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mánas [ manas ]

n. mind ( in its widest sense as applied to all the mental powers ), intellect, intelligence, understanding, perception, sense, conscience, will cf. RV. etc. ( in phil. the internal organ or antaḥ- karaṇa of perception and cognition, the faculty or instrument through which thoughts enter or by which objects of sense affect the soul cf. IW. 53

in this sense manas is always is always regarded as distinct from ātman and puruṣa, ' spirit or soul ' and belonging only to the body, like which it is - except in the Nyāya - considered perishable

as to its position in the various systems for Nyāya and Vaiśeshika cf. IW. 63 ; 67 ; 76, for Sāṃkhya and Ved^anta cf. ib. 84 ; 109 ; 117

in cf. RV. it is sometimes joined with hṛd or hṛdaya, the heart cf. Mn. vii, 6 with cakṣus, the eye )

the spirit or spiritual principle, the breath or living soul which escapes from the body at death ( called asu in animals ; above ). cf. ib.

thought, imagination, excogitation, invention, reflection, opinion, intention, inclination, affection, desire, mood, temper , spirit cf. ib. ( ifc. after a verbal noun or an inf. stem in °tu = having a mind or wishing to

cf. draṣṭu-m°etc.

manaḥkṛ, to make up one's mind

with gen., to feel inclination for

manaḥkṛ, pra-√ kṛ, √ dhā, vi-√ dhā, √ dhṛ, √ bandh and Caus. of ni-√ viś with loc., dat., acc. with prati, or inf., to direct the mind or thoughts towards , think of or upon

manaḥ with sam-ā-√ dhā, to recover the senses, collect one's self

with √ han, mano-hatya

mánasā ind. in the mind

in thought or imagination

with all the heart, willingly

with gen., by the leave of

with iva = °sêva, as with a thought, in a moment

with √ man, to think in one's mind, be willing or inclined

with saṃ-√ gam, to become unanimous, agree

manasi with √ kṛ, to bear or ponder in the mind, meditate on, remember

with ni-√ dhā, to impress on the mind, consider

with √ vṛt, to be passing in one's mind )

N. of the 26th Kalpa ( s.v. ) cf. Cat.

of the lake Mānasa cf. BhP.

manaso dohaḥ, N. of a Sāman cf. ĀrshBr. [ Cf. Gk. ? ; Lat. miner-va. ]

mánas-kānta [ manaskAnta ]

mfn. dear to the heart pleasant, agreeable cf. Suśr.

mánas-kāra [ manaskAra ]

m. consciousness ( esp. of pleasure or pain ) cf. L.

attention of the mind cf. Lalit.

devotion ( next )

-vidhi m. performance of devotion cf. Jātakam

mánas-ketá [ manasketa ]

m. mental perception or conception, idea, notion cf. AV.

mánas-tāpa [ manastApa ]

m. ' burning of the mind ', mental pain, anguish, repentance cf. MBh. cf. R. etc.

mánas-tāla [ manastAla ]

m. N. of the lion on which Durgā is carried cf. L.

mánas-tuṣṭi [ manastuSTi ]

f. satisfaction of mind, heart's content cf. MW.

mánas-tejas [ manastejas ]

( mánas- ) mfn. endowed with vigour of mind cf. AV.

mánas-tokā [ manastokA ]

f. N. of Durgā cf. L.

mánas-tva [ manastva ]

n. intellectual state, the state or condition of mind cf. Sarvad

mánas-pāpa [ manaspApa ]

n. mental sin, a sin committed only in mind cf. AV.

mánas-máya [ manasmaya ]

mf ( ī ) n. spiritual ( as opp. to, ' material ' ) cf. RV.

mánas-vat [ manasvat ]

( mánas- ), mfn. full of sense or spirit cf. RV. cf. TS. cf. Kāṭh. cf. KaushUp.

containing the word manas, TS cf. Kāṭh

( atī ), f. w.r. for ánas-vatī cf. TāṇḍBr.

mánas-vi [ manasvi ]

in comp. for -vin

garhita mfn. censured by the wise cf. MW.

-tara mfn. wiser, cleverer cf. Kāṭh

-tā f. intelligence, high-mindedness, magnanimity cf. Kir

hope, expectation, dependence cf. W.

-praśaṃsā f. praise of the wise cf. Cat.

mánas-vin [ manasvin ]

mfn. full of mind or sense, intelligent, clever, wise cf. TBr. etc.

in high spirits, cheerful, glad ( a-man° ) cf. R.

fixing the mind attentive cf. W.

m. the fabulous animal called Śarabha cf. L.

N. of a Nāga cf. Lalit.

of a son of Devala cf. VP.

( inī ), f. a virtuous wife cf. W.

Momordica Mixta cf. L.

N. of the mother of the moon cf. MBh. ( cf. manasija )

of Durga cf. L.

of the wife of Mṛkaṇḍu cf. Pur.