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miśrá [ mizra ]

mf ( ā' ) n. ( prob. fr. a Iost √ miś cf. under mikṣ ) mixed, mingled, blended, combined cf. RV. etc. ( vacāṃsi miśrā √ 1. kṛ cf. A. -kṛṇute, to mingle words, talk together cf. RV. x, 93, 1 )

manifold, diverse, various cf. TS. etc.

mixed or connected or furnished with, accompanied by ( instr. with or without samam gen. or comp.

rarely miśra ibc., cf. miśra-vāta ) cf. VS. etc.

pl. ( ifc. after honorific epithets = etc.

e.g. ārya-miśrāḥ, respectable or honourable people etc.

often also in sg. ifc. and rarely ibc. with proper names by way of respect, cf. kṛṣṇa-, madhu-m and comp. below )

mixing, adulterating : ( cf. dhānyam° )

m. a kind of elephant cf. L.

( in music ) a kind of measure cf. Saṃgīt

N. of various authors and other men ( also abbreviation for some names ending in miśra e.g. for Madana-, Mitra-, Vācaspati-miśra ) cf. Cat.

n. principal and interest cf. Lalit. ( cf. -dhana )

a species of radish cf. L.

miśrá-keśava [ mizrakezava ]

m. N. of an author cf. Cat.

miśrá-keśī [ mizrakezI ]

f. N. of an Apsaras cf. MBh. cf. Kāv. cf. Pur.

miśrá-catur-bhuja [ mizracaturbhuja ]

m. N. of a man cf. L.

miśrá-cora [ mizracora ]

or m. an adulterator of grain cf. Viṣṇ

miśrá-caura [ mizracaura ]

m. an adulterator of grain cf. Viṣṇ

miśrá-ja [ mizraja ]

m. ' mixed-born ', a mule cf. L.

miśrá-jāti [ mizrajAti ]

mfn. being of mixed birth or breed, one whose parents belong to different castes cf. L.

miśrá-tā [ mizratA ]

f. mixedness, mixture cf. MBh. cf. R.

miśrá-dāmodara [ mizradAmodara ]

m. N. of the supposed arranger of the Mahā-nātaka cf. IW. 367

miśrá-dina-kara [ mizradinakara ]

m. N. of a cf. Sch. on Śiśupāla- vadha

miśrá-dhana [ mizradhana ]

n. principal and interest cf. Lalit.

miśrá-dhānya [ mizradhAnya ]

n. mixed grain cf. Kauś

( miśra- ), mfn. made by mixing various kinds of grain cf. AV.

miśrá-puṣpā [ mizrapuSpA ]

f. Trigonella Foenum Graecum cf. L.

miśrá-prakṛtika [ mizraprakRtika ]

mfn. of a mixed nature cf. L.

miśrá-bhāva [ mizrabhAva ]

m. N. of the author of the Bhāva-praksīa ( also called Bhāva-miśra )

miśrá-laṭakana [ mizralaTakana ]

m. N. of the father of Miśra-bhāva, Cat.

miśrá-varṇa [ mizravarNa ]

mfn. being of a mixed colour cf. L.

m. a species of sugar-cane cf. L.

( in music ) a kind of measure cf. Saṃgīt

n. a kind of black aloe-wood cf. L.

-phalā f. Solanum-Melongena cf. L.

miśrá-vṛtta [ mizravRtta ]

n. a mixed story ( partly popular and partly supernatural, as the source of a kind of drama ) cf. IW. 471

miśrá-vyavahāra [ mizravyavahAra ]

m. ( in arithm. ) investigation of mixed or combined quantities, ascertainment of anything combined ( as of principal and interest, etc. ) cf. Col.

miśrá-śabda [ mizrazabda ]

m. a mule cf. L. ( cf. miśra-ja )