cf. Pañcar.

of Śiva cf. MBh. ( cf. RTL. 106 )

of an Asura cf. Kathās

of a Vidyā-dhara cf. ib.

( ā ), f. great deceit or illusion, the divine power of illusion ( which makes the universe appear as if really existing and renders it cognisable by the senses ), the illusory nature of worldly objects personified and identified with Durgā cf. Pur.

N. of a wife of Śuddhodana cf. Buddh.

( ī ), f. N. of Durgā cf. L.

°yā-dhara m. N. of Viṣṇu cf. MBh.

°yā-śambara ( or °ra-tantra ), n. N. of a Tantra

mahā'-māyūra [ mahAmAyUra ]

n. a partic. drug cf. Car.

( only ifc. ) a partic. prayer cf. Hcar.

( ī ), f. ( with Buddhists ) N. of one of the 5 amulets and of one of the 5 tutelary goddesses ( cf. -mayūrī )

°rī-stotra n. N. of a collection of Stotras

mahā'-mārakata [ mahAmArakata ]

mf ( ā ) n. richly adorned with emeralds cf. BhP. ( cf. -marakata )

mahā'-mārī [ mahAmArI ]

f. ' great destroying goddess ', a form of Durgā and a spell called from her cf. Pur.

a pestilence causing great mortality, the cholera cf. MW. ( cf. mārī )

mahā'-mārga [ mahAmArga ]

m. a great road, high road, main street cf. Kām. cf. BhP. ( cf. -patha )

-pati m. a superintendent of roads cf. Rājat

mahā'-māla [ mahAmAla ]

mfn. wearing a great garland ( said of Siva ) cf. MBh.

mahā'-mālikā [ mahAmAlikA ]

f. a kind of metre cf. Col.

mahā'-māṣa [ mahAmASa ]

m. a species of large bean cf. Suśr.

mahā'-māheśvara [ mahAmAhezvara ]

m. a great worshipper of Mah^eśvara or Śiva cf. Rājat

mahā'-mīna [ mahAmIna ]

m. a large fish cf. Suśr.

mahā'-mukha [ mahAmukha ]

n. a great mouth cf. Var

the great embouchure of a river cf. Hariv.

mf ( ī ) n. large-mouthed ( said of Śiva ) cf. MBh.

having a great embouchure cf. KātyŚr.

m. a crocodile cf. L.

N. of a Jina cf. Gal.

of a man cf. MBh.

mahā'-mucilinda [ mahAmucilinda ]

a species of plant cf. Buddh.

m. N. of a mythical mountain cf. Kāraṇḍ

-parvata m. id. cf. Buddh.

mahā'-muṇḍanikā [ mahAmuNDanikA ]

or f. a kind of Sphaeranthus cf. L.

mahā'-muṇḍī [ mahAmuNDI ]

f. a kind of Sphaeranthus cf. L.

mahā'-mudrā [ mahAmudrA ]

f. a partic. posture or position of the hands or feet ( in the practice of Yoga, q.v. ) cf. Cat.

a partic. high number cf. Buddh.

mahā'-muni [ mahAmuni ]

m. a great Muni or sage, ( esp. ) N. of a Buddha or Jina cf. MBh. cf. R. cf. BhP. etc.

Zanthoxylon Hastile cf. L.

N. of Vyāsa cf. W.

of Agastya cf. L.

of a Ṛṣi in the 5th Manv-antara cf. VP.

n. the seed of Zanthoxylon Hastile cf. L.

Elaeocarpus Ganitrus cf. L.

any medicinal herb cf. L.

-svâdhyāya m. N. of wk.

mahā'-mūḍha [ mahAmUDha ]

mfn. very foolish or infatuated

m. a great simpleton cf. Pañcat. cf. Pañcar. cf. Kathās

mahā'-mūrkha [ mahAmUrkha ]

m. a great fool cf. Pañcar.

mahā'-mūrti [ mahAmUrti ]

mfn. large-formed, great-bodied ( said of Viṣṇu ) cf. MBh.

mahā'-mūrdhan [ mahAmUrdhan ]

mfn. great-headed, large-hṭheaded ( N. of Śiva ) cf. MBh.

mahā'-mūla [ mahAmUla ]

n. a large or full-grown radish cf. Buddh.

a species of onion cf. L.

mahā'-mūlya [ mahAmUlya ]

mfn. very costly cf. L.

m. n. a ruby cf. L.

