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maryādā [ maryAdA ]

f. ( doubtful whether fr. maryā + or maryā + āda [ fr. ā + √ ]

fancifully said to be fr. marya + ada, ' devouring young men ' who are killed in defending boundaries ) ' giving or containing clear marks or signs ', a frontier, limit, boundary, border, bank , shore, mark, end, extreme point, goal ( in space and time ) cf. RV. etc. ( ṣaṇ-māsmaryādayā, within six months cf. VarBṛS. )

the bounds or limits of morality and propriety, rule or custom, distinct law or definition cf. Mn. cf. MBh. etc.

a covenant, agreement, bond, contract cf. MBh. cf. Kāv. etc.

continuance in the right way, propriety of conduct cf. Kāv. cf. Pañcat

N. of a kind of ring used as an amulet cf. AV. vi, 81, 2

N. of the wife of Avācīna ( daughter of a king of Vidarbha ) cf. MBh.

of the wife of Dev^atithi ( daughter of a king of Videha ) cf. ib.

maryādā-giri [ maryAdAgiri ]

and m. a mountain which serves as a frontier cf. BhP.

maryādā-cala [ maryAdAcala ]

( °dâc° ), m. a mountain which serves as a frontier cf. BhP.

maryādā-dhāvana [ maryAdAdhAvana ]

n. running towards a mark cf. TBr. cf. Sch.

maryādā-parvata [ maryAdAparvata ]

m. = -giri cf. Hcat

-vat mfn. having a range of mountains for a frontier cf. ib.

maryādā-bandha [ maryAdAbandha ]

m. keeping within limits cf. Divyâv

maryādā-bhedaka [ maryAdAbhedaka ]

m. a destroyer of landmarks cf. Mn. ix, 291

maryādā-maya [ maryAdAmaya ]

mf ( ī ) n. consisting in ( i.e. forming ) limits or bounds cf. Kād

maryādā-vacana [ maryAdAvacana ]

n. statement of the limit cf. Pāṇ. 3-3, 136

maryādā-vyatikrama [ maryAdAvyatikrama ]

m. overstepping bounds or limits cf. Pañcat

maryādā-sindhu [ maryAdAsindhu ]

m. N. of wk.

maryādôkti [ maryAdokti ]

f. = maryādā-vacana cf. Pāṇ. 3-3, 136 cf. Sch.