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 mudrā [ mudrA ]

f. ( fr. mudra, above ) a seal or any instrument used for sealing or stamping, a seal-ring, signet-ring ( cf. aṅguli-m° ), any ring cf. MBh. cf. Kāv. etc.

type for printing or instrument for lithographing cf. L.

the stamp or impression made by a seal etc.

any stamp or print or mark or impression cf. MBh. cf. Kāv. etc.

a stamped coin, piece of money, rupee, cash, medal cf. L.

an image, sign, badge, token ( esp. a token or mark of divine attributes impressed upon the body ) cf. Kāv. cf. Pur. cf. Rājat

authorisation, a pass, passport ( as given by a seal ) cf. Mudr

shutting, closing ( as of the eyes or lips, gen. or comp. ) cf. Kāv

a lock, stopper, bung cf. Amar. cf. Bhpr.

a mystery cf. Cat.

N. of partic. positions or intertwinings of the fingers ( 24 in number, commonly practised in religious worship, and supposed to possess an occult meaning and magical efficacy cf. Daś. cf. Sarvad. cf. Kāraṇḍ. cf. RTL. 204 ; 406 )

a partic. branch of education ( ' reckoning by the fingers ' ) cf. Divyâv

parched or fried grain ( as used in the Śākta or Tāntrik ceremonial ) cf. RTL. 192

( in rhet. ) the natural expression of things by words, calling things by their right names cf. Kuval

( in music ) a dance accordant with tradition cf. Saṃgīt

mudrā-kara [ mudrAkara ]

m. a maker of seals, engraver, coiner cf. MW.

mudrā-kṣara [ mudrAkSara ]

( °drilkS° ), n. type, print ( often used in the title-pages of books )

mudrā-kṣepa [ mudrAkSepa ]

( °drâkṣ° ), m. taking away or removing a seal cf. MW.

mudrā-ṅka [ mudrAGka ]

( °drâṅka ), mfn. stamped, sealed, marked, Rajat

m. N. of a poet cf. Cat.

mudrā-ṅkita [ mudrAGkita ]

( °drâṅk° ), mfn. . = prec. mfn. cf. Kāv. cf. Kathās

mudrā-dhāraṇa [ mudrAdhAraNa ]

n. ' wearing a seal-ring '

-māhātmya n. -stotra n. N. of wks.

mudrā-prakāśa [ mudrAprakAza ]

m. N. of two wks.

mudrā-bala [ mudrAbala ]

n. a partic. high number cf. Buddh.

mudrā-mārga [ mudrAmArga ]

m. = = brahma-randhra cf. Cat.

mudrā-yantra [ mudrAyantra ]

n. a printing-press

°trâlaya, m. n. a printing office ( often in the title-pages of books )

mudrā-rakṣaka [ mudrArakSaka ]

m. a keeper of seals cf. MW.

mudrā-rākṣasa [ mudrArAkSasa ]

n. ' Rāksasa ( N. of a minister ) and the seal-ring ', N. of a celebrated drama by Visākha-datta

-kathā-saṃgraha m. N. of wk.

-kathā-sāra m. -pūrva-pīṭhikā f. -prakāśa m. N. of wks.

mudrā-rṇava [ mudrArNava ]

( °drârṇ° ), m. and °va-lakṣaṇa- ṭīkā f. ) ,

mudrā-lakṣaṇa [ mudrAlakSaNa ]

n. N. of wk.

mudrā-lipi [ mudrAlipi ]

f. ' printed writing ', print, lithograph cf. L.

mudrā-vidhi [ mudrAvidhi ]

m. N. of wk.

mudrā-vivaraṇa [ mudrAvivaraNa ]

n. N. of wk.

mudrā-sthāna [ mudrAsthAna ]

n. the place ( on the finger ) for a seal-ring cf. Śak