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 math [ math ]

1 or manth ( q.v. ), cl. 1. 9. P. ( cf. Dhātup. xx, 18 , iii, 5 and xxxi, 40 ) mâthati, mánthati, mathnā'ti ( Ved. and ep. also Ā. máthate, mánthate and mathnīte

Impv. mathnadhvam cf. MBh.

pf. mamātha cf. AV.

3. pl. mamathuḥ cf. Vop

methuḥ, methire cf. Br.

mamantha, °nthuḥ cf. MBh.

aor. mathīt cf. RV.

amanthiṣṭām cf. ib.

amathiṣata cf. Br.

fut. mathiṣyati, °te manthiṣyati cf. Br. etc.

mathitā cf. MBh.

inf. mathitum cf. MBh. etc.

°tos cf. Br.

mánthitavaí cf. MaitrS.

ind. p. mathitvā', -máthya cf. Br. etc.

manthitvā, PIṇ. i, 2, 33

-manthya and -mātham n. cf. MBh. etc. ). to stir or whirl round cf. RV. etc.

( with agnim ), to produce fire by rapidly whirling round or rotating a dry stick ( araṇi ) in another dry stick prepared to receive it cf. ib.

( with araṇim ), to rotate the stick for producing fire cf. MBh. cf. Kāv. cf. Pur.

( with ūrum, hastam etc. ), to use friction upon any part of the body with the object of producing offspring from it cf. Hariv. cf. BhP.

to churn ( milk into butter ), produce by churning cf. TS. etc. ( also with two acc., e.g. sudhāṃ kṣīra-nidhim mathnāti, ' he churns nectar out of the ocean of milk ' cf. Siddh. on cf. Pāṇ. 1-4, 51 )

to mix, mingle cf. Suśr.

to stir up, shake, agitate, trouble disturb, afflict, distress, hurt, destroy cf. AV. etc. : Pass. mathyáte ( ep. also °ti ), to be stirred up or churned etc. cf. RV. etc. : Caus. manthayati ( cf. Lāṭy. ), m˘āthayati ( cf. MBh. ), to cause to be stirred up or churned etc. : Desid. mimathiṣati, mimanthiṣati Gr. : Intens. māmathyate, māmantti etc. cf. ib. [ Cf. Gk. ? ; Lat. mentha, menta ; Lit. mentúre3 ; Germ. minśa, ṃinśe ; Angl. Sax. minte ; Eng. mint. ]

math [ math ]

2 ( ifc. ) destroying, a destroyer ( cf. madhumath )

m. mathin