( also ā f. ) very precious cloth cf. L.

mahā'-mūṣaka [ mahAmUSaka ]

or m. a kind of rat cf. L.

mahā'-mūṣika [ mahAmUSika ]

m. a kind of rat cf. L.

mahā'-mṛga [ mahAmRga ]

m. a large animal, ( esp. ) any large wild animal cf. Vāgbh

an elephant cf. R.

the mythical animal Śarabha ( q.v. ) cf. L.

mahā'-mṛtyu [ mahAmRtyu ]

m. the great death cf. KātyŚr. cf. Sch.

N. of Śiva cf. L.

°yuṃ-jaya ( with lauha ), m. or n. ( ? ) ' conquering great death ', a partic. drug cf. L.

m. N. of a sacred text addressed to Śiva ( also °ya-mantra m. ) cf. Cat.

°yuṃ-jaya-kalpa m. yuṃ-jaya-vidhi m. °yuṃ-jaya-homa m. °yuhara-stotra n. N. of wks.

mahā'-mṛdha [ mahAmRdha ]

n. a great battle cf. MBh. cf. R. cf. Kathās

mahā'-megha [ mahAmegha ]

m. a great or dense cloud cf. AitĀr. cf. MBh. cf. R.

N. of Śiva cf. MBh.

of a man cf. MBh. ( v.l. megha-vega )

-giri m. N. of a mountain cf. Hariv.

-nibha-svana mfn. = -svana below cf. MW.

-nivāsin m. ' dwelling in thick clouds ', N. of Śiva cf. MBh.

-svana mfn. sounding like immense thunder-clouds cf. MBh.

°ghaˆugha-nirghoṣa mfn. sounding like a multitude of large thunder- clouds cf. MW.

mahā'-meda [ mahAmeda ]

m. Erythrina Indica cf. W.

m. ( cf. L. ) or ( ā ), f. ( cf. Suśr. cf. Bhpr. ) a species of medicinal plant

mahā'-medha [ mahAmedha ]

m. a great sacrifice cf. MBh.

mahā'-medhā [ mahAmedhA ]

f. ' great intelligence ', N. of Durgā cf. MārkP.

mahā'-meru [ mahAmeru ]

( mahā'- ), m. the great mountain Meru cf. TĀr. cf. VP.

N. of a Varsha cf. MBh.

-dhara m. a partic. Samādhi cf. Kāraṇḍ

mahā'-maitra [ mahAmaitra ]

m. N. of a Buddha cf. L.

( ī ), f. great friendship, great attachment, great compassion cf. Buddh. ( cf. Dharmas. 131 )

°trī-samādhi m. N. of a partic. Samādhi cf. Buddh.

mahā'-moda [ mahAmoda ]

m. a species of jasmine cf. L.

mahā'-moha [ mahAmoha ]

m. great confusion or infatuation of mind cf. Pur. cf. Rājat. etc.

( ā ), f. N. of Durgā cf. MārkP.

-mantra m. a very efficacious charm ( -tva n. ) cf. Kathās

-svarôttara-tantra n. N. of wk.

mahā'-mohana [ mahAmohana ]

mfn. very confusing or bewildering cf. MBh.

mahā'-mohin [ mahAmohin ]

m. a thorn-apple cf. Bhpr.

mahā'-maudgalyāyana [ mahAmaudgalyAyana ]

m. N. of a disciple of Buddha cf. Buddh.

mahā'-mbuka [ mahAmbuka ]

( °hâm° ), m. N. of Śiva cf. L. ( perhaps w.r. for mahâmbu-da ; -megha ).

mahā'-mbu-ja [ mahAmbuja ]

( °hâm° ), n. a partic. high number, a billion cf. L.

mahā'-mla [ mahAmla ]

( °hâm° ), mfn. very acid or sour cf. W.

n. the fruit of the Indian tamarind cf. L.

acid seasoning cf. W.

mahā'-yakṣa [ mahAyakSa ]

m. a great Yaksha, a chief of the Yaksha cf. R. ( cf. yakṣa-pati )

N. of the servant of the second Arhat of the present Avasarpiṇī cf. L.

pl. a class of Buddhist deities cf. MW.

( ī ), f. a great female Yaksha cf. R.

