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 muc [ muc ]

1 cl. 1. Ā. mocate, to cheat cf. Dhātup. vi, 12 ( = √ mac, q.v. )

 muc [ muc ]

2 cl. 6. P. Ā. ( cf. Dhātup. xxviii, / 136 ) muñcáti, °te ( cf. RV. also, mucánti, mucasva; p. muñcāna cf. MBh.; pf., mumóca, mumucé, Ved., also, mumócat, múmocati, mumucas, mumoktu, amumuktam; aor. ámok cf. AV.; Impv. mogdhí cf. TĀr.; amauk cf. Br.; ámucat cf. AV.; amukṣi, mukṣata cf. RV. cf. AV.; Prec. mucīṣta cf. RV.; mukṣīya cf. ib.; fut., moktā, Kalid; mokṣyati, °te cf. Br. etc.; inf. moktum cf. Br. etc.; ind. p. muktvā' cf. ib., -múcya cf. RV., mókam, Br. ), to loose, let loose, free, let go, slacken, release, liberate from, ( abl. or -tas )

Ā. and Pass. with abl. or instr., rarely with gen. ' to free one's self, get rid of, escape from ' ) cf. RV. &c, etc. ( with kaṇṭham, to relax the throat i.e. raise a cry

with raśmīn, to slacken the reins

with prâṇān, to deprive of life, kill )

to spare, let live cf. R.

to set free, allow to depart, dismiss, despatch to, ( ' loc. or dat. ) cf. MBh. cf. Kāv. etc.

to relinquish, abandon, leave, quit, give up, set aside, depose cf. ib. ( with kalevaram, deham, prâṇān or jīvitam, to quit the body or give up the ghost, i.e. to die )

to yield, grant, bestow cf. Rājat. cf. Campak

to send forth, shed, emit, utter, discharge, throw, cast, hurl, shoot at ( ' or upon ', loc., dat., or acc. with or without prati

with abl. and ātmānam, to throw one's self down from ) cf. Yājñ. cf. MBh. cf. R. etc.

( Ā ) to put on cf. Bhaṭṭ. ( cf. Sch. ) : Pass. mucyáte ( or múcyate, ep. also °ti and fut. mokṣyati

aor. ámoci ), to be loosed, to be set free or released cf. RV. etc.

to deliver one's self from, to get rid of, escape ( esp. from sin or the bonds of existence ) cf. Mn. cf. MBh. etc.

to abstain from ( abl. ) cf. Pañcat

to be deprived or destitute of ( instr. ) cf. MBh. : Caus. mocayati ( m. c. also °te

aor. amūmucat ), to cause to loose or let go or give up or discharge or shed ( with two acc. ) cf. Megh. cf. Bhaṭṭ.

to unloose, unyoke, unharness ( horses ) cf. MBh. cf. R.

to set free, liberate, absolve from ( abl. ) cf. Mn. cf. MBh. etc.

to redeem ( a pledge ) cf. Yājñ.

to open ( a road ) cf. Prab

to give away, spend, bestow cf. MārkP.

to gladden, delight, yield enjoyment cf. Dhātup. xxxiii, 66 : Desid. of Caus. mumocayiṣati, to wish to deliver ( from the bondage of existence ) cf. Śaṃk. ( cf., mumocayiṣu ) : Desid. mumukṣati, °te, ( P. ) to wish or be about to set free cf. Pāṇ. 7-4, 57 cf. Sch.

to be about to give up or relinquish ( life ) cf. Kathās

to wish or intend to cast or hurl cf. Ragh

( Ā. ) to wish to free one's self cf. Pāṇ. 7-4, 57 cf. Sch.

to desire final liberation or beatitude cf. RV. cf. BhP. ( cf. √ mokṣ ) : Intens. momucyate or monokti Gr. [ Cf. Gk. ?, ? , ? ; Lat. mungo, mucus. ]

muc [ muc ]

3 mfn. freeing or delivering from ( aṃho-m° )

letting go or letting fall, dropping, discharging, shooting, sending ( jala-, parṇa-, sāyaka-m° etc. )

f. deliverance ( a-múc )