-senā-pati m. a general of the great Yaksha

N. of a Tantra deity cf. Buddh.

mahā'-yajñá [ mahAyajJa ]

m. a great sacrifice or offering, a principal act of devotion ( of these there are 5 accord. to cf. Mn. iii, 69-71, viz. brahma-, deva-, pitṛ-, manuṣya-, and bhūta-yajña ; IW. 194 etc. cf. RTL. 411 ). cf. ŚBr. etc.

N. of Viṣṇu cf. MBh.

pl. ( with pañca ) N. of wk.

-kratu m. = mahāyajñá above cf. Cat.

-bhāga-hara m. ' receiviṇg a share of the great sacrifice ', N. of Viṣṇu cf. MBh.

mahā'-yati [ mahAyati ]

m. a great ascetic cf. MārkP.

mahā'-yantra [ mahAyantra ]

n. a great mechanical work cf. MBh.

-pravartana n. the engaging in or erecting great mechanical works cf. Mn.

mahā'-yamá [ mahAyama ]

m. the great Yama cf. AV.

mahā'-yamaka [ mahAyamaka ]

n. a verse in which all four Pādas contain words with exactly the same sounds, but different senses ( e.g. cf. Kir. xv, 52 or cf. Bhaṭṭ. x, 20 )

mahā'-yava [ mahAyava ]

m. a kind of large barley cf. L.

mahā'-yaśas [ mahAyazas ]

mfn. very glorious or renowned or celebrated cf. MBh. cf. Hariv. cf. R. etc.

m. N. of the fourth Arhat of the past Utsarpiṇī cf. L.

of a learned man cf. Cat.

f. N. of one of the Mātṛs attending on Skanda cf. MBh.

mahā'-yaśaska [ mahAyazaska ]

mfn. = -yaśas mfn. cf. L.

mahā'-yasa [ mahAyasa ]

( °hây° ), mfn. having much iron ( as an arrow which has a large point cf. Nīlak. ) cf. MBh.

mahā'-yāgika [ mahAyAgika ]

m. pl. N. of a school of the Sāma-veda cf. Divyâv

mahā'-yātrā [ mahAyAtrA ]

f. a great pilgrimage, the pilgrimage to Benares cf. MW.

N. of wk.

mahā'-yātrika [ mahAyAtrika ]

m. N. of a man cf. Hāsy

mahā'-yāna [ mahAyAna ]

n. ' great vehicle ' ( opp. to hīna-y° ), N. of the later system of Buddhist teaching said to have been first promulgated by Nāg^arjuna and treated of in the Mahā-yāna-sūtras cf. MWB. 66 ; 158-160 etc.

m. ' having a great chariot ', N. of a king of the Vidyādharas cf. Kathās

-deva m. an honorary N. of Hiouen-thsang cf. Buddh.

-parigrahaka m. a follower of the Mahā-yāna doctrines cf. ib.

-prabhāsa m. N. of a Bodhi-sattva cf. ib.

-yoga-śāstra n. -saṃgraha m. -samparigraha-śāstra n. N. of wks.

-sūtra n. N. of the Sūtras of the later Buddhist system cf. MW.

( °tra-ratna-rāja m. N. of a highly esteemed Mahā-yāna-sūtra cf. Kāraṇḍ. )

°nâbhidharma-saṃgīti-śāstra n. N. of wk.

mahā'-yāma [ mahAyAma ]

n. N. of a Sāman cf. ĀrshBr.

mahā'-yāmya [ mahAyAmya ]

m. N. of Viṣṇu cf. MBh.

mahā'-yuga [ mahAyuga ]

n. a great Yuga or Yuga of the gods ( = 4 Yugas of mortals or the aggregate of the Kṛta, Tretā, Dvāpara and Kali Yugas = 4, 320, 000 years

a day and a night of Brahmā comprise 2, 000 Mahā-yugas ) cf. Sūryas. ( cf. IW. 178 )

mahā'-yuta [ mahAyuta ]

( °hây° ), m. or n. ( ? ) a partic. high number cf. Buddh.

mahā'-yuddha [ mahAyuddha ]

n. a great fight cf. MBh.

mahā'-yudha [ mahAyudha ]

( °hây° ), mfn. having great weapons ( said of Śiva ) cf. MBh.

mahā'-yoga-pañcaratne-āśvalāyanôpayogyâdhāna-prakaraṇa [ mahAyogapaJcaratneAzvalAyanopayogyAdhAnaprakaraNa ]

n. N. of wk.

mahā'-yogin [ mahAyogin ]

m. a great Yogin ( N. of Viṣṇu or of Śiva, esp. when worshipped by Buddhists cf. MWB. 215 ) cf. MBh.

a cock cf. L.

mahā'-yogêśvara [ mahAyogezvara ]

m. a great master of the Yoga system cf. MBh.

mahā'-yoni [ mahAyoni ]

f. excessive dilation of the female organ, cf. ŚārṅgS. cf. Suśr. ( ati-m° )

mahā'-yaudhājaya [ mahAyaudhAjaya ]

n. N. of a Sāman cf. ĀrshBr.

mahā'-rakṣas [ mahArakSas ]

n. a great Rākshasa cf. Śāntik

mahā'-rakṣā [ mahArakSA ]

f. ( with Buddhists ) a great tutelary goddess ( 5 in number, viz. Mahā-pratisarā or Pādas, Mahā-māyūrī or Mahā-māyūrī, Mahā-sahasrapramardanī or Mahā-sahasrapramardinī, Mahā- śīta-vatī or Mahā-śeta-vatī and Mahā-mantr^anusāriṇī ) cf. Buddh. cf. W.

mahā'-rakṣita [ mahArakSita ]

m. N. of a man cf. Buddh.

mahā'-raṅga [ mahAraGga ]

m. a large stage cf. Hariv.

mahā'-rajata [ mahArajata ]

n. gold cf. R. cf. MārkP.

m. a thorn-apple cf. L.

mfn. w.r. for next, mfn. cf. Hariv.

mahā'-rajana [ mahArajana ]

n. the safflower cf. Daś

gold cf. L. ( cf. prec. )

mfn. coloured with safflower cf. Hariv.

-gandhi or °dhin n. a kind of ruby cf. L.

mahā'-rañjana [ mahAraJjana ]

n. the safflower cf. MBh. ( w.r. for -rajana )

mahā'-raṇa [ mahAraNa ]

m. a great battle cf. ĀpŚr. cf. Sch. cf. MBh. cf. Pratāp

v.l. for mahīraṇa, ( q.v. ) cf. VP.

mahā'-raṇya [ mahAraNya ]

( °hâr° ), n. a great forest cf. R. cf. Buddh.

mahā'-ratna [ mahAratna ]

n. a precious jewel, most precious of all jewel cf. Kathās. cf. SaddhP. cf. Prasaṅg

-pratimaṇḍita m. N. of a Kalpa or cycle cf. Buddh.

-maya mfn. consisting of precious jewel cf. Kathās

-vat mfn. adorned with precious jewel cf. MBh.

-varṣā f. N. of a Tantra deity cf. Buddh.

°nâbhiṣeka-rāma-dhyāna n. N. of wk.

mahā'-rathá [ mahAratha ]

m. a great chariot cf. MBh. cf. R.

a great warrior ( not a Bahu-vrīhi comp., as shown by the accent ; ratha, ' a warrior ' ). cf. VS. cf. TS. cf. MBh. etc.

N. of a Rākshasa cf. R.

of a son of Viśvā-mitra cf. R.

of a king cf. MārkP. cf. Buddh.

of a minister cf. Rājat

desire, longing cf. L. ( cf. mano-ratha )

mfn. possessing great chariots cf. Hariv.

-tva n. the being a great warrior cf. MBh.

-mañjarī f. N. of wk.

mahā'-rathyā [ mahArathyA ]

f. ( ifc. f. ā ) a great street, high street ( with purī, a city having large streets ) cf. MBh. cf. R.

mahā'-rambha [ mahArambha ]

( °hâr° ), m. a great undertaking cf. Subh

mfn. performing great undertaking, enterprising, industrious cf. Kām

n. a kind of salt cf. L.

mahā'-rava [ mahArava ]

mf ( ā ) n. loud-sounding, uttering loud cries cf. MBh. cf. Hariv. cf. MārkP.

m. loud cries or roarings cf. Hit.

a frog cf. L.

N. of a Daitya cf. Hariv. ( v.l. -bala )

of a man cf. MBh.

mahā'-raśmi-jālâvabhāsa-garbha [ mahArazmijAlAvabhAsagarbha ]

m. N. of a Bodhi-sattva cf. Buddh.

mahā'-rasa [ mahArasa ]

m. ' precious mineral ' ( N. of 8 metals or minerals used in medicine ) cf. Cat. cf. L.

quicksilver cf. L.

flavour cf. R.

mfn. having much flavour, very savoury cf. MBh.

m. a sugar-cane cf. L.

Phoenix Sylvestris cf. L.

Scirpus Kysoor cf. L.

( ā ), f. Indigofera Tinctoria cf. L.

Clitoria Ternatea cf. L.

Evolvulus Alsinoides cf. L.

n. sour rice-water cf. L.

-vatī f. ' having much flavour ', a very savoury kind of food cf. Bharaṭ.

°sâyana-vidhi m. N. of wk.

mahā'-rājá [ mahArAja ]

m. a great king, reigning prince, supreme sovereign cf. Br. etc.

N. of the moon cf. MaitrS.

of a partic. deity cf. MānGṛ. ( -rājan ! ) cf. Āpast

of Kubera cf. TĀr.

of Viṣṇu cf. BhP.

pl. ( with Buddhists ) a partic. class of divine beings ( the guardians of the earth and heavens against the demons ) cf. MWB. 206

a Jina cf. Gal.

N. of Mañjuśrī cf. L.

of the successors of Vallabh^acārya ( founder of a sect ) cf. RTL. 135 etc.

a finger-nail cf. L.

-kulīna mfn. belonging to a race of great kings cf. R.

-cūta m. a kind of mango cf. L.

-druma m. Cathartocarpus Fistula cf. L.

-nighaṇṭu m. N. of wk.

-phala m. a kind of mango cf. L.

-miśra m. N. of a man cf. Cat.

°jâṅgaṇa ( or °gana ), n. the courtyard in the palace of a reigning prince cf. R.

°jâdhirāja m. a paramount sovereign, emperor cf. Kād

mahā'-rājaka [ mahArAjaka ]

m. pl. = -rājika-deva pl. cf. L.

mahā'-rājika [ mahArAjika ]

m. N. of Viṣṇu cf. MBh.

-deva pl. ( with Buddhists ) N. of a class of gods ( the inhabitants of the lowest heaven ) cf. MWB. 206

mahā'-rājñī [ mahArAjJI ]

f. a reigning queen cf. BhP.

N. of Durgā cf. Kathās

-stava m. N. of wk.

mahā'-rājya [ mahArAjya ]

n. the rank or title of a reigning sovereign cf. MBh.

mahā'-rātra [ mahArAtra ]

n. the time after midnight or near the close of night , ( accord. to some also ) midnight cf. ŚāṅkhBr. cf. ŚrS. cf. BhP.

mahā'-rātri [ mahArAtri ]

or f. = prec. cf. L.

mahā'-rātrī [ mahArAtrI ]

f. = prec. cf. L.

the great night of the complete destruction of the world cf. Devīm. cf. Sch.

the 8th day in the light half of the month Āśvina cf. L.

N. of a festival ( kept by the left-hand worshippers on the 14th day of the dark half of Māgha ) cf. RTL. 204

°tri-caṇḍikā-vidhāna n. N. of wk.

( only °trī ), f. N. of a Śakti of Śiva cf. VP.

mahā'-rāmāyaṇa [ mahArAmAyaNa ]

n. the great Rāmāyaṇa cf. Cat.

mahā'-rāva [ mahArAva ]

m. loud cries cf. Hit.

mahā'-rāṣṭra [ mahArASTra ]

m. pl. the Marāṭha people, commonly called Mahrattas cf. Var. cf. MārkP. etc.

( ī ), f. ( scil. bhāṣā ) the Marāṭhī or Mahratta language cf. Sāh. etc.

a species of culinary plant cf. L.

Commelina Salicifolia cf. L.

n. a great kingdom, great country, ( esp. ) the land of the Marāṭhas in the west of India cf. W.

a kind of metre cf. Col.

-variṣṭha-bhāṣāmaya mfn. composed in the excellent language of the Marāṭhas cf. Siṉhâs

°ṭraka mf ( ikā ) n. belonging to the Marāṭhas cf. Cat.

( m. pl. the Marāṭhas cf. Cat. )

°ṭrīya mf ( ā ) n. id. cf. Cat.

mahā'-riṣṭa [ mahAriSTa ]

m. a species of tree allied to the Melia Bukayun cf. L.

mahā'-ruj [ mahAruj ]

( cf. ŚārṅgS. ) or ( cf. Suśr. ), mfn. causing great pain, very painful

mahā'-ruja [ mahAruja ]

( cf. Suśr. ), mfn. causing great pain, very painful

mahā'-ruṇa [ mahAruNa ]

( °hâr° ), m. N. of a mountain cf. R.

mahā'-rudra [ mahArudra ]

m. ' great Rudra ', a form of Śiva cf. Cat.

N. of an author ( ? ) cf. Cat.

( ā ), f. a form of Durgā cf. Hcat

( ī ), f. id. cf. W. ( prob. w.r. for -raudrī, q.v. )

-karma-kalāpapaddhati f. -japa-vidhi m. -nyāsa-paddhati, f. -paddhati f. -pīṭha-devatā f. pl., -prayoga m. ( and °ga- paddhati f. ), -vidhi m. N. of wks.

-siṃha m. N. of an author cf. Cat.

mahā'-ruru [ mahAruru ]

m. a species of antelope cf. MBh.

mahā'-rūpa [ mahArUpa ]

mfn. mighty in form ( said of Śiva ) cf. MBh.

m. N. of a Kalpa or cycle cf. Buddh.

resin cf. W.

( ā ), f. N. of one of Durgā's attendants cf. W.

mahā'-rūpaka [ mahArUpaka ]

n. a kind of drama cf. L.

mahā'-rūpin [ mahArUpin ]

mfn. large-formed, great in shape cf. R.

mahā'-retas [ mahAretas ]

mfn. abounding in seed ( N. of Śiva ) cf. MBh.

mahā'-roga [ mahAroga ]

m. a severe illness cf. ĀśvŚr.

mahā'-rogin [ mahArogin ]

mfn. suffering from a severe illness cf. Pañcar. cf. KūrmaP.

mahā'-roca [ mahAroca ]

m. or n. ( ? ) a species of plant cf. Buddh.

mahā'-roman [ mahAroman ]

mfn. having large or thick hair on the body ( said of Śiva ) cf. MBh.

m. N. of a king cf. R. cf. Pur.

of the superior of a Buddhist monastery cf. Buddh. ( w.r. roma - ; -loman ).

mahā'-romaśa [ mahAromaza ]

mfn. having large or thick hair cf. Suśr.

mahā'-rohi [ mahArohi ]

m. a species of great gazelle cf. R.

mahā'-raudra [ mahAraudra ]

mf ( ā ) n. very terrible cf. MBh. cf. MārkP. ( ati-m° )

( ī ), f. a form of Durgā cf. Cat. ( cf. -rudrī )

mahā'-raurava [ mahAraurava ]

m. N. of a hell cf. AitUp. cf. Śaṃk. cf. Pur. etc. ( one of the 8 hot hells cf. Dharmas. 121 )

n. N. of a Sāman cf. ĀrshBr.

mahā'-rauhiṇa [ mahArauhiNa ]

m. N. of a demon cf. VarBṛS.

mahā'-rgha [ mahArgha ]

( °hâr° ), mfn. high-priced, very precious or valuable cf. MBh. cf. Kathās. ( also °ghya, Bharat. )

costly, expensive cf. Bālar

m. Perdix Chinensis cf. L.

-tā f. great costliness, preciousness, high value cf. Var. cf. Śiś. cf. ŚārṅgP. ( also °ghya-tā cf. Rājat. )

-rūpa mf ( ā ) n. of splendid form cf. Kathās

mahā'-rcis [ mahArcis ]

( °hâr° ), mfn. having great flames, flaming high cf. MBh.

mahā'-rṇava [ mahArNava ]

( °hâr° ), m. ' mighty sea ', the ocean cf. MaitrUp. cf. R. etc.

N. of Śiva cf. L.

of sev. wks.

pl. ' dwelling by the ocean ', N. of a people cf. MārkP.

-karma-vipāka m. N. of wk.

-nipānavid m. N. of Śiva cf. MBh.

-prakāśa m. -vratârka m. N. of wks.

mahā'-rtha [ mahArtha ]

( °hâr° ), m. a great thing, a gr matter, cf. DevīP.

weighty or important meaning cf. MW.

mf ( ā ) n. having large substance, rich cf. VarBṛS.

great, dignified cf. W.

having great meaning, significant, important, weighty cf. MBh. cf. R.

m. N. of a Dānava cf. Kathās

n. = mahā-bhāṣya ( q.v. ) cf. Cat.

-tā f. fullness of meaning or significancy cf. L.

-prakāśa m. -mañjarī f. N. of wks.

-vat mfn. having great meaning, very significant cf. MBh.

of great consequence, very dignified cf. MW.

°thaka mfn. valuable cf. L.


having great meaning, very important etc. cf. MW.

mahā'-rdraka [ mahArdraka ]

( °hâr° ), n. wild ginger cf. L.

mahā'-rdha [ mahArdha ]

( °hâr° ), m. a species of plant cf. L.

mahā'-rbuda [ mahArbuda ]

( °hâr° ), n. 10 Arbudas = 1000 millions cf. Jyot

mahā'-rma [ mahArma ]

( °hâr° ) cf. Pāṇ. 6-2, 90

mahā'-rya [ mahArya ]

( °hâr° ), m. N. of a teacher cf. Cat.

-siddhânta m. N. of wk.

mahā'-rha [ mahArha ]

( °hâr° ), mfn. very worthy or deserving, very valuable or precious, splendid cf. MBh. cf. R. etc.

n. white sandal-wood cf. L.

mahā'-lakṣmī [ mahAlakSmI ]

f. the great Lakshmī ( properly the Śakti of Nārāyaṇa or Viṣṇu, but sometimes identified with Durgā or with Sarasvatī

also N. of Dākshāyaṇī in Kara-vīra ) cf. Pañcar. cf. Kathās. ( cf. RTL. 385 )

N. of a girl 13 years old and not arrived at puberty ( who represents the goddess Durgā at the Durgā festival ) cf. L.

of a woman cf. Cat.

a kind of metre cf. Col.

-kalpa m. N. of wk.

-tīrtha n. N. of a Tīrtha cf. Cat.

-nāma-vidhi m. -paddhati f. -ratna-kośa m. N. of wks.

-vilāsa m. a partic. drug cf. L.

-vrata n. a partic. religious observance cf. Cat.

( °ta-pūjā f. ), -sûkta n. -stotra n. -hṛdaya n. ( °ya-stotra n. )

°my-aṣṭaka n. N. of wk.

mahā'-laya [ mahAlaya ]

( °hâl° ), m. a great dwelling cf. MW.

a great temple, great monastery cf. ib.

a temple cf. W.

a monastery cf. L.

a place of refuge, sanctuary, asylum cf. W.

the Loka or world of Brahmā cf. W.

a tree etc. sacred to a deity cf. W.

a place of pilgrimage cf. L.

the great Universal Spirit cf. L.

a partic. half month cf. Tithyād

N. of a place cf. Cat.

of a man cf. Cat.

( ā ), f. N. of a partic. festival, the day of the moon's change in the month Bhādra and the last day of the Hindū lunar year cf. Col.

of a partic. deity cf. A.

( prob. ) n. N. of a Liṅga cf. Cat.

-prayoga m. -śrāddha-paddhati f. N. of wks.

mahā'-lalāṭa [ mahAlalATa ]

mfn. having a great forehead cf. R.

mahā'-lasā [ mahAlasA ]

( °hâl° ), f. ' very lazy ', N. of a woman cf. Cat.

mahā'-li-kaṭabhī [ mahAlikaTabhI ]

f. v.l. for -di-k°, q.v. cf. L.

mahā'-liṅga [ mahAliGga ]

n. a great Liṅga or phallus cf. Rājat

N. of a place cf. Cat.

mfn. having a great male organ ( N. of Śiva ) cf. MBh.

-yogin m. -śāstrin m. N. of authors cf. Cat.

mahā'-līlāsarasvatī [ mahAlIlAsarasvatI ]

f. a form of the goddess Tārā, q.v. cf. Tantras

mahā'-lugi [ mahAlugi ]

m. N. of an astronomer cf. Cat.

-paddhati f. N. of wk.

mahā'-lodha [ mahAlodha ]

( cf. W. ) or ( cf. L. ), m. a species of Symplocos

mahā'-lodhra [ mahAlodhra ]

( cf. L. ), m. a species of Symplocos

mahā'-loman [ mahAloman ]

m. N. of the superior of a Buddhist monastery cf. Buddh. ( w.r. -loma ; -roman ).

mahā'-lola [ mahAlola ]

mfn. excessively eager cf. L.

m. a crow cf. L.